Complete Review of the Purple Plush Pillow

The Purple Plush Pillow is the slightly more affordable cousin of the Purple Pillow from the same manufacturer, Purple.

The name must be familiar now, after the great success of both the Original Purple Mattress and the New Purple Mattress, plus the addition of a quality adjustable bed and their solid mattress protector.

This one stands out for offering a nice level of plush comfort but it doesn’t use materials such as latex or memory foam.

In other words, this pillow might not be that high-quality after all.

If you are an avid fan of poly-fiber material, this might be a good option for you.

However, if you want a pillow which retains its shape with use you should check out the Saatva Dreams Pillow and consider the Casper Pillow as well.

What’s So Great About the Purple Plush Pillow?

A man and woman lying down on purple plush pillowsThis pillow stands out mostly for having a more affordable price than other Purple pillows, and a nice soft and plush feel.

This pillow features zippers which are designed to open up and close in a manner which adjusts the firmness of the pillow. 

Despite the fact that this pillow can flatten out and easily go out of shape, it features a “Smart Fluff” system where different balls of poly-fiber more or less fluff each other out.

If you have been seeking an affordable pillow which offers a pretty reasonable set of nice features, this is a decent option. 

Smart Fluff Poly-Fiber Material

Since this pillow contains poly-fiber material for the cushion, it is a lot more prone to flattening. 

To counter this, the Purple Plush Pillow contains interlocking balls of poly-fiber.

The idea here is that by bouncing off each other, they will naturally fluff up your pillow.

In reality, this feature does work to a certain extent, but won’t replace some good old-fashioned elbow grease fluffing. 

Consider this feature as one to assist with fluffing, but not as something to depend on for keeping your pillow fluffed. 

Removable Zipped Cover & Firmness Adjustment

The Purple Plush pillow comes with a removable Lyocell-blend cover which is designed to help you adjust the firmness.

Firmness view of the Purple Plush Pillow

Then, there are zippers on two different sides of the cover. 

When you unzip the cover, this pillow is designed to be a little bit plusher than it is when you zip it up.

In reality, the level of firmness adjustment is very minimal. 

Is it Soft or is it Firm?

One feature that definitely stands out with this pillow is the fact that it is plush and soft. 

This is all thanks to the abundance of poly-fiber material which makes up the interior cushion.

However, it is still worth mentioning that this pillow flattens out with extended use, making the softness quickly go away.

For this reason, many people will instead purchase a more expensive pillow that contains material like memory foam.

Does the Purple Plush Pillow Sleep Hot?

The zipper of the Purple Plush PillowThe pillow has a Lyocell-blend cover which was included with the purpose of keeping you cool in mind. 

The cover is moisture wicking and breathable, making it easier for your body to regulate your temperature without building up a pool of sweat. 

Although the moisture wicking feature definitely does a good job keeping you cool, the cover isn’t as well-ventilated as the manufacturers might like to imply. 

In any case, using this pillow alongside a bedding set which you already sleep comfortably in will leave you with comfortable and cool sleep each night. 

Only Comes in One Size & Shape

The Purple Plush Pillow only comes in one size and shape.

The dimensions of the pillow are 26 inches x 18 inches, making it slightly bigger than the average pillow size.

Unlike other pillows like the Saatva Dreams Pillow, there are not separate sizes of this pillow that are designed to suit certain mattress sizes. 

Does the Purple Plush Pillow Come with a Smell?

This pillow is designed in a manufacturing facility which avoids unnatural chemicals and materials, making it great for those who are health-conscious.

This is especially true when we look at the manufacturing process, and it’s the effect on the smell of the new pillow.

These pillows are not off-gassed and will arrive at your door without any sort of chemical smell.

No unnatural chemicals or materials that produce an aroma are used during the production process of the Purple Plush Pillow.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Purple Plush Pillow?

In order to take care of your Purple Plush Pillow, there are a few things for you to consider. 

For starters, you should always clean the removable cover on a routine basis to eliminate the presence of germs.

Next, in order to help keep the interior materials as clean as possible.

Finally, always be sure to routinely fluff up the pillow so that you can make the most out of your sleep each night, and not end up with a flat pillow.

Durability of the Purple Plush Pillow

Although this pillow comes with a 1-year limited warranty, the durability of this pillow is a little below average.

The poly-fiber will naturally wear with continued use. 

In terms of the overall life of this pillow, you should expect to have it around for a couple of years or so in working condition.

This pillow doesn’t boast any sort of special features which make it stand out as above average in terms of durability.

Shipping and Delivery Process

Purchasing products from Purple typically means that you will be eligible for free shipping and returns. View of the purple plush pillow firmness adjustment feature

At least if you live in the mainland United States. 

The shipping process for your pillow after you make your payment will usually take up to a week.  

Once you receive your mattress, remember that you have a 100-night trial period where you can return it anytime free of charge.

How Much Does the Purple Plush Pillow Cost?

One thing we have tried to make clear with our review is that this pillow does come at a reasonable price which makes this worth considering.

These are the current prices:

The price of this pillow is a pretty accurate reflection of the features that are included.

Purple Plush Pillow Review – Our Verdict

In reality, this is really only a great option for those who enjoy having poly-fiber material for their pillow and want a nice soft and plush feel. 

Keep in mind, though, that this pillow will flatten out with use, requiring you to manually fluff your pillow from time to time.

Although the manufacturer boasts a “Smart Fluff” system which is supposed to assist with this, you will still need to manually fluff the pillow.

As a result, this price of the Purple Plush pillow is a reasonable deal, but you will also be able to find a similar product for much less money. 

If you want to consider other options, be sure to check out the Casper Pillow and the more prestigious Purple Pillow.

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Updated at January 17, 2022