The Original Purple Mattress Reviewed

In this review we are evaluating the Purple mattress.

An attractive and very comfortable mattress that offers consumers a wide range of features and benefits, the Purple is every bit affordable as it is comfortable and its unique structure contributes to a relaxed sleep night after night.

With its innovative, unique firmness and state of the art, hyper-elastic polymer material, this mattress is fast making its way up the charts as a conforming, contouring and comfortable mattress available at a very affordable price.

A Hyper-Elastic Polymer Mattress Material

purplePurple, according to our research, is one of the most interesting and intriguing mattresses available on the market today.

Its combination of foam and hyper-elastic polymer materials provides a unique feel that has consumers across the globe enjoying a restful and relaxing sleep night after night.

Although it possesses latex type qualities and a similar feel, Purple does, however, present with greater support and a unique feel all its own.

the trademark purple mattress polymer gridThe hyper-elastic polymer has a rare feel all its own, unlike traditional memory foam or latex mattresses which naturally displaces body weight while delivering stable comfort and support.

Because of its superior composition, the typical “stuck” feeling affiliated with many foam mattresses is avoided and consumers can enjoy a remarkable top layer response when switching sleeping positions.

Also equipped with air flow channels, consumers are sure to enjoy cooler temperatures while sleeping.

Purple Mattress Thickness

Purple does present with a rather unique firmness and feel which, on a scale of 1-10, falls somewhere in the range of a 6 to 6.5 rating.

With this ideal firmness rating and the innovative design of the Purple, the mattress tends to fit the sleep requirements and needs of most sleepers which definitely contributes to its overall popularity.

Consumers can get the best soft and firm with Purple’s unique Smart Grid design.

Again, whether a back or side sleeper, the Purple’s top layer easily dissipates pressure between the mattress and your body thereby perfectly supporting your spine as you sleep.

The mattress does a good job of supporting the overall body. For light weight sleepers (less than 130 pounds) the feel is that of floating atop the mattress with little body contouring.

For medium weight sleepers (between 130 and 150 pounds) the Purple presents with a bit of a hug feeling since those in this weight class will sink just a bit deeper into the foam and polymer combination.

Finally, for heavier sleepers (those over 150 pounds) the mattress presents with a greater level of sinkage and contour as well as a greater hug feel.

With many attractive features, the unique material composition of the Purple responds and supports body weight effectively.

Keeping in mind that the heavier parts of the body will obviously and naturally sink into the mattress more, they will also be supported naturally by the unique transitional support layer of the Purple.

This affords sleepers pressure relief needed and provides a much appreciated restful and relaxing night’s sleep.

Layers Of A Purple Bed

Quite a conforming mattress, the Purple easily molds and contours to your body. The Purple has a thickness of 9.5 inches and consists of three layers of foam and hyper-elastic polymer materials:

  • Its top layer which delivers cooling and comfort is a 2” hyper-elastic polymer material developed with Purple’s unique ‘smart grid’ design that provides the ultimate in comfort and cooling.
  • the purple from the sideThe middle layer delivers transitional support and consists of 3.5 inches of polyurethane foam. This layer in conjunction with the top layer, presents with both transitional and deep compression support, a feature favored highly by heavier weighted sleepers.
  • The third and bottom layer consists of 4 inches of a denser polyurethane foam and is designed to act as a solid foundation for the mattress.

Motion Transfer & Sinkage

The Purple, like many foam mattresses, absorbs motion easily, thereby causing little to no disruption from your partners moving.

Talking about disruption, the mattress has also a light powder coating of a non-toxic proprietary powder material that helps to minimize any noises that the polymer may possibly create.

As for sinkage, this mattress will dip a mere 1 to 1.5 inches whether lying on your back or side.

However, when sitting on the edges of the bed, there tends to be greater sinkage between 2.5 and 4 inches.

Since sinkage is completely dependent upon weight, it will obviously vary depending upon the weight of individual sleepers.

The bounce exhibited with the Purple is unique in and of itself. The polymer material affords a bounce much like that of a latex mattress.

The Purple has a wide range of benefits, and certainly one of its most notable features is that of cooling.

The specially designed air pockets created from the unique polymer smart grid keep the sleeping surface noticeably cooler.

This makes the Purple one of the coolest mattresses for sleeping all year round.

Purple Mattress Toxicity & Smell

CertiPUR-US logoWhen the Purple is first removed from its packaging, there is a very faint ‘new mattress’ smell. However, the simple smell fades within a mere few days, causing no off gassing.

In addition, the Purple is Green, and CertiPUR-US certified as well.

Our research revealed a mere 10% of consumers reported issues with smell, but overall, the odor is minimal to none and does not last.

Purple offers a platform base that is designed to work perfectly with its state of the art mattress.

However, it is not necessary to purchase the platform base as long as your Purple is set up on a sturdy surface.

A box foundation, an adjustable bed frame, slats that are at least 3 inches apart or even on the floor itself will work.

The Purple comes with a durable cover. Made up of a unique blend of polyester, viscose and polyester-lycra, this cover is highly breathable and is both soft and stretchy.

the cover of our purple mattress reviewThe Purple’s cover is a snug fit for the hyper-elastic polymer top layer and works well in conjunction with the top layer to minimize and/or eliminate any heat build up.

The cover has an attractive, modern design with a traditional white color scheme.

However, a classy diamond pattern gives the cover a very appealing look.

Though simplistic in design, its overall look is somewhat chic and definitely appealing to the eye.

The cover does zip off, but it is highly recommended that you do not wash your cover in the washing machine unless it is absolutely necessary.

If that is the case, be certain to use only the cold water cycles and lay it flat to dry.

Do not put your cover into a dryer for any reason whatsoever because it will absolutely shrink.

Purple Mattress Warranty & Long-Term Care

The company has no official policy. Rotating your Purple mattress is not required but, rotating it at minimum twice per year, is recommended.

As for flipping, your Purple should not be flipped since the polymer layer must remain on top.

What about Durability?

The Purple is manufactured right here in the USA. Data available to us during our review indicated that the lifespan of the Purple is somewhat better than that of other foam mattresses.

In addition, the unique combination of both foam and hyper-elastic polymer appears to be remarkably durable.

Manufactured with superior products, materials and quality control standards, the Purple has been rated as one of the highest quality products on the market according to our data.

The information available indicates an overall 85% owner satisfaction.

100 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee

Purple stands firmly behind their product with their 100-day, 100% money back guarantee.

This 100 night risk-free trial affords consumers ample time to try out and experience their new state of the art mattress.

If after sleeping on it for 30 to 100 nights you are still unhappy then contact customer service and they will arrange for pickup of your mattress.


The Purple presents with a 10 year warranty, that, according to our data, is comparable to other modern mattresses within the same price range.

Original Purple Mattress Pricing & Sizing

The Purple ranges in prices from $699 to $1,299The prices can vary depending upon whether or not you opt to purchase our superior platform base along with your mattress.

Bed SizePriceDimensions
Twin XL Purple Bed$69938″ x 80″ x 13”
Queen Purple Bed$99960″ x 80″ x 13”
King$1,29976″ x 80″ x 13”
California King$1,29972″ x 84″ x 13”

The mattress does fare well in comparison to other foam mattresses that are more costly.

With impressive consumer ratings on comfort, construction, cooling, support and overall satisfaction, the Purple is a very good buy for the money.

Purple is also sold conveniently on Amazon for the same prices stated above. Purple is dedicated to making your purchase as care-free as possible and that’s why they make their mattresses accessible through Amazon.

Purple Mattress Complaints & Final Thoughts

Purple offers a truly quality product at a lower cost. A mattress that is soft where you want it, and firm where you need it, its combined hyper-elastic polymer layer and two layers of polyurethane foam, affords consumers a feel like no other.

The purple mattress reviewed in a bedroomWith greater levels of support, comfort, bounce, and incredible cooling, the Purple fares well above average when it comes to relieving pressure points and minimizing motion transfer.

Manufactured and developed with its own unique material design, Purple is definitely a vivid, innovative step forward and provides individuals with quality sleep night after night.

With its 6.0-6.5 firmness level, unique airflow channels, state of the art Smart Grid design, easy motion absorption, and its all Green, Eco friendly processes that set it apart from its industry competitors, the Purple is a more than favorable purchase.

In addition, its 100 night risk free sleep trial, 10 year warranty, affordable prices, and free shipping within the continental USA finish off the list of special features and benefits that the Purple affords its customers at the time of purchase and thereafter.

Overall, we think that our Purple mattress review makes it clear that we think it’s a very good purchase option for just $999.

However, if you feel that the Purple is not the ideal mattress for you, then check out our Best Mattress Guide that offers a wide range of other mattresses available on the market today.

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I am 125 lbs, my other half is 280. Will it support the two of us without me sinking into the center?


Hello, I’m a side sleeper sometimes belly sleeper with back problems (spine that needs readjusting via chiropractor). I have read this article and your best beds 2017 also best beds for back pain. Would you recommend purple or bear? I’m suck in between the two. I started my search with lull but haven’t found it in the top. Any suggestions?!? Thank you!


The new Casper

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Samantha,

I’d give Bear a good try. Otherwise the Amerisleep AS2 is something you could seriously consider.


I knew when I bought a new mattress after 12 years, I wanted something different than the traditional mattress. I am 61 years old, and saw an advertisement for Purple in the Sunday paper. I am very happy with this mattress, and no longer have hip pain from my old, hard mattress.I also bought an adjustable frame, as I read in bed at night. I am 100% sold on this mattress!


I realize it has a cooling effect. Can I use a mattress pad heater to offset that, or will that cause harm to the mattress? I have circulation issues and trying to fall asleep in a cool/cold bed is almost painful for me.


How does this bed respond to co-sleeping? my husband and I often have one to two little people who like to join us at some point in the night. As a result I often wake up with a back ache.


I have been looking at the “New Purple Mattress.” It’s only due to the expense that I have not yet made the purchase, King size with 4″ Smart Comfort Grid, $3,499. Alright, it’s doable but then I read the reviews and customer service seems to be the pits for some people and excellent for others. Beds are not delivered at all for some whereas others receive their beds within a week. For this kind of money, not even adding in the bed protector, sheets, etc., I would think their service would be a tad better. How has the service been for everyone on here? And no, I’m not a Purple Rep. in disguise. I’m a consumer with severe back issues who has in the past 16 years purchased 5 beds and am still sleeping in my recliner which I believe is now the 4th one. I have been sleep deprived for years and sleeping in a recliner has to stop.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Elke,

have a look at Natural Form as they make beds which are suitable for people with serious back issues.


How dose the Purple do on an adjustable frame?


Hello Jeff, I have the Queen size Purple mattress with an adjustable frame and it works fine for me.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Jeff,

from what we heard it works just fine!


“Hyperelastic” is not a chemical term. What is this foam made from? Is it polyurethane or what? If it is a proprietary substance what is made from?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Pete,

you are right, it was a typo. It’s hyper-elastic polymer. On their website is a section about science which sheds some light.


I have bought 3 mattresses I. The last 10 years and the purple is the best. I have been sleeping on it a month and my back pain is reduced and I am sleeping better. You can feel the grid, but it feels like an almost quilted feel that gives when you push in it. I am very overweight, but this mattress supports me. Definitely not for everyone, but that’s why you get 100 days. And … always buy direct, the whole point of their pricing is to cut out the middleman and cost. If I where them I wouldn’t honor a warranty is someone was reselling my product either. I liked it so much, bought the sheets, mattress protector and pillow too.

Tyler G Gillispie

Not happy with this mattress. It is too soft for back sleepers and probably too soft for side sleeping if you like a slightly firm mattress. I thought it was the new mattress or possible a new “magical” style of sleep which I was not accustomed to. I was wrong, it was too soft. I gave it 252 days with evidently is far more than what Purple consider a reasonable time to Stand-By-Their-Product. Whether it be, EdiZONE, LLC, or Global Partner Acquisition Group that owns this product and process, I must give them a poor rating. The mattress is too soft and my ass sinks in causing terrible lower back pain. I tried per their recommendation to use this mattress for 100 days and then some. Often times I would sleep on my couch thinking this is just something I have to work out…after all, it takes 100 days to learn. I eventually figured out how to sleep properly on my side and my side alone. After trying their sheets, their pillows and various other products I have given up and politely shared my story with them. There answer is: they do not stand behind their product beyond 100 days. That is not very encouraging.

My only advice is this…don’t waste any time or confuse the slightest bit of back pain when trying this product. If it hurts…send it back right away!


I have one and I love it, My back has never felt this good. I am heavy over 300 pounds and it still works great and I really love sleeping on it.


I don’t get how you’re bashing the company or complaining at all?! Their trial period of 30-100 night is pretty clear; you deciding to go way beyond that is purely 100% all on you. Why didn’t you just return it near the end of the trial?!


We’ve had our Purple bed for about 6 months now and both my husband & I really like it! I highly recommend the Purple sheets as well! They are unbelievable. I’m on here as I am about to order another set. Great price & value so far!


A queen is $1600 Canadian. If I’m going to spend that kind of money I might as well get a premium well known mattress.


1600 Canadian is nothing for a mattress, most “ reputable “ mattress here in the states cost 2-3k. I got a King Pirole for 1299. If you don’t want to try something new that’s okay, but if it’s the price and you can’t come up with the $ all at once, they offer payments through align. Interest free, split up over 6 months, no credit check, comes out of your checking account.


I had this mattress for 2 months but after a few weeks my back started hurting really bad, worse then conventional mattresses because how it supports your back is it leaves a gap between your butt and your upper back leaving NO support! It also put to much pressure on my side when I slept on my side. only way I could sleep on it was on my stomach! I gave it a try and it did not weigh out. To expensive for what it was, has powder in it that can make you have breathing problems, and was not all it cracked up to be! I do have to say that they did give me a refund when I donated it to salvation army. And their sheets are awesome, feel like your in a cacoon wrap and soft. Ended up going with a memory foam mattress! best decision ever!


Melissa: Had Purple for three weeks but could not stand it a moment longer. I woke up multiple times in the night, tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep. Furthermore, I would wake up most mornings in a cold sweat with aches and pains in my neck, shoulders and hips (pressure point hot spots). The mattress is currently propped outside on the porch awaiting pick-up. When my husband contacted Purple customer service to return the bed, reps refused to honor the 100 night guarantee stating that we had to go through Sam’s Club since the online purchase was made through them. Mind you, Amazon is the ONLY retailer the Purple website mentions in its exclusion clause. My husband pointed this fact out and went so far as to take a screen shot as evidence. Despite this, Purple reps refused to honor the “warranty.” In sum, the Purple mattress and the terrible customer service we received have been a literal and figurative pain in in the neck!

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Laurie,

usually terms and conditions are different when purchasing a mattress through a distributor like Sam’s Club. I believe you’ll have to insist with Sam’s Club.



My husband and I are currently going through Sam’s to return the Purple mattress. Have run into a snag since the return is large and not very portable outside of its original bag. The issue we have is with Purple’s deceptive return policy. There is no mention of other retailer exclusions outside of Amazon. We told Purple that they need to change the verbiage to include all retailers so potential buyers of this product are aware.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Laurie,

sorry about that. That’s the reason it’s usually better to buy directly from the manufacturer.


Is it safe to inhale that powder?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Mark,

according to Purple the powder is non-toxic and it takes some effort to inhale it up through the cover and flame retardant layers. However, if you are worried about that I suggest you look at an alternative mattress.


If I am concerned about it? Shouldn’t you be concerned about it?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Mark,

we rely on the information provided by the manufacturer, which is based in the USA and is certified by CertiPUR-US. So as far as toxicity goes we aren’t concerned, but we understand (and sympathize) if somebody doesn’t want to inhale anything at all, toxic or not.


Is the grid detectable when you’re lying in the bed? Can it be felt, or do the sheets disguise the feel of the grid itself?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Holly,

no, the grid isn’t detectable as it isn’t rigid and the cover smooths out the borders very well.


I was curious about the “light powder coating of a non-toxic proprietary powder”. I don’t want powder going over my bedroom, my bed and myself. What is this light powder?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Lisa,

here you can read all about it.


How healthy for us and sustainable is this mattress really? I don’t know much about that kind of foam. I wouldn’t want something that’s highly processed with chemicals, treated, bad for me, or bad for the environment. I want a great mattress that’s responsible.


Exactly what do you think traditional mattresses are made of? I can assure you that it isn’t 100% organic free range cotton with a touch of starlight. It’s modern engineered materials, just like this one.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Carmelo,

as you can read in this review, the Purple is CertiPUR-US certified, which guarantees that no harmful chemicals are used. From their website:

Purple™ is Green – all manufacturing product recycled (no waste!), no toxic chemicals, all recyclable packaging

Both layers of support foam are CertiPUR-US® Certified


I had seen that in terms of no toxic additives which is really nice, I had just wondered how natural/sustainable the materials themselves were. I don’t know much about polyeurethane. I was using that as a starting point but I don’t fully trust their website or US Certification without third party confirmation.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Unfortunately we can’t provide any official confirmation as we rely on the information made available by the manufacturer. However, you can see they are part of the CertiPUR-US program here:
As for the rest, I’d suggest you ask the company directly. They might be open to show you other documents. Keep us posted please!


I was seriously considering buying one until I read your reply. Terrible customer service

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Paul,

we are not part of Purple’s customer service… we are independent and can say the fact as we see them. If our answer turned you off, maybe it’s not the right mattress for you and you should thank us instead 😉