Full IDLE Sleep Pillow Review

IDLE Sleep is a mattress and bedding materials manufacturer which is based locally out of Colorado Springs in the state of Colorado.

They make some high-quality bedding products such as the IDLE Sleep Latex Mattress and the IDLE Sleep Adjustable Base.

The IDLE Sleep Pillow is a great addition to your IDLE Sleep bedding collection, or simply just a decent pillow to consider purchasing.

On this page, we will break down all the top features and points of potential concern regarding the IDLE Sleep Pillow so you can decide if this is a good pillow for your needs. 

What’s So Great About the IDLE Sleep Pillow?

View of the ventilation offered by the IDLE Sleep Pillow
This is a nice pillow for people who want to experience the contoured comfort that can come with using a memory foam pillow.

This pillow features the ability to contour perfectly to your head and neck since it contains gel memory foam which molds to your natural head and neck shape. 

Since it is common for memory foam products to have too much heat and sinkage, this product contains ventilation to help you stay cool. 

Each of these features helps make this a nice pillow, and worth considering if you have the extra budget. 

Cool Gel Memory Foam

Memory foam is one of the most popular bedding materials due to its soft and comfortable feel. 

This pillow is made with gel memory foam which works to provide both a cooler and softer comfort than your typical memory foam.

The IDLE Sleep Gel Memory foam tends to feel cooler, fluffier, and softer than standard memory foam in our opinion. 

Head and Neck Conforming Support

View from the side
One of the beauties of getting a product that has memory foam is that you can receive some of the absolute best-contoured comfort available. 

For example, your typical cotton fluff pillow is designed to be soft but not to support all the minute contours and curves of your head and neck. 

Therefore, if you have woken up with head or neck pain, getting a pillow like this one which has contoured head and neck support can be really helpful.

If you want a pillow which will provide some of the fullest support for all areas of your head and neck, this is a great choice.

Ventilated for Proper Airflow

As we have briefly discussed on this page, memory foam products have a reputation for being hotter than other bedding materials. 

As a result, there are many people who will avoid memory foam products in general since they want products which promote cool sleep. 

In any case, it’s worth noting that this product contains ventilation so that you don’t get too hot while you

Removable Bamboo Velour Cover

Purchasing a pillow without a removable cover can turn into an immediate burden.

Especially if you don’t have a nice pillowcase sitting around ready to use on your brand new IDLE Sleep Pillow.

The good news is that this pillow comes with a high-quality removable bamboo velour cover that you can take on and off to clean.

Is it Soft or is it Firm?

Since this is a memory foam pillow, it is designed mainly to be soft and to provide contoured comfort. 

In other words, this is a soft pillow which focuses more on plush softness than it does firmness. 

If you want a firmer pillow, then, this is probably not the right option for you.

This is a soft pillow which is designed to offer the user plush contoured comfort that supports all curves of your head and neck. 

Does the IDLE Sleep Pillow Sleep Hot?

It is common for those who purchase memory foam bedding products to sleep a little hotter than average. 

This is because memory foam products aren’t typically ventilated (like this one is), and when you sink into the product you generate and retain more heat.

Since this is a ventilated pillow, the hot air moves out a lot quicker than your standard memory foam product

This helps you to stay cool while you sleep despite the fact that memory foam products may otherwise mean that you get too hot in bed.

Available in Different Sizes & Styles

View of the two different sizes
If you want to get the IDLE Sleep Pillow, there are two different sizes for you to choose from. 

These sizes are designed with the size of your mattress in mind and receive their dimensions accordingly.

For example, a “Queen” pillow will work best on a Queen mattress, and so on and so forth.

In other words, the pillows are designed to fit perfectly and in an aesthetically-appealing manner while on your mattress.

What is the Best Way to Care for the IDLE Sleep Pillow?

The best way to care for your IDLE Sleep Pillow is to simply keep it clean. 

This is actually very easy to do since the pillow comes with a removable cover.

Don’t use the pillow without the cover, and always be sure to wash the cover on a routine basis.

If you keep your cover clean, you will also be doing your part to keeping the inside of the pillow free of germs. 

Durability of the IDLE Sleep Pillow

The IDLE Sleep Pillow is a great option to consider since it is made with strong materials that are designed to last a long time.
View of a hand pressing into the IDLE Sleep Pillow showing how soft it is
From the foam that is used to the bamboo velour cover, the parts used in this pillow are high-quality and durable. 

In other words, this pillow is reasonably durable and should be expected to last plenty of time. 

In order to make the most out of your purchase then, be sure to properly clean and maintain your pillow to extend its longevity.

Shipping and Delivery Process

IDLE Sleep is widely known for having lightning speed shipping times for those who live in the mainland United States. 

Orders are typically processed within one business day and arrive at your door within 3 to 10 business days. 

Unlike other IDLE Sleep products, though, the IDLE Sleep Pillow does not come with free returns or a lifetime warranty. 

In order to receive free shipping, you need to live within the mainland United States.

How Much Does IDLE Sleep Pillow Cost?

Getting a nice pillow typically means that you need to save a little extra cash.

The same definitely holds true when we look at the different prices for the IDLE Sleep Pillow

For a limited time, IDLE Sleep offers an exclusive discount of 30% + 2 free pillows! You can get it by typing our coupon code TED30 at checkout and access these low prices:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price

As we can see, the price of this pillow accurately reflects the quality of the materials and construction. 

IDLE Sleep Pillow Review – Our Verdict

The IDLE Sleep Pillow is a great option for anybody who wants to have a comfortable memory foam pillow which stays ventilated and cool while you sleep. 

The comfort and ventilation features are two reasons why people see this as one of the best memory foam pillows.

Since this mattress comes with nice comfort features, a removable cover, and

If you are still keeping your options open, another great option for you to look at is the Saatva Dreams Pillow.

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Updated at October 1, 2021