Complete Casper Pillow Review

The Casper Pillow is an overall high-quality pillow to consider getting for your bed.

If you are not familiar with the brand, they are one of the pioneers of the mattress-in-a-box movement with their widely successful Casper mattress.

Before you consider getting a product like this one, though, you will need to set aside a little more money than you would for an average pillow.

This pillow has some advanced features, such as the ability to customize the loft size.

If you have the extra money and want to get a high-quality pillow, then this should be a good option for you.

What’s So Great About the Casper Pillow?

View of the Casper Pillow with the cover open
This is a great pillow for those who want to have a high level of customization.

Due to its design, you can fluff up the pillow and increase the loft size when you need a little more elevated support.

This pillow works great for people who sleep in all types of positions since it can easily be adjusted to match your sleeping style. 

If you want a soft pillow which has is soft, durable, and easy to maintain and clean. 

Polyester Fiber and Microfiber for Comfort

The comfort features of this product come from the included polyester fiber which makes up the interior cushion.

Both the exterior cover materials and inner cushion are made with polyester fiber. 

The polyester fiber in the Casper Pillow does a good job staying fluffed up and in shape throughout the course of the night.

Strong Cover with a Removable Pillow

This product’s design really makes it more like two pillows rather than just one. 

Since you can open up the cotton cover (which is padded) and add in a separate pillow, it is very easy to customize the loft of your pillow.

Both the cover and removable pillow are included with your order.

To be clear, this is only one pillow, but when you remove the internal pillow it can technically count as two pillows.

Is it Soft or is it Firm?

View of the Casper Pillow from the top

One of the best features of this pillow is that the level of plushness can be customized.

To make your pillow softer, add in the included extra polyester fiber into the pillow.

If you want a little less softness, you can simply remove the extra polyester fiber. 

With the extra cushion placed inside, this pillow is a lot softer than a standard pillow.

When the extra cushion is removed, this pillow is a lot little firmer and flatter to the user.

Does the Casper Pillow Pillow Sleep Hot?

If you have had problems in the past with sleeping with a pillow that generates too much heat, this might be a great option for you.

Foam pillows, in particular, can be a little hotter than ones which are made with polyester fiber like this one.

Although there are many other pillows which can stay cooler than this one, this pillow is nevertheless built to stay cool while you rest. 

This is a great pillow to purchase if you want both customized levels of comfort and the ability to stay cool and free of sweat while you sleep. 

Available in Two Different Sizes

The Casper Pillow viewed from the side

The Casper Pillow comes in two different sizes, which are usually chosen according to the size of your bed.

Those who have a King bed will typically get the “King” size pillow. 

There is also a “Standard” size pillow which is only slightly smaller and comes at a more affordable price.

Here are the two sizes and their dimensions:

  • Standard: 18 x 26 inches
  • King: 18 x 34 inches

What is the Best Way to Care for the Casper Pillow?

In order to take care of this pillow, you will need to clean it routinely.
View of the size customization that the Casper Pillow offers

To do this, you can wash this pillow with a machine washer. 

Before you get started, simply separate the inner pillow from the outer pillow, zip up the outer layer and then run it in the machine.

Pillows like this one which can be machine washed are much easier to clean and maintain than those which require a much more strenuous cleaning process.

Durability of the Casper Pillow

For starters, anybody who purchases this pillow immediately receives access to the included 3-year limited warranty. 

This will give you the peace of mind necessary to purchase this pillow and be confident that it will last at least this long.

Usually, after a few years of consistent use, the Casper Pillow will start to decline.

Since it is built with high-quality materials and includes premium features such as zippable cover, though, it is a lot more durable than many other pillows.

Shipping and Delivery Process

The box for the Casper Pillow

If you purchase this pillow and live in the mainland USA, you are eligible to receive free shipping and handling.

However, those who live outside the mainland USA (including Alaska and Hawaii), you will need to pay a little extra for shipping. 

Typically, orders will be shipped and arrive at your door within a week, but this also depends on the processing process and whether or not there are any problems along the way.

The pillow arrives at your door compressed into a box, and ready to use right away. 

How Much Does Casper Pillow Cost?

If you want to get a high-quality product of any sort, you usually need to pay the extra price. 

This pillow is no exception to this rule.

Here are the latest prices and sizes available if you are interested in purchasing this pillow:

  • Standard: $65
  • King: $85

As we have demonstrated, this is not your average pillow. Therefore, it won’t come for an average or affordable price.

Casper Pillow Pillow Review – Our Verdict

Anybody who has the extra money to invest should see the Casper Pillow as one of their top options while shopping for a new pillow.

Especially if you love the look and feel of polyester fiber.

This pillow comes with a cover which can be opened up to adjust the total height of the internal cushion. 

Although this pillow is a little more expensive than many other pillows on the market, it has comfort features which make it well worth the cash. 

If you are still unsure or perhaps seeking a more affordable option, you should check out the Saatva Dreams Pillow.

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Updated at September 15, 2020