Full Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Review

Tuft & Needle is one of the most well-known bed-in-a-box companies out there.

While the company has concentrated on the budget bed category with the Original Tuft & Needle mattress, the Mint mattress is their upgraded version, along with additional support as well as a more plush and a softer top layer.

Touted as the “next step” for the well-known bed retailer, the Mint mattress claims to be more cooler, comfortable, and breathable than its predecessor.

Being an upgraded version of the original bed, the Mint features an additional infusion of graphite and cooling gel beads as well as an extra layer of foam to enhance the overall comfort of the bed.

What Type of Mattress is the Tuft & Needle Mint?

Mint is a superior quality luxury foam bed from Tuft & Needle.

the T&N Mint mattress from an angleIt is an all-foam bed, which is made up of polyurethane foam.

When you lay on it, you may feel like you are resting on a cloud.

This bed is made of 3 layers of foam as compared to the original mattress, which is made up of only 2 layers of foam.

The company has arranged these layers in progressive firmness in order to accomplish a good combination of support and comfort.

How Firm is it?

The bed has a neutral, soft foam feel and it feels like you are sleeping on some thick hunk of soft foam.

It is rated a 6 on 10 on the firmness scale, where 10 is the firmest.

Also, it is softer than the original version and sits between a medium and medium soft on the firmness scale.

In addition to this, it is fairly prompt to respond pressure like most other neutral foam mattresses.

Thus, you do not experience the “stuck in the mud” feeling or find any of your body impressions left behind after you wake up.

So, with the Tuft & Needle Mint bed, you can easily switch positions without exerting much energy in the process of rotating from your stomach to your side and so on.

How Many Layers Does it Have?

This all-foam bed is made up of 3 layers which are as follows:

  • the Tuft & Needle Mint's layersTop Layer: This is a 3 inches of Adaptive Foam comfort layer. It is a softer layer as compared to the top layer of the original bed. This formulation has been changed to offer better pressure relief. It allows you to easily sink in. In addition to this, it has a prompt response to pressure so that you never feel stuck in the bed. Furthermore, it is suffused with graphite that helps to draw heat away from the body, offering a cool night’s sleep.
  • Middle Layer: This is a 2 inches of additional Adaptive Foam and is also known as the “Adaptive Transition Layer”. It offers extra thickness and support. In addition to this, it acts as a cushion between the firm bottom layer and the less dense top layer. Furthermore, it is suffused with gel beads that help to enhance the the cooling properties of the above layer throughout the bed.
  • Base Layer: It is a 7 inches of dense poly foam layer. It not only acts as a support layer for the softer top layers but also forms the structure of the bed. Furthermore, it provides additional edge support which firms up the bed sides so that you are easily able to use the entire bed surface.

Does it Sleep Hot?

No, the bed does not sleep hot.

The company has designed the Mint bed with an additional 30 percent graphite in its top layer as compared to their original bed.

This in turn helps to disperse heat and provide a cooler sleep surface.

In addition to this, the proprietary foam is crafted with upgraded ceramic gel which again helps to absorb heat.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

The mattress fares well in this category and its motion transfer is better than the original bed.

Thus, if you or your partner moves or turns during the night, you should not be disturbed.

Generally, all foam mattresses tend to be the best in terms of motion isolation.

The edge support of the Mint bed is again better than the original bed.

So, you won’t get the feeling of rolling off the side of your mattress while sleeping.

When compared to other similar all-foam beds, this mattress performed quite well in this category.

Does it Have any Smell?

The foams used in the bed are CertiPUR-US certified, in order to meet the standards of indoor emissions, content, environmental care, and overall performance.

CertiPUR-US logoIn addition to this, it is made in the US, which ensures that highest quality materials are used in its construction.

Furthermore, the certification also makes sure that all these claims are being thoroughly upheld.

However, about 5% of users have reported a significant, troublesome, and enduring initial odor, which dissipates within a few hours.

Does it Require a Foundation?

No, the Mint bed does not require a particular foundation.

However it is suggested to place the mattress on a firm foundation, such as a slatted platform, box spring bed, or even the floor.

What Type of Cover does it Have?

The Mint bed comes with a different cover as opposed to the original bed.

Mint's coverThe new cover is made with a combination of polyester and polyamide.

It is crafted with charcoal, which gives it a dark grey color.

Also, it is soft to the touch.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress?

The cover of the bed is removable but is recommended not to remove it if it gets dirty.

The cover is not machine washable so it is suggested to opt for the spot cleaning method if you spill something on it.

All that you need to do is clean the affected area with some mild detergent along with warm water.

You might want to look at our mattress hygiene guide in case you need more help.


According to the long-term customer experience, the mattress has fair longevity.

The lifespan of the Tuft & Needle Mint bed is estimated to be about 6 to 7 years with regular use.

Since this bed is 2 inches thicker as compared to most other similar all foam beds, it certainly has the potential to be a more durable mattress.

Size and Shipping

Regardless of whether you purchase the original or the Mint bed, you will get free shipping.

The shipping boxThe company ships the bed within the US  via FedEx Ground.

However, the company charges an additional shipping cost if you wish to have the bed shipped to Hawaii and Alaska.

This cost mainly depends on the size of the bed and also the particular destination.

Once shipped, the bed will arrive in a box straight at your doorstep.

Also, it is very easy to unpack it and set it up yourself.

Once you have set it up, make sure you allow it to sit for a couple of days so it has time to completely inflate.

100-Night Risk Free Sleep Trial

The company offers a 100 night sleep trial, which implies you can use the mattress for first 99 nights at the comfort of your home, and return it back to the company on the 100th night in case you are not completely happy with the product.

In such a case, the company will give you a full refund along with its free removal to a charitable organization of your choice.


The company backs the Mint bed with a 10 year warranty.

The mattress' labelThis is non transferable and covers your mattress only if you are the original buyer as well as the present owner of  the bed for which you are seeking the claim.

In addition to this, it is limited only to material flaws resulting from faulty workmanship or materials in the bed you have purchased.

In case of any manufacturing flaw, the company will either replace or repair the faulty component if feasible instead of replacing the entire bed.

If the company decides to replace the bed, it will do so with the color, version, style, or model available at the time of replacement.

How much does the Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress cost?

The bed is priced a little higher than the Tuft & Needle Original bed, but it is still economical.

It is still a great deal as it features superior quality materials such as the Adaptive Foam, so you can enjoy a comfortable and soft surface for an affordable price.

For a limited time, Tuft & Needle offers an exclusive discount of $100! You can get it by typing our coupon code TED100 at checkout and access these low prices:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$645$545
Cal King:$1,145$1,045

The Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The Mint is a 12″ thick, all-foam bed which is made up of 3 layers of foam.

closeup of the Mint's cornerIt is one of the most ideal beds for side as well as combo sleepers as it is specially designed to be softer than the Tuft & Needle original bed,

In addition to this, it offers more pressure relief for the shoulders and hips of users who sleep on their side.

It is a feasible option for couples too because of its good edge support as well as motion isolation.

Furthermore, it comes with a 10 year warranty, 100 night sleep trial, as well as free returns and shipping.

Also, it is quite reasonably priced, with Queen size selling for just $895.

If you are looking for more ideas, check out our Best Mattress Guide to see our top picks for the season!

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Updated at September 17, 2020