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The Enlightened Days mattress from the ComforPedic range of Simmons Beautyrest mattresses uses some advanced proprietary technologies to offer superior sleep.

Simmons has been offering bedding for more than a century, and the Beautyrest ComforPedic line was established in 2007 featuring “The Better Memory Foam”.

The advantages that this foam aims to offer over other memory foams aims to offer certain advantages including:

  • Quick response to movements
  • Better heat dissipation for cool and comfortable sleep
  • A perfect combination of firmness and softness to prevent sinking in

This mattress is often recommended by specialists for its back-pain relief potential, as it’s designed with orthopedic features in mind. For other great back-pain mattresses, check out this guide.

The Enlightened Days is a special range of ComforPedic that has certain standout features from the other ComforPedic mattresses (see below).

What Type of Mattress is This?

Simmons patented memory foam gel beadsThe Enlightened Days is a memory foam mattress. It features the proprietary Air Cool memory foam with revolutionary TruTemp Gel beads of other ComforPedic mattresses. In other words, the memory foam used is infused with micro gel touch beads that help to offer pressure relief, along with temperature-neutral technology.

The memory foam in this mattress also uses independent support technology using rows of sculpted cushions designed to respond locally to your body’s movements. The cells also help to increase air flow. The mattress also uses AirCool design, AirCool Mesh Border Fabric and AirCool Edge technologies for better heat dissipation.

How Firm is the Enlightened Days mattress?

The Enlightened Days is available in several comfort levels including Luxury Firm (very firm), Luxury Plush (medium firm) or Pillow Top (soft) designed differently for sleepers who prefer to sleep on their sides, their backs, their stomachs or a combination of all these ways.

Gel infused memory foam is a new technology which adds strength and firmness to prevent a quicksand effect found in some competing mattresses. In addition, the high density memory foam layers and the high tech support layers with a 6 inch patented AirCool Foam Core transflexion layer helps to distribute pressure and offer consistent support over the entire lifespan.

How Is The Enlightened Days Structured?

The Enlightened Days mattress has the following layout:

memory foam and gel material layersFour comfort layers including:

  • 1-inch AirCool memory foam infused with TruTemp Gel beads (see above)
  • Two separate layers of 2-inch luxury AirCool memory foam of high density (5.5lbs)
  • 2-inch independent support technology system

Two support layers including:

  • 6-inch AirCool foam with transflexion core, ensures the structure is maintained over the years
  • AirCool edge support for that helps to enhance airflow and support the edges for durability

Does the Enlightened Days Provide Good Motion Isolation?

The Simmons ComforPedic Beautyrest featureThe GelTouch technology in the Enlightened Days also helps the mattress to conform to your body shape and allow freedom of movement. The additional support technology further enhances response of the mattress to your shape and movements.

Overall, the mattress provides above average motion isolation, making it ideal for couples. Any movements in one part of the bed are not transmitted to the other side, eliminating the chance of disturbing your sleeping partner when you get in or out of bed or move while you sleep.

Will The Enlightened Days Get Hot?

The mattress is designed specifically to offer refreshing, temperature-neutral sleep throughout the night. This effect is possible with the help of the micro gel beads on the top layer, AirCool formulation in nearly every other memory foam layer and the TruTemp technology which absorbs body heat, stores it and releases it from the mattress surfaces while you sleep.

The breathable mesh fabric used in the borders and AirCool edge enhance air flow as well.

Does The Mattress Smell When New?

CertiPUR-US logoSome users have found the mattress emits a faint scent for a few days, which fades away eventually. Off-gassing in this mattress, as with other ComforPedic mattresses, is limited in comparison with many other memory foam mattresses.

The Enlightened Days comes with a CertiPUR-US label, so you know that any emission levels of VOCs are within safe levels. Most memory foam mattresses emit a chemical smell initially, known as off-gassing, but this is normal and fades with time.

How Big Is the Enlightened Days?

The Enlightened Days mattress comes in several sizes:

Twin XL 79.5 x 38 inches

Full 74.5 x 53 inches

Queen 79.5 x 60 inches

King 79.5 x 76 inches

California King 83.5 x 72 inches

The mattresses tend to arrive in a big box so ensure that you have enough room to unbox and conveniently carry the mattress to its location.

Does It Need A Foundation Or A Bed Frame?

Simmons recommends that you use a new Beautyrest or other Simmons foundation with a non-yielding, rigid support for your mattress. There should be supports at the center, the head, foot and sides. You may also use slatted foundations of at least 5 inch metal or hardwood slats.

You may also use the mattress without a foundation, but make sure to add a solid platform on slatted supports with more than 2 inch slats of particleboard, hardwood, plywood etc. Using the wrong footing base can void the warranty.

Can I Use a Mattress Pad?

Simmons Comforpedic Enlightened Day MattressSimmons recommends the use of a protector pad at all times to protect the mattress and preserve warranty rights. However, make sure it’s a thin pad as otherwise the beneficial action of the Gel technology might be impaired.

Be careful not to use a heating pad or cover, as the foam might be damaged and the warranty void.

This mattress can’t be flipped as the layers are ordered to provide comfort on top. Although not strictly necessary, to prevent permanent deformation and to even out the materials’ normal wear and tear, we suggest to rotate it periodically, at least twice a year.

How Do I Care For the Mattress?

In general, the Enlightened Days and other similar mattresses should not be cleaned with cleaning fluids or bleach. Spot cleaning with mild detergent is recommended as with most memory and gel foam mattresses. Do not machine-wash the cover! It can be dry cleaned if necessary.

How Long Will the Mattress Last?

Although the longevity of foam mattresses hasn’t been established yet as the technology is still too recent, initial reposrt seem to suggest that the Comforpedic mattresses’ lifespan in general is average at around 10 years. This means that the mattress should remain basically as good as for at least that period, and degrade smoothly afterwards.

However, a small number of owners have reported sagging and loss of resilience within the first 3 years of use. If that’s the case, and the discomfort qualifies, the warranty should cover it.

What Is the Warranty that Simmons Beautyrest Offers?

Simmons Beautyrest offers a 25 year warranty that is limited to manufacturing defects and faults in materials. The least body imprint or indentation for warranty claims is 1.5 inches. This makes the warranty cover less appealing than other similar mid to luxury level mattresses.

However, the 25 year warranty period is the highest in the industry, and indicates the confidence of the brand in its products.

You can read the official warranty card here.

How Much Does the Enlightened Days cost?

Detail of the enlightened days mattraessYou can purchase this Simmons ComforPedic mattress for Out of stock! here. The usual retail price of this mattress is above $4000.

The price puts it in the range of other high-quality luxury memory foam mattresses like the Tempurpedic Tempur-Contour Supreme for example, and makes it quite affordable in comparison to the high end models.

Simmons is known to supply its products to luxury hotels across the US and this gives its products a credibility and reputation that many people may prefer to lower priced mattresses that are also available in the market. If you deem the price to high, you might want to read our Best Mattresses Guide, where you’ll find interesting alternatives for different budgets.

What makes this mattress different from other ComforPedic mattresses?

While Enlightened Days shares many of the ComforPedic line features, there are some additions that set it apart:

The mattress uses high density (5.5 lbs) memory foam that helps to create a very dense layer and supportive layer. Many users have, as a result, experienced greater pain relief with the Enlightened Days than with many other lower density memory foam mattresses. The foam used also offers above average pressure distribution, which is essential for ensuring that there are no stress points on the natural curve of your spine as you sleep.

Many other ComforPedic mattresses use a 3 1/2 inch or 5 inch support core, while the Enlightened Days uses a 6 inch support core. This helps the mattress contour better to your spine and offer greater support to your lower back.

The third standout feature is the AirCool transflexion core. The term is simply a technical way of saying that the layer comes pre-stressed. In other words, the comfort level offered will be consistent throughout the years.

These features some at the lofty price of Out of stock!.

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Updated at April 19, 2020