Full Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow Review

In this review we look at the Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow.

What sets them apart the Amerisleep brand is their famous plant-based memory foam called Bio-Pur®, featured in their popular mattresses like the AS2 and the AS3.

Their solid reputation stems from excellent reviews, fantastic customer service, and quality, long-lasting products, compared to other high-end brands.

What Type of Pillow is the Amerisleep Comfort Classic?

This new product is a memory foam pillow, containing a solid piece of Amerisleep’s exclusive Bio-Pur® memory foam.

The Amerisleep Comfort Pillow

The pillow provides lightweight, responsive support at a 6” loft —perfect for side and combination sleepers.

Do These Pillows Sleep Hot?

No —the Comfort Classic pillow’s open-cell structure doesn’t trap heat, making it more breathable than traditional memory foam.

How Long Will the Comfort Classic Pillow Last?

The pillow has a 3- to 5-year lifespan.

Where is it Manufactured?

The pillow is manufactured here in the USA.

Does it Smell When New?

No, the Comfort Classic pillow has little to no off-gassing odor due to its innovative Bio-Pur® foam.

100-Night Comfort Guarantee

The pillow from the front

This pillow comes with a 100-night sleep trial, where customers can try out the pillow at home.

If they aren’t happy with the pillow, Amerisleep will pick up and donate the pillow and issue a refund.

Amerisleep Warranty

Amerisleep includes a 10-year warranty with the purchase of all their pillows.

How Do I Care for the Pillow?

The Comfort Classic pillow is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, warding against dust mites, bed bugs and other allergens.

For best care, clean the pillow once or twice a year.

How Much Does the Amerisleep Pillow Cost?

The pillow is available in these sizes:

Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow Review – Our Verdict

Amerisleep’s Comfort Classic pillow offers optimal comfort and support through Bio-Pur®, a plant-based memory foam which cradles the head and neck, aligning the spine and providing a better night’s sleep.

Here’s what we liked about it:

  • Eco-friendly foam doesn’t trap heat
  • Perfect loft for side and combination sleepers
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Stacey Morgan – STAFF


Stacey is the co-founder of Mattress Guides and continues to recommend and review countless mattresses. Together with Ted, Stacey makes sure that thousands of people are sleeping well and wake up healthy and ready for the day.

Updated at September 14, 2020