Complete Saatva Dreams Pillow Review

Although definitely out of the budget for many people in the market for a pillow, others see the Saatva Dreams Pillow as a good investment into a comfortable sleep. 

This pillow features a very protective outer cover which keeps the inner pillow protected from germs very well.

The pillow is made with hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant and mildew-proof material

Although the inner latex and fiber work together to make this firmer than other pillows, it also about a medium in terms of support.

This pillow is manufactured by Saatva, manufacturer of the very popular mattress brands Saatva, Loom & Leaf and Zenhaven.

What’s So Great About the Saatva Dreams Pillow?

The Saatva Dreams Pillow isn’t your average pillow by any means. 

It is built with material that is completely hypoallergenic. 

This pillow also comes with latex foam and fiber to provide the inner filling along with a removable cover.

Those who love to sink into their pillow really love the Satva Dreams pillow for its softness.

Although a little expensive, the premium materials and top-quality cover make it a worthy investment to many people.

Hypoallergenic Material

closeup of the Saatva Dreams Pillow

One of the common ways that germs can spread and cause bodily problems is through your pillow. 

Since the Saatva Dreams Pillow is made with hypoallergenic material, it will help give you some heightened safety from this.

In addition, the pillow’s material is both mildew free and dust mite resistant.

The high-quality pillow materials will help you get a comfortable night’s sleep while adding in some health benefits.

100% American Talalay Latex Foam

Made through a sophisticated process from rubber, Talalay latex foam is known for its superior comfort qualities.

It has become a popular material that manufacturers will use in the production process of their beds.

In this case, you can now have Talalay latex foam for your pillow. 

Made from a 100% American source, this is latex foam of very high-quality.

It is also considerably soft and comfortable. 

MicroDenier Polyester Fiber Filling

In addition to the inner Talalay latex foam, part of the interior of this pillow includes filling made of microdenier fiber.

This helps add a little bit of support to the pillow, as well as comfort. 

It is placed like a sandwich into the Saatva Dreams pillow, and help provide a soft feel to the pillow. 

When paired with the latex foam, the microdenier filling works to add a unique feel to the pillow, which is both soft and mildly firm.

Strong Cover with a Removable Pillow

Women laying on the Saatva Dreams Pillow

One of the ultimate reasons to consider this pillow is the highly-protective outer cover. 

Made with 100% organic cotton, this pillow sits tightly around the inner pillow.

To remove the cover, simply unzip the zipper and take the pillow out.

Both very well-built and eco-friendly, the cover for this pillow is both strong and great for adding some life to your pillow.

Is it Soft or is it Firm?

Although the inner latex of this pillow offers a decent level of support, this pillow is pretty soft to lay on.

Typically, those putting their whole head support on the pillow will sink right into the pillow. 

Although, there are many pillows which offer softer and less support.

The Saatva Pillow is a medium in terms of firmness.

If you are looking for plenty of memory foam-like material inside your pillow, this might not be the best option.

Does the Saatva Dreams Pillow Sleep Hot?

A woman resting on the Saatva Dreams Pillow

As a whole, the Saatva Dreams Pillow contains a pretty nice level of ventilation.

This makes it very easy to sleep on, without adding too much heat and sweat in the mix. 

The organic cotton cover and design of the inner material all work together to make a pillow which is both soft and cool. 

The design of the pillow to both sleep cool and comfortably help make it seen as a worthy investment to many.

Available in Different Sizes & Styles

This pillow can be purchased in either King or Queen size. 

The King size Saatva Dreams pillow measures 34 x 18 inches.

The Queen pillow is 28 x 18 inches. 

You can also purchase it to come in three different colors. 

There is only a slight difference in price between the King and Queen sizes.

Try it Out Before you Buy it

Often times, purchasing a new mattress means that you receive a trial period where you can test it out before making a final purchasing decision.

This hasn’t always been this way for pillows, though. 

One feature which stands out with the Saatva Dreams Pillow is that you can try the pillow out for 45 nights before you are locked into the deal.

At any point in the trial period, you can send the pillow back and get a refund. 

This offer illustrates how high-quality this pillow really is, and the overall manufacturer confidence in its quality.

What is the Best Way to Care for the Saatva Dreams Pillow?

the Saatva Dreams Pillow

Since this pillow has a nice and sturdy organic cotton cover with a zipper, maintaining this pillow is pretty straightforward.

Simply remove the cover every week or so and run it through the machine washer. 

Unless you have any major accidents, you should only machine-wash the fiber portion of the inner pillow twice a year.

Do not wash the latex portion of the pillow at all. 

Durability of the Saatva Dreams Pillow

As a whole, this pillow is a lot more potentially durable than it is made up to be. 

Even though the manufacturer recommends replacing it after 36 months, those who take special care of their pillow can definitely extend the lifespan.

Since this pillow has a sophisticated design and a zip-lock cover, you can very easily keep this pillow fresh and clean for over 3 years.

The more likely scenario is that you will end up purchasing a new pillow before this one truly needs to be replaced.

Shipping and Delivery Process

One perk of paying the extra cost for a premium pillow like this is that you can receive free shipping. 

There are no added fees for the manufacturer to package, handle, and process the order.

Orders are usually processed and delivered within a couple of weeks. 

Anybody who lives in the U.S. or Canada is eligible for free shipping with a Saatva Dreams Pillow.

How Much Does Saatva Dreams Pillow Cost?

In terms of the average price of a pillow, the Saatva Dreams pillow is a little more expensive for some.

This is due to the overall high-quality and comfort of the pillow.

In other words, expect to pay a little extra in order to receive a premium medium-firm pillow like this one.

The price of the pillow also depends on which size you want to get.

Here are the lowest prices available as we write:

Since this pillow can be maintained and cleaned to last a long time, many see it as a great deal to get a pillow that is as well-built as this one is.

Saatva Dreams Pillow Review – Our Verdict

In terms of having an overall superior design and having high-quality material, this is a great pillow to consider.

Although it might be too expensive than your budget will fit, it also comes with many perks:

  • American Talalay Latex Foam
  • 100% organic cotton cover
  • Hypoallergenic and mildew proof
  • Medium-firm
  • 45-night trial

If you want a pillow which is both soft and plush but still mildly supportive, this may work well for your needs.

The pillow is overall a little more expensive than your average pillow but is also made of high-quality materials.

It comes with a 45-night trial where you can test it out fully. There is also free shipping. 

These are all reasons to consider getting the Saatva Dreams Pillow, which is an overall above-average quality pillow. 

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Updated at September 14, 2020