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The Novosbed is an affordable, premium memory foam mattress with attractive features that cost less and lasts longer than many competitor products. With three firmness levels and the unique Comfort+ feature set this mattress apart in a crowded market.



  • Some heat retention and off gassing
  • Not overly supportive
  • Edge of the bed support a bit weak, especially for oversized people

Novosbed Mattress Review

In this review we are evaluating the Novosbed mattress. A plush memory foam mattress that offers consumers a wide range of features and benefits, the Novosbed is every bit affordable as it is comfortable and attractive.

With its unique three firmness levels and its innovative comfort adjustments, this mattress is fast becoming one of the mattresses of choice by consumers in search of a conforming, comfortable foam mattress at an affordable price.

Having opened their doors in 2009, Novosbed, with their leading edge memory foam mattress appears to have earned a comfortable position in the marketplace.

Offering high quality and low cost products, the company is recognized for its top-rated customer service as well.

What Type of Mattress Is the Novosbed?

novosbed mattress review in a roomThe Novosbed is a luxury foam mattress developed and manufactured with designer grade fabrics and ultra-dense memory foams that keep the mattress feeling like new, year after year.

The Novosbed sports a versatile two-way stretch core cover that protects the foam core and an ultra-soft, removable and washable top cover that contributes to the same new mattress feeling year after year.

In addition, this mattress is equipped with unique air flow channels that help keep you cool while you sleep.

How Firm is it?

The Novosbed mattress is available in three firmness levels, unlike most other memory foam mattresses available on the market today – soft, medium, and firm which contributes greatly to its overall popularity.

The soft model cradles and contours without that ‘sinking’ feeling, while the medium model delivers a balance of support and comfort and the firm model affords consumers a distinct firmness that is both comfortable and supportive for sleep.  

In addition, the Novosbed Comfort+ kit allows you to remove the cover, insert the special comfort layer to adjust your mattress to either a softer or firmer surface or feel as needed, and simply zip it back up.   

How Many Layers Does It Have?

Quite a conforming mattress, the Novosbed easily molds and contours to your body, with its high density comfort level foam layers, which allows weight to be distributed equally.

According to the data we analyzed, the mattress fares above average in this category.

The mattress is layered as follows:the mattress' section

  1. The washable soft cover
  2. An upholstery border and spandex sub-cover
  3. The combined ultra-dense airflow and comfort layers
  4. The premium support layer

Depending on the selected firmness, layers 3 and 4 are made of foams of different density, achieving the desired result.

Should the firmness of your Novosbed not be completely to your liking and require adjustment, no need to send it back.  The Novosbed has a separate comfort, the Comfort+ kit, to adjust the mattress firmer or softer specific to your needs and liking.

With its “Perfect Firmness Guarantee,” the Novosbed offers a unique Comfort+ kit that allows purchasers to reduce or increase firmness and ultimately enjoy a leading mattress that easily, without distraction, molds and contours to your body.

How Are Motion Transfer And Sinkage?

The Novosbed absorbs motion easily which means there is little to no disruption by your partners moving.

For people in excess of 230 pounds, the Medium and Firm models are more than suitable, while the Soft model is more apt to cause issues with sinkage and support.

For those persons under 120 pounds, the Medium and Firm models lack in contouring, making the Soft model more suited for people of lighter weight. Overall the Novosbed presented with a good rating on the motion transfer test.

Does It Sleep Hot?

Much like most mattresses based on memory foam, the Novosbed, specifically the Soft and Medium models, tend to sleep a bit warm especially in the summer months.

However, with its unique vertical flow design and airflow channels, air is continuously moving in and out thereby reducing the temperature as you sleep.

Does It Have Any Smell?

CertiPUR-US logoWhen you first take your Novosbed out of its packaging, there is a slight “new mattress” smell, and a little off-gassing.  However, it typically disappears in just a matter of a few days.

The Novosbed is eco-friendly and CertiPUR-US certified as well.

Our research revealed a mere 12% of consumers who report issues with off-gassing but overall, the odor is minimal.

Does the Novosbed Mattress Require a Foundation?

Novosbed has a unique Wood Frame Foundation specially designed for use with this mattress that offers consumers proper support regardless of model.

If you choose to use your own foundation, however, be aware that at least one center support beam is required and wired bases are not recommended at all.

Your Novosbed mattress can be used directly on the floor if you prefer, as long as it is not exposed to any type of moisture.

What Type of Cover Does It Have?

novosbed label The Novosbed comes with an easy zip on, zip off, washable cover making it especially simple to clean and maintain.

Washing your cover simply requires the use of a mild detergent and cold water even for removal of stains.

For stains, rub the surface gently with a circular motion beginning from the outermost portion of the stain, working your way inwards. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or bleach and never dry-clean your cover.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Novosbed Mattress?

The mattress requires no flipping since it is one sided, but rotating it at minimum once per year, head to foot, is recommended. Rotating the mattress can prevent it from wearing and sagging excessively.

As for typical cleaning, simply use cool water and a mild dish detergent if your mattress becomes dirty or even stained. Be certain to rub the surface gently with circular motions when removing any dirt.

What About Durability?

the novosbed mattress with a pile of bricksThe Novosbed is manufactured right here in the USA. Data available to us during our review indicated that the lifespan of the Novosbed mattress is somewhat better than that of  mattresses in the same category.

Manufactured with superior quality control standards, the Novosbed complies with all Canadian and American regulations contributing to the high quality of the product.  The information reviewed, suggests 84% owner satisfaction.

Size and Shipping

The Novosbed is available in the typical Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, and California King Sizes. Easy to lift and move, they weigh between 52 and 121 pounds, which is dependent upon the model and size of the mattress.

With either same day or next day shipping, the mattress is easy to unbox and is ready for you to enjoy and to use in just a short span of time.

120 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee

Novosbed stands firmly behind their product with their 120-day, 100% money back guarantee. After 60 days, if you are not satisfied, you can return the mattress for a full refund and no shipping charges.

This 120 night risk-free trial affords consumers ample time to try out and experience the mattress. If you discover you need a softer or firmer mattress, as part of the product’s “Perfect Firmness Guarantee” you can order a Comfort+ kit which allows you to adjust the firmness to your liking and needs.

If, after 60 days and after installing your Comfort+ layer, you are still unhappy you just give a call out to the company and they arrange pick up of your mattress and donate it to a charitable organization.


The Novosbed presents with a 15 year warranty, with complete coverage for the first 10 years, which, according to data used, is better than the majority of memory foam beds within the same price range.

Our research revealed that consumers are giving the Novosbed warranty an above average rating overall.

How Much Does the Novosbed Mattress Cost?

The Novosbed ranges in prices from $899 to $1299. The prices vary depending upon whether or not you choose to order the Wood Frame Foundation along with it or elect to order their “white glove service.”

  • the novosped mattress in an empty roomTwin mattress $899
  • Twin XL $949
  • Full/Double $999
  • Queen $1099 ($100 off with this link)
  • King $1299
  • California King $1299

The mattress does fare well in comparison to similar memory foam mattresses that are more costly.

With favorably consumer ratings on comfort, construction, and overall satisfaction, the Novosbed mattress is a very good buy for the money.

Currently there is a $100 discount coupon available for purchase of a Novosbed of any size.

Novosbed Mattress Review – Our Verdict

Novosbed offers a truly quality product at low cost, suited for the average consumer. With its three firmness levels, unique vertical flow design and airflow channels, it delivers features and benefits that definitely set it apart from industry competitors.

Absorbing motion easily, causing no disruption to your partner’s sleep, manufactured in the USA, and eco-friendly processes make this an all-round good purchase.

In addition, its 120 night risk free sleep trial, 15 year warranty, competitive prices, Comfort+ firmness adjustment kit, same day shipping, and easy return/refund process finish off the laundry list of special features and options afforded consumers at time of purchase and thereafter.

Overall, we think the Novosbed is a good purchase option (especially with the current $100 discount offer at this link).  However, if you are still uncertain it’s the mattress for you, then check out our Best Mattress Guide with a wide range of other mattresses available on the market today.