PONS Mattress Review

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PONS Ratings
  • Motion Isolation
  • Heatiness
  • Lifespan
  • Warranty
  • Price


PONS offers an ultra-premium memory foam mattress crafted from the finest materials and engineered with proprietary foam and the most advanced cooling technologies.

It is the result of close to 2 years of research and development and 6+ months of field testing.


  • Strong R&D and field testing
  • Great cooling properties
  • Referral program to earn your money back


  • Startup brand and new mattress formula
  • Only one comfort level

Full PONS Mattress Review

The PONS team members are futurists that infuse technology and crafty engineering into high end sleep products, based on a thorough understanding of consumer pain points and extensive field testing.

The words technology and engineering are often associated with ideas that are hard, metallic, and impersonal.

But newcomer PONS wants to remind the world that those two interrelated tools have paved the way for most modern-day comforts and our ability to personalize how our world works.

During their thorough R&D process, they used those tools to answer their two most pressing questions:

  • How can we make a mattress that provides the perfect pressure point relief for any sized or height individual, without sleepers feeling stuck inside of memory foam? Pressure point relief and freedom of movement are important.
  • How can we make a mattress second to none in cooling? It is very difficult to sleep hot; experiencing a drop in temperature assists you in falling asleep due to the fact that your body naturally drops its body temperature when dozing off. There’s a strong association there that they do not take lightly.

The super soft knit cover is immediately inviting, the combination of proprietary, engineered PONSfoam and high grade memory foam cuddle you to sleep, while the cooling and temperature regulation make warm mattresses a thing of the past.

Girl laying on the PONS mattressTheir primary focus was to tackle the big questions, but they never lost sight of the details; from the elegant label and quality stitching, to the inherently flame retardant mattress cover.

Moreover, they have invented a completely new and unique PONS bed system, which includes a wood platform bed frame with fast toolless assembly and built-in USB ports to charge your mobile devices.

In addition, it comes with 100% premium long-staple cotton sheets armed with nanotechnology to expel moisture and body heat.

They are also innovative in the way they do business; their Smart Friends Peer Referral program gives you the ability to earn back every penny spent on your mattress.

What Type of Mattress is PONS?

What it looks like PONS is bringing to market: A multi-layered, memory foam mattress.

What they are actually bringing to market: A piece of well researched sleep technology.

A very enthusiastic reviewer even called it “the Apple of the mattress space.”

How Firm is This Mattress?

During the product development process, the PONS team focused less on achieving a certain level of softness or firmness, and more on their goal of optimal pressure point relief and comfortable freedom of movement.

The end result was a mattress close to the center, but a touch on the firmer side.

How are Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

Motion transfer is all about keeping impacts or pressure exertion in one section of the mattress from affecting other sections of the mattress.

Since the PONS’ contouring to body pressure points is very good, motion transfer is nearly 100% absent.

The PONS mattress allows the heavier parts of your body which exert the most pressure on the surface of the mattress, to dip into its proprietary foam without taking the other parts of your body with it.

So the mattress morphs to curves of your body.

How is PONS Layered?

  • Top Layer: 2″ Proprietary PONSfoam engineered for a comfortable bounce and the most powerful mattress cooling properties.
  • Middle Layer: 2″ Visco-Elastic Memory infused with eco-friendly cooling gel for cooling redundancy
  • Bottom Layer: 6 ” Polyurethane Base Foam for strong support and box spring avoidance
  • Exterior Cover: Finely crafted, ultra-soft knit cover with great breathability and an inherently flame retardant construction

It is always worth noting that every layer is CertiPUR-US certified. This certifies that the PONS mattress is NOT manufactured with ozone depleters, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, carcinogens or other harmful materials.

Instead of opting to use latex for improved cooling and support properties, the PONS team chose to invent, with great results.

Does PONS Sleep Hot?

While they did infuse a powerful, eco-friendly cooling gel into the memory foam, they decided to separate themselves from the pack by looking past different applications of cooling gel and experimenting with the chemistry of the foam itself.

After months of tampering with different formulations, they finally landed on PONSfoam’s impressive, innate cooling capabilities.

And let’s not forget the push for complementary cooling. They used a breathable knit construction not only on the top of the mattress, but nearly all around, and inserted open spacing into the interior of the PONSfoam layer for maximum airflow and breathability.

Couple the PONS mattress with the PONS cooling nanotechnology sheets and your heating bill may go up soon.

How Long Will the Mattress Last?

As you might expect for a top shelf product, the PONS mattress is built for the long-haul: 10 to 15 years.

The PONSfoam is further integrated with what they refer to as HR technology, a special formula adjustment that ensures the layer with the largest body exposure is especially resistant to wear and tear, and support loss.

How Does it Unbox? Does it Smell?

the PONS shipping boxesThe PONS mattress ships directly to your home for free. Once it arrives, the set-up process is quick and easy.

The PONS mattress exhibits minor gassing upon unboxing.

This is common to most memory foam mattresses, it’s not harmful to people or pets, and dissipates quickly.

Just open the window to increase air circulation and the smell will be gone in a few hours.

How Big is the Mattress?

The PONS comes in standard Amercian sizes, and it’s 10-inch thick:

  • Twin: 38” x 74” x 10”
  • Twin XL: 38” x 80” x 10”
  • Full: 53” x 74” x 10”
  • Queen: 60” x 80” x 10”
  • King: 76” x 80” x 10”
  • California King: 72” x 84” x 10”

As it comes in a practical compact box, you don’t need to worry about reaching the destination room through staircases or narrow passages.

Does it Need a Foundation or a Bed Frame?

The PONS mattress was designed to work perfectly with the PONS bed frame, but it can be used on any flat, firm surface.

This includes a floor, box spring, foundation, slated base, or platform bed frame. If using slats, make sure they are spaced less than 4 inches apart.

Just make sure the surface is flat and without any moisture.

We suggest to use he PONS bed frame, as it’s a perfect match and comes with USB ports, so convenient nowadays!

Read more about it below.

Is there a Comfort Guarantee?

The PONS team believes in honest business. They know this is a big purchase and want to make sure you love it as much as they do.

They offer a 100-night risk-free trial on the mattress, free outbound shipping, and free return shipping by way of their partner charity network.

How is PONS’ Warranty?

The PONS mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

This warranty covers defects in the mattress workmanship or indentations (also known as body impressions) of more than one and one-fourth (1 ¼) of an inch.

This warranty is not pro-rated as it provides the same no hassle claim options from start to finish.

How Do I Care for the PONS Mattress?

PONS mattress care is easy.

Though not necessary, they recommend that the mattress be rotated every 3-6 months in order to maintain the most even feel.

Although it can’t be machine washed, the mattress cover can be easily spot cleaned with a warm damp cloth and mild detergent.

How Much Does the PONS Mattress Cost?

The prices are reasonable considering the technology packed in this mattress.

  • Twin: $599
  • Twin XL: $699
  • Full: $799
  • Queen: $899
  • King: $999
  • California King: $999

Our exclusive coupon TED100 gives you a further $100 off any size, so don’t forget to use it!

And with their Smart Friends Peer Referral program, you can pay it off entirely. Here’s how it works.

  • Buy any PONS product and receive a discount code.
  • Send that discount code to as many people as you can and they’ll receive 10% off their order by using it.
  • Get $10 cash back every time someone uses your discount code. The cash keeps piling up until the money you have received equals the value of your original order, or 30 days have passed since your order placement, whichever comes first. Does not matter if someone buys a mattress or two pillow cases, every single order kicks you back $10.

The PONS Bed System

Don’t forget, they are offering an entire bed system to enhance further your sleeping exerience.

Bed Frame

Their contemporary platform bed frame assembles in a few minutes with no tools and features built-in USB ports, a high-end wood construction, and unwavering sturdiness.


Their soft, 100% premium long-staple cotton sheets are constructed with advanced nanotechnology cooling to wick away moisture and expel body heat.

PONS Mattress Review – Our Verdict

Through the impactful use of technology and premium materials, a keen understanding of sleep pain points, and meticulous craftsmanship, PONS has developed one of the most sophisticated pieces of sleep technology.

It eradicates hot sleep, transforms to the unique shape of your body, and rocks you to sleep.

The highlights:

  • Created out of 6+ months of field testing and close to 2 years of research and development
  • Sophisticated and proprietary PONSfoam makes PONS the coolest mattress on the market
  • Great body contouring and pressure relief
  • Very affordable price for the quality level
  • Smart Friends Referral Program allows you to pay back your mattress in full
  • No hassle shopping, including a 100-night risk-free trial, free shipping, and free return shippin g

We deem this mattress to be a very welcome addition to the memory foam space as it raises the quality bar for the market in this price range.

In fact, just $799 for Queen-size (with our coupon TED100) is tough to beat and we doubt it will stay so low for long.

In case you aren’t convinced, have a look at our Best Mattress Guide, always updated with the most popular beds on the market.

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