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We are taking a close look at the Sleep Number P5 airbed/foam mattress in this review.

A plush mattress equipped with a wide range of specialized features, the Sleep Number P5 offers both partners the option to select their individual Sleep Number setting, affording them different levels of firmness, comfort, and overall support.

With its unique five zones of contouring support, innovative comfort adjustments, and advanced Sleep IQ Technologythis mattress ranks with a 77% owner satisfaction rating, as revealed in our research.

What type of Mattress is the Sleep Number P5?

the sleep number p5 mattress in a nice roomThe Sleep Number P5 is an airbed/foam mattress developed and manufactured with a 2” PlushFit foam layer, five zones of contouring support, and a soft, breathable knit fabric that keeps the mattress feeling and looking new, year after year.

The Sleep Number P5 provides instant firmness adjustment, typical of all airbeds, an 11” profile, and delivers a proper balance of softness and pressure point relief, contributing to the owner’s restful sleep.

Sleep Number Mattresses: Layers Explained

Just above the airbed, there is a pillow-top comfort layer. There are four inches of PlushFit foam on the air chambers with five zones on the body (head/neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, and feet) to promote pressure relief.

The four-inch memory foam is just right when compared to other Sleep Number bed models. The c4 and c2 have a bit less, but all the other models have more memory foam in the construction. If you want a medium-firm feel, then the P5 Sleep Number bed is just the right one for you. Being at the lower end of the memory foam spectrum means that not all sleep position styles can be suitable for the mattress. Back sleepers and stomach sleepers will find the proper support, while side sleepers may feel that they need a bit more give of the mattress for the sake of their spinal alignment.

The air chambers are the most notable and support-providing feature of the Sleep Number bed models that no other mattress has. Every Sleep Number bed comes with one or two air chambers and what you get depends on the size of mattress you buy.

The 360 smart bed has 24 vulcanized rubber chambers that provide an unmatched firmness control system. They get inflated to your liking so that you can sleep on the exact level of firmness you want.

Sleep Number calls this their DualAir technology that conforms to any sleep position offering pressure relief like the softest memory foam yet enough support like the firmer Sleep Number mattresses.

The air chamber openings hook up to a 4” hose and pump, hidden inside the mattress with easy access through a zippered opening.

The chambers below the thin comfort layer are equipped with pressure sensors inside that detect your body and movement throughout the night. This way, whenever you turn or apply pressure with a certain area of your body, they will move too, relieving that pressure and providing only as much support as your body needs.

This is why this line of Sleep Number bed models is called 360 smart bed. The air chambers also pick up on vibrations, which indicate both snoring and general movements.

At the base of this adjustable air mattress, there are many options to choose from, just like with most Sleep Number beds. Each base is sold separately in the 360® series, and the options to choose from include:

  • FlexFit™ Adjustable Bases. These are also called their modular base. The FlexFit™ comes in three options, the FlexFit™ 1 being the most basic (just allowing the head of the bed to raise) and the FlexFit™ 3 having the most added components like a massage and a foot-warming feature. The FlexFit™ 2, which will be a happy middle ground, offers head-raising features and increases the feet, and gives you the “feeling of zero gravity” by relieving many pressure points all across. We recommend going with the number 2 responsive air technology if you’d like such a base because it is better than the FlexFit™ 1 and more affordable than the FlexFit™ 3.
  • The Sleep Number’s Modular Base is a base for those who don’t want to get all technical but still want a solid base made specifically for their Sleep Number bed. Sleep Number offers the Modular Base for $199.99, and it guarantees you the proper support for your particular mattress.

Should you decide to go with another base or you already have one, please make sure that you have a basic platform base that’s solid and sturdy. Don’t use a bed frame with slats or a traditional box spring base. These will give in to the pressure after a while and cause certain areas of the mattress to sag. You can potentially ruin your mattress by not using the suitable base because of the lack of support.

  • The Sleep Number bed P5 accessories include SleepIQ® technology that tracks your sleep and gives you valuable data on your breathing, heart rate, and movement. These sensors can be connected to an app so that you can track your health data each night and see how much natural sleep and rest you get.

How Are Firm Sleep Number Mattresses?

Unlike typical foam mattresses and other mattresses available on the market today, the Sleep Number P5 mattress is equipped with instant firmness adjustment and individual Sleep Number Settings that allow sleepers to select and set their own levels of firm or soft. The air chamber(s) use a pump to bring in the air that will inflate or deflate the chamber based on the sleeper’s Sleep Number setting.

Each partner can choose their required levels of firmness and softness and comfort and support and can change their settings at any time they choose, even in the middle of the night.

The individual settings allow sleepers to enjoy a comfortable, supportive and restorative night’s sleep.

In addition, the adjustable firmness results in better comfort for sleepers as well as reduced pain and pressure point relief.

With independent air chambers on each side of the bed, two people with different preferences for firmness can still sleep comfortably and peacefully together all night long.

Our data revealed that nearly 45% of all Sleep Number bed owners favor the adjustable firmness feature but admit that finding the perfect ‘Sleep Number’ is not only challenging but quite frustrating and takes a great deal of time and patience.

One important note of concern, according to our data, is that at least 12% of Sleep Number bed owners reported that their beds lose air because of faulty air pumps, malfunctioning controllers, leaks, or loose connections. This way, over time, you lose the pressure relief as the air chambers make the most of the volume, unlike the memory foam, which on its own does not provide extra support.

This has proven to be quite an issue with the Sleep Number P5 model as well.

With the air loss, consumers complain of reduced comfort and minimized support, and even increased pain resulting in a restless and uncomfortable night’s sleep.

How many Layers does it have?

the P5 layersTypically a very conforming mattress, the Sleep Number P5, with its five zones of contouring support, easily molds and contours to your body.

The 2” PlushFit foam layer offers consistent comfort to sleepers of all weights and sizes.

The instant firmness adjustment has fast become one of the most recognized and valued features of the Sleep Number P5 and other Sleep Number models.

The ability to select, adjust and set your levels of firmness or softness, along with individual levels of pressure relief and support, set the Sleep Number beds apart from those of their competitors.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

The Sleep Number bed P5, like many other air beds, absorbs motion but is not a major strength of Sleep Number beds.

The movement made by one partner on one side of the bed will not disrupt the other side of the bed nor interfere with your partner’s sleeping.

However, our data did reveal that about 5% of Sleep Number bed owners said their beds had poor motion isolation and poor motion transfer issues.

Do Sleep Number Beds Regulate Temperature?

Like many memory foam mattresses, the Sleep Number P5 tends to sleep a bit warm, especially in the warmer summer months.

Based on multiple mattress reviews, we have found that approximately 6% of Sleep Number P5 owners reported significant heat retention, especially in the summertime, and reported their 360 smart bed sleeping cold in the brisk winter months. When going with the P5 smart beds, you don’t get the exact temperature balancing benefits as with the P6.

The data also indicated that the potential for heat retention varies from Sleep Number model to model. The comfort layer also predetermines how temperature balancing your mattress cover will feel.

Does It Have Any Smell?

The Sleep Number P5 does have a noticeable rubber-like, even chemical-like odor when new. The odor tends to diminish after a couple of weeks. The comfort layers on top do not give this smell, but it’s the rubber air chambers on the inside that do.

Our research revealed that some owners indicated that the odor was still present even after extended periods of time.

Does it Require a Foundation?

Although it has its own firmness settings that support your body, the Sleep Number P5 is specially designed to be used with a solid base to ensure adequate support.

Base options for your Sleep Number P5 mattress include platform beds, a Sleep Number Modular Base, or a Sleep Number FlexFit Adjustable Base.

When choosing your base option, the company highly recommends you not use a traditional box spring base or a bed frame designed with slats since neither will provide sleepers with adequate support and comfort.

What type of Cover does it have?

a corner of the P% mattressThe Sleep Number P5 comes with a plush, breathable knit fabric cover that is simple to clean and maintain.

When washing your cover or attempting to remove stains, use a mild detergent and sparkling water.

Rub the fabric gently with slight circular motions from the outside, inward. Never use any type of bleach or chemicals on your P5 cover.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Sleep Number P5 Mattress?

Due to its specific comfort layer, the Sleep Number P5 is a no-flip mattress, but it comes with a 25-year limited warranty that guarantees full use and value.

Rotating and flipping the comfort layer and the foam components of the P5 multiple times per year is typically required to prevent it from sagging and maintain and maximize its long life span. 

As for typical cleaning of the mattress, using cool sparkling water and a mild soft detergent is required, and gentle rubbing and circular motions.

Do not machine wash or dry clean the cover since this will cause shrinking and damage.

In addition, do not saturate the cover or mattress or use any type of stain guard, which will result in heavy discoloring. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the proper maintenance of the different mattresses in the Sleep Number core line, talk to a customer service representative.

What about Durability?

The Sleep Number P5 mattress is manufactured right here in the USA.

Data available to us during our review revealed that the Sleep Number P5 performs only slightly above average or even worse when compared to mattresses overall.

Unlike most other mattress types, Sleep Number Beds, including the Sleep Number P5 airbed/foam mattress, is constructed with mechanical components, including an air chamber, air pump, and controller that can either break down or malfunction, thereby minimizing the durability of the mattress.

Our research revealed that 20% of owners reported having at least one major durability issue throughout ownership, resulting in discomfort, lack of support, and poor sleeping results. 

Size and Shipping

The Sleep Number P5 mattress comes in a wide range of sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Double, Queen, King, California King, Split King, FlexTop King, and FlexTop California King.

Easy to lift and maneuver, the mattress’s weight depends on the model and size but will weigh in between 37 and 120 pounds.

Sleep Number stores offer free shipping for all their Sleep Number beds and, upon delivery, for an additional charge, your Sleep Number P5 can be assembled by the professionals.

100 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee

the new sleep number remote controlSleep Number/Select Comfort stands firmly behind their product with their 100-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

If within the 100-day trial period you find you are not satisfied with the mattress, you can return the mattress for a full refund. However, customers must pay the return shipping charges.

This 100-night risk-free trial affords consumers ample time to try out and experience the mattress.

If you discover you are not completely satisfied with your Sleep Number P5, give a call out to the company, and they will make return shipping arrangements with a cost incurred to the customer.

Innovation Series Beds Warranty

The Sleep Number P5 presents with a 25-year limited warranty.

However, our research revealed that P5 owners give the warranty a below-average rating primarily because the non-prorated coverage ends after two years of ownership which tends to be the case with all the Sleep Number beds.

With that said, consumers are giving the Sleep Number P5 warranty a below-average rating overall. 

How Much Does the Sleep Number p5 Mattress Cost?

The Sleep Number P5 ranges in price from $1,699.98 to $4,999.98, depending upon the size of the mattress.

Additional charges apply if you choose to order one of the specialized bases explicitly made for the Sleep Number beds.

  • Twin mattress $1,699.98
  • Twin XL $1,899.98
  • Full/Double $2,199.98
  • Queen $2,299.98
  • King $2,899.98
  • California King $2,899.98
  • Split King $4,999.98
  • FlexTop King $4,999.98
  • FlexTop California King $4,999.98

This mattress does not fare very well compared to other memory foam mattresses and other mattresses overall, especially in light of the high cost.

Overall, not a very good buy for the money. Currently, there is a $400 discount coupon available for the purchase of any size Sleep Number P5 mattress.

Sleep Number P5 Airbed/Foam Mattress Review – Our Verdict

Sleep Number P5, though rated as the ‘best bed for couples’ by a consumer magazine, offers a relatively average product for a high cost.

the sleep number p5 in a bedroomThough it is equipped with five zones of contouring support, a unique air chamber design, and both Sleep Number settings and a unique Sleep IQ Technology, the Sleep Number P5, like most Sleep Number mattresses, has been the target of many consumer complaints.

sagging middle area of the bed and varied component breakdowns and malfunctions being the most common complaints, as well as the difficulty in actually finding your optimal ‘sleep number’ setting, all contribute to a fair price/fair value mattress rating by many consumers.

In addition, our research revealed that the Sleep Number P5 and other Sleep Number models allow mold and mildew to form on the convoluted foam topper and even on the air mattresses, making the product quite unhealthy for people who suffer from mold/mildew allergies.

Overall, we think the Sleep Number P5 airbed/foam mattress is, as consumers suggest, a fair value, fair price mattress.

If you are in search of the perfect mattress for your sleep needs and have yet to find it, check out our Best Mattress Guide with a wide range of other mattresses available on the market today.

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