Full Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Review

Sleep Innovations is known throughout the mattress industry as a leader and innovator in the memory foam niche. Each product is the result of years of extensive research and is clinically tested to achieve the best comfort and ergonomic support through new designs and materials.

Their flagship mattress, the Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch (formerly known as Sleep Innovations SureTemp 12-inch) memory foam, is another breakthrough design combined with an accessible price point that is sure to bring more people over to the brand.

What Type of Mattress is This Exactly?

The Shiloh is a memory foam mattress that uses a unique patented cell foam formulation that is constructed in a manner that provides improved airflow throughout the mattress, while retaining the desirable features of memory foam. It helps to maintain a constant mattress temperature that is not too warm, but not too cold.

The mattress is bonded with a proprietary glue that helps maintain edge support, a traditional weak spot in foam mattresses.

How Firm is the Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch?

sleep innovations shiloh 12-inch mattress on the bedThe Shiloh 12 inch mattress provides a medium soft to medium firm feel, which would place it in the middle of the firmness range. The bed is supple enough to support side sleepers that like to feel almost encased in their bed, yet have trouble with traditional coil mattresses that do not provide enough spine support.

This mattress is also desirable for stomach sleepers that want enough neck support, but do not want to feel that their neck is pushed up by the mattress.

Likewise, back sleepers will find the mattress provides the right balance of neck and lower back support but is not so firm to feel like they are sleeping on a table top. The Shiloh has a luxurious feel that would be welcome in any five star hotel and delivers a superb night’s sleep.

Does it Provide Good Motion Isolation?

As with most memory foam mattresses, the Shiloh 12-inch mattress has excellent motion isolation properties. The bottom layer of foam (see section below) is a proprietary composition of dense support foam that virtually eliminates any motion transfer. When you change sleep positions, move around in bed, or get on or off it, your partner will not be disturbed.

The support foam uses elastic polymers that respond to kinetic energy and help dissipate vibration. This is a great feature for partners that sleep next to a light sleeper or someone who constantly moves while sleeping. Of course, the mattress cannot prevent disturbances from linens, but it does help take one more item out of the equation.

Will the Mattress Become Hot While I’m Sleeping?

The Shiloh was designed to provide excellent air ventilation throughout the mattress and to help people who are frequently kept awake by a hot mattress. Memory cell foam mattress have a well-deserved reputation for being hot, because they are! But the Shiloh is the first mattress to address this issue head-on.

The design of the mattress incorporates a 2.5 inch layer of foam called “air-channel foam” that has passageways for air to travel through it. This air layer draws in cool air from the sides of the mattress and helps dissipate heat that builds up underneath your body. The mattress has a cotton cover that helps keep the mattress cool and dry, by letting any moisture evaporate easily.

How Long Will the Shiloh Mattress Last?

Sleep Innovations is known for producing high quality memory cell foam mattresses using proprietary technology that is designed to provide a great night’s sleep for several decades. Each blend of memory cell foam is backed by a 20 year warranty and the company estimates that the mattress will remain serviceable for 15 years, given nightly use.

This figure is 30% more than other high-end memory foam mattresses, which in many cases last less than 10 years. Against the average of all mattresses on the market (including innerspring, etc…) the Shiloh will last twice as long.

Does a Sleep Innovations Shiloh Mattress Smell When New?

No. The Shiloh does not smell when unpackaged because it is given a mandatory out-gassing period specifically designed to eliminate any smell that exists within the mattress. Most other memory foam mattresses on the market have an unpleasant chemical smell upon unwrapping the mattress from its packaging.

This is known as out-gassing, where the chemicals that make up the memory cells finally have a chance to be ventilated because the manufacturer immediately packages the mattress after production. Sleep Innovations airs out every mattress before shipping because it realizes that many customers have small apartments that cannot be easily ventilated, or that many people are sensitive to smells, such as pregnant women.

How are the Layers Structured?

  • Shiloh 12-inch layersThe top layer is a 2.5 inch layer of Shiloh Memory Foam that provides pressure point relief yet does not trap heat. The design is an open memory cell that incorporates simple air pressure changes that pushes high pressure air to areas of low pressure, cool air.
  • This draws in air through the second layer of 2.5 inch air-channel foam that has a network of air passageways to ensure that cool air is drawn through the edge of the mattress and to the areas where temperatures are high, such as underneath your body.
  • At the bottom is a 7 inch layer of support foam that balances comfort, reduces pressure, provides support and helps keep the mattress from sagging.

These 3 layers work together to provide the perfect sleeping temperature without sacrificing the therapeutic qualities that Sleep Innovations is known for.

How Big is the Mattress? Will it Fit in My Room?

There are five different mattress sizes available:

Twin – 38” x 75”
Full – 54” x 75”
Queen – 60” x 80”
King – 76” x 80”
Cal King – 72” x 84”

Every mattress is 12 inches thick, which will work perfectly with headboards of all sizes (other Sleep Innovation mattresses are available here). The mattress will be delivered in a rolled up in a vacuum packed plastic sleeve, so it can moved into any room with ease, unlike many coil mattresses that have to be split in order to fit through doorways.

When ordered online the bagged mattress will be shipped via UPS in 23”x 23”x 40” boxes.

Does it Need A Bed Foundation?

Sleep Innovations recommends that you use a foundation with the Shiloh mattress. This will provide the maximum therapeutic and ventilation properties, as well as anti-sagging and durability. If you have an existing box spring or foundation that is in good condition, meaning it does not sag, this can be used.

Likewise, the mattress can be laid on bare floor as long as the floor is level and does not have any warping that could be felt though the mattress. Regardless, your choice here will not impact Sleep Innovations’ 20 year warranty for the mattress.

Does it Need a Mattress Pad?

No. A mattress pad should not be used with the Shiloh mattress because doing so will prevent airflow though the specially designed mattress layers, and the heat dissipation qualities will be degraded. Likewise, the top layer of the Shiloh is designed as a pillow top to provide superior levels of comfort, so a mattress pad is unnecessary.

How Do I Care for the Shiloh Mattress?

The Shiloh mattress doesn’t need to be flipped because it has a distinct top and bottom. Rotation is also unnecessary as the foam cells will recover their original shape after pressure is released.

There is a circular knit cotton mattress cover that helps with moisture reduction but this cover cannot be removed as doing so will void the warranty. If the cover should become soiled, use a very small amount of antibacterial soap and a lightly damp sponge with warm water to dry up the area.

Never saturate the mattress or rub on a soiled area. Keep the area well ventilated when attempting to remove soiling. The mattress is antibacterial, but over saturating the mattress can leave a wet spot for extended periods of time. Never use bleach on the foam as this will cause it to rapidly deteriorate.

What kind of Warranty does Sleep Innovations Offer?

sleepinnovations 20-year warranty sealThe Shiloh 12 inch mattress comes with a no hassle 20 year warranty that covers defects in workmanship, materials, or structural issues. If there is an issue, the company with either replace or repair the bed (their call), at the company’s cost.

For a warranty claim, a permanent body impression (or indentation) of 1.5 inch is necessary. Other brands have a lower figure (for example Tempur’s 0.75 inch), which is much easier to meet.

The warranty is void if the knit cover is removed or if bleach is used to clean a soiled area.

How Much Does it Cost?

Althought the list price is relatively high at $709 most retailers sell it at a substantial discount. In our research we found that Amazon has the very best price at Out of stock!.

What is interesting to highlight is the opinion of owners of both the top of the line Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattresses and the Sleep Innovation Shiloh 12-Inch. Amazingly enough, even though the price is much lower, they all prefer the Shiloh, hands down. You can read the reviews with the actual comments here.

Sleep Innovations has other very competitive products that are worth looking at. You can see them all here with extensive user reviews. For other mattress ideas, make sure the have a look at our current Best Mattress Guide.



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Updated at March 26, 2020