Full Zoma Mattress Review

In this review, we examine the Zoma Mattress, made to help sleepers achieve peak performance with faster recovery and improved sleep.

The Zoma team has decades of combined experience in the sleep industry.

Upon realizing many athletes miss out on the sleep they need, they created a mattress to help solve the problem.

The company’s website includes detailed information on the mattress and other sleep accessories such as their pillow and foundation.

The warranty, shipping, and return policies are straightforward and transparent, and the FAQ section answers questions such as how the mattress is made and how to best take care of it.

What Type of Mattress is the Zoma Mattress?

the Zoma mattress in a room

The Zoma Mattress is a memory foam mattress designed to promote athletic performance by providing a better night of sleep.

It’s a responsive bed that offers three zones of support and can keep cool while molding to any sleeping position.

This unique feature concentrates support where is most needed, allowing the lighter parts of the body to rest on a cooler surface.

Zoma Mattress Layers

The Zoma Mattress contains three layers encased in a polyester-elastane cover.

It stands tall at 11 inches, with enough material to create a supportive and durable bed.

The product layers with a bowling ball

The layers of a Zoma Mattress are:

  1. Two inches of memory foam for pressure relief and cooler sleep. A new technology, called Triangulex™, adds comfort to the shoulders and legs areas with breathable cutouts, while maintaining firm support in the mid-section to prevent hips from sinking in too much and misaligning the spine.
  2. Two inches of the new Reactiv™ material. Made with responsive polyurethane, this dense layer provides extra support and bounce to the bed.
  3. A 7-inch core layer of their Support+ foam, to give the bed its structure and deter sagging.

Does The Zoma Mattress Sleep Hot?

The mattress’s setup has a few features to prevent overheating:

  • The first layer’s breathable foam absorbs heat and dissipates it across the bed.
  • The triangle-shaped cutouts in the first layer add breathability to carry off heat.
  • The densest layer of the mattress is in the middle to add support and responsiveness while minimizing heat retention.
  • The included cover uses polyester and elastane with a mesh pattern, making it stretchy and extra breathable for more air circulation.

Many customer reviews note how cool the mattress feels when they sleep on it.

Where Is the Zoma Mattress Manufactured?

Zoma manufactures its mattresses in the U.S. and is certified by CertiPUR-US.

Does It Smell When New?

The manufacturing process and materials for the Zoma Mattress cuts down on the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a new mattress.

These VOCs are responsible for a new mattress’s chemical smell as they break down at room temperature.

From the Zoma Mattress website (emphasis ours):

If you do notice a faint scent after opening your new mattress, don’t worry as it’s not toxic or harmful. It will go away quickly on its own. But if you prefer, you can air out the mattress for a few days before placing it in your bedroom. Just understand that the mattress can be harder to move once it’s expanded and no longer compressed in the box.

Every Zoma Mattress contains CertiPUR-US® certified foams, which means an independent, not-for-profit organization has tested the material for harmful chemicals.

The certification confirms the mattress was made without ozone depleters, certain flame retardants, formaldehyde, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.

How Big Is the Mattress?

The Zoma Mattress is currently available in seven different sizes:

Size Dimensions
Twin 38” by 74”
Twin XL 38” by 80”
Full 54” by 75”
Queen 60” by 80”
King 76” by 80”
California King 72” by 84”
Split King 38” by 80” for each side (total: 76” by 80”)


Every mattress is 11 inches thick, regardless of size. All mattresses are compressed to fit into a box that’s 19” by 19” by 42.5” for easier delivery.

Does It Need a Foundation or a Bed Frame?

Zoma offers a platform bed that can be set up in five easy steps, no tools needed.

However, the mattress can do well on other foundations, as long as the base provides consistent support.

As a memory foam mattress, Zoma needs to rest on a stable, flat surface such as a platform bed, adjustable base, or bed frame with slats no greater than 3” apart and at least 0.5” thick.

A mostly solid surface prevents the material from dipping and causing deformities in the mattress, while the space between slats will let airflow in and out of the bottom.

100-Night Trial

The Zoma Mattress comes with a 100-night trial as a show of the company’s faith in its product and starts only once the mattress has been delivered.

the bed seen from the side

If you’ve never slept on a memory foam mattress or are hesitant about buying a bed without seeing it and feeling it first, a sleep trial gives you the chance to make sure it’s the right mattress for you.

Most sleepers enjoy better sleep the first night on a Zoma Mattress, but in select cases, a person may need up to a month to fully adjust to the mattress.

People typically spend years on their mattresses and grow accustomed to them, even as the materials wear out. Any change, even an improvement, may cause some discomfort until the body adjusts.

If you’re not completely satisfied by the Zoma Mattress, you can return it within the 100 days for a full refund.

And no need to ship back the mattress: Zoma works with local charities and recycling services across the country to pick up returns.

Zoma Mattress Warranty

The warranty of a Zoma Mattress covers replacement costs for 10 years, from the original purchase date.

If you find a structural defect within those 10 years, the company will repair or replace your mattress.

The warranty also covers indentations that exceed three-quarters of an inch, to protect against the damage a sagging mattress can cause to a sleeper’s body.

This coverage is more generous than average. In fact, many mattress companies will only repair or replace a mattress if sagging is greater than an inch, so Zoma is ahead of the competition with its more inclusive warranty.

The warranty is void if the Zoma Mattress has been kept on an improper foundation, or if the mattress has been misused or kept in unsanitary conditions.

How Do I Care for the Zoma Mattress?

As a one-sided mattress, there is no need to flip the Zoma Mattress to maintain it. Rotating the mattress is unnecessary too.

the zoma's cover
Changing your bedding often will limit the dead skin cells and bacteria that collect on your mattress, so try to wash your bedding once a week in hot water.

Regularly vacuuming the mattress will keep it free of dead skin and other particles that your body would grind into the bed, changing its feel and compromising its support.

Give it a quick vacuum at least once a month.

If you need more information, check out our mattress care guide.

How Much Does the Zoma Mattress Cost?

The Zoma Mattress strives to offer restorative rest at an affordable price.

As an online mattress company, Zoma deals directly with the customer, eliminating any middleman mattress stores that would mark up the price to meet overhead costs.

Most of these mattresses cost under $1,000—and if you’re shopping on a tight budget, a discounted twin bed costs less than $500.

zoma today offers a special discount of $100! Simply input the code TS100 when ordering to claim these prices:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$650$550
Cal King:$950$850
Split King:$1,200$1,100

To use the coupon code, purchase a mattress directly from the official website, zomasleep.com.

Zoma Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The Zoma Mattress provides the right mix of support and comfort needed for recovery.

the Zoma mattress viewed from the topIt uses quality materials yet comes at an affordable price.

In summary, our favorite things about the Zoma Mattress are:

  • The memory foam that contours to and cools down a sleeper’s body.
  • The unique Triangulex™ technology that adds comfort and breathability.
  • The 10-year warranty protection against sagging and other defects.
  • The 100-night trial that gives you time to try out your purchase, provided to all customers purchasing directly with Zoma.
  • Easy returns. You receive a full refund, and your mattress will be picked up and recycled.

You can buy a Queen mattress directly from zomasleep.com for just $750, with our TS100 coupon code.

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