Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Review

In this review we are evaluating the Sleep Master Ultima Comfort iCoil Pocketed Springs mattress.

Its manufacturer, Zinus, Inc., a true industry pioneer for over 25 years, is both committed and dedicated to providing consumers with better sleep options at very affordable prices.

Offering a wide range of mattresses and other lifestyle products, Zinus, with over 80,000 customer reviews continues to be recognized for comfort innovation and good performing, mid-range mattresses.

However, data used indicates that this mid-range mattress lacks proper support for two people and is not favored by side or stomach sleepers since the mattress presents with excessive firmness.

What type of Mattress is the Sleep Master Ultima Comfort?

the sleep master ultima comfort 13-inch mattress review in a roomThe Sleep Master Ultima Comfort is an innerspring mattress, equipped with a high-quality foam and fiber quilted cover for added comfort.

Because of its firmness and pressure, this mid-range mattress proves satisfactory for children, but rarely does it meet with the needs of adults of all sizes.

The Sleep Master Ultima Comfort’s high quality quilted Euro box top cover is one of the more attractive features this mattress offers. Its comfortable quilted feel is, by far, the most favored feature and one that is common to many, if not all customer reviews.

How Firm is it?

CertiPUR-US logoMuch like most other coiled mattresses on the market today, the Sleep Master Ultima Comfort provides a medium to firm support suitable to many.

However, data we have reviewed indicates that the excessive firmness is a very significant and common complaint of many consumers, and one that contributes to a fair to mid overall rating.

The various models all have comparable firmness and tend to be suitable for those who are regular back sleepers. In addition, our research reveals that nearly 35% of all side sleepers and 25% of all stomach sleepers complain of excessive firmness as well, making the Sleep Master Ultima Comfort unfavorable to the typical side and stomach sleepers.

The pressure relieving comfort foam top cover provides an added level of comfort. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning that is free from harmful chemicals, and offers a good degree of reliability and performance, increasing the overall comfort.

How Is This Mattress Layered?

the sleep master ultima comfort mattress layersThe core of the Sleep Master Ultima Comfort is designed and developed with hundreds of independent coils that not only provide firm, durable, and customized support, but also reduce motion transfer caused by a partner and keeps the spine aligned allowing for a comfortable sleep.

Each thickness has a different combination. For example, the 13-inch model is manufactured as follows:

  • At the bottom lies the 7.5″ spring section, providing the bulk of support
  • Next is an half-inch high-density foam, as a strong divider between the top and the springs
  • Moving up is a 4.5″ pressure-relieving comfort foam, divided in two individual layers
  • All layers are covered by the high-quality foam and fiber quilted cover as mentioned above.

How are Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

The Sleep Master Ultima Comfort, similarly to other spring mattresses, is designed with hundreds of iCoils that minimize motion transfer and help keep the spine aligned.

However, the data we used indicated that as many as 30% of Sleep Master Ultima Comfort owners reported sagging and some loss of support within the first three years of ownership which favors poorly with many consumers.

In addition, our research suggested that as these mattresses wear, many sleepers, especially those that are overweight, sink far into the mattress which contributes to difficulty moving about on the mattress and getting up off of it as well.

Does it Sleep Hot?

The Sleep Master Ultima Comfort does not sleep hot and presents individuals with comfortable sleeping temperatures.

Does it Have Any Smell?

The Sleep Master Ultima Comfort, with its iCoil Pocketed Springs, unlike memory foam mattresses, has no off gassing or odor at all.

The mattress is eco-friendly and Certi-PUR certified as well.

Does It Require a Foundation?

The Sleep Master Ultima Comfort can be used with or without the foundation and frame.

However, in the interest of durability, the mattress is best suited with a deluxe Smartbase Mattress Foundation, which provides consumers added support and gives the overall set an appealing, attractive look.

What Type of Cover Does It Have?

mattress' cover detailThe Sleep Master Ultima Comfort comes with a state of the art, high quality Foam and Fiber Quilted Euro Box Top Cover that delivers both added comfort and support. The cover can be easily washed with a mild detergent and cold water, which is also suitable for removing stains.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Sleep Master Ultima Comfort?

The mattress requires no flipping. Head to foot rotation is recommended two to three times per year to reduce and minimize wear and sagging.

As for cleaning, cool water and a mild dish detergent works best on your mattress should it become dirty or stained. Simply rub the surface with gentle circular motions to remove dirt and/or stains.

What about Durability?

According to data used, as many as 30% of Sleep Master Ultima Comfort owners reported sagging and a noticeable loss of support within the first three years of ownership.

With these statistics, it appears that the Sleep Master Ultima Comfort would then be best suited for children and perhaps occasional adult use from time to time. Our research revealed a less-than-stellar 62% for owner satisfaction.

Size and Shipping

The Sleep Master Ultima Comfort comes ‘smartly shipped.’ The technology efficiently compresses the mattresses for shipping through vacuuming. The mattresses are rolled and then ‘smartly shipped’ in a box that is delivered right to your door.

The Sleep Master Ultima Comfort is available in Twin, Full/Double, Short Queen, Queen, and King Sizes. The mattress is also available in a variety of thicknesses including 6” Youth, 8”, 10”, 12”, and 13” Spring, as well as a 10” Hybrid.

Easy to lift and move, they weigh between 30 and 135 pounds, which is dependent upon the model and size of the mattress.

The mattress comes with special instructions to “open the package within 72 hours of receipt and to allow 48 hours after opening for the new mattress to return to its original, plush shape.”

Return Policy

Data indicates that most Zinus mattress retailers offer, at minimum, a 30-day return window policy. However, consumers need to be aware that there may be return fees involved.


Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Mattress BannerThe Sleep Master Ultima Comfort presents with a worry-free 5 to 10 year limited warranty, quite comparable to other value-priced mattresses on the market. The steel frame and foundation included with some models and otherwise purchased separately come with a 5-year warranty as well.

Our research revealed that several consumers failed to get their mattress fixed or replaced as the warranty requirements are strict and can’t be met even if an actual damage occurs.

For example, recently a consumer lamented that the coils went out of place internally, but the damage isn’t visible in the picture he sent and the warranty claim was denied.

How Much Does the Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Cost?

The Sleep Master Ultima Comfort ranges in prices from $105 to $349 depending upon the size of the mattress as well as the thickness selected.

These price ranges do not include the optional frame/foundation which cost in the range of $70 to $250 extra.

With value being a main strength of the Sleep Master Ultima Comfort, it’s rating is somewhat compromised by the fact that more than 10% of owners found it necessary to purchase a topper in order to improve the overall comfort.

Sleep Master Ultima Comfort – Our Verdict

The Sleep Master Ultima Comfort is regular mattress at a very affordable price and can suit the average buyer.

With its iCoil Pocketed Springs and superior quality foam and fiber quilted Euro Box top cover, the Sleep Master Ultima Comfort delivers features and benefits that are comparable to many other spring mattresses on the low to mid-range market today.

Overall, we think the Sleep Master Ultima Comfort offers enough value for the money.

If, however, you find yourself still questioning whether it is the mattress for you, then take a peek at our Best Mattress Guide, which offers you a wide range of other mattresses available on the market today.

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Updated at April 22, 2020