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Brooklyn Bedding is one of the most acclaimed bed-in-a-box brands on planet.

It is an industry pro that is well known for crafting superior-quality beds.

This unique retailer owns their own factory, and thus manufacture and sell quality beds at a value price.

It is one of those few online bedding brands that not only own but also operate their own facility.

Brooklyn Bedding crafts a wide array of beds that they either sell through subsidiary brands or directly through their website.

These are end-to-end bed solutions that include the company’s own factory, a plethora of brands and options that fit the requirement of the majority of sleepers.

The company manufactures a wide array of beds which are hereby reviewed in detail.

Type of Beds Offered By Brooklyn Bedding

This page is basically a summary of all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses.

Here is a list of beds that the company offers:

  • Bloom Mattress: This is an all-foam sleep solution which is derived from nature – combining a superior Euro top of Joma wool and organic cotton coupled with natural Talalay latex, this bed offers a cleaner, healthier and more reinvigorating sleep experience. It is also 7 times more airy as compared to the other similar latex beds.
  • Bloom Hybrid Mattress: Made up of a combination of natural fibers, foams, and fabrics, the Bloom Hybrid bed offers a perfect combination of support and comfort. Also, the bed accommodates users of all sizes and shapes.
  • Freya Mattress: This is a superior hybrid bed which is specially crafted for hot sleepers. That is why, it is well known for being a ‘true cooling bed’ in the market. It incorporates a unique phase change material that makes the bed cool to the touch.
  • Rubix Mattress: This is a unique customizable bed whose top layers can be easily swapped to experience different firmness options. So you can adjust the comfort foams at your home in order to suit your changing sleep preferences and requirements.
  • Plank Mattress: It is one of the firmest sleep solutions available on the marketplace today. Also, it is a flippable bed and both sides of the mattress are suitable for stomach and heavy sleepers.
  • Titan Mattress: This is a durable and thick sleep solution which is specially crafted for heavier users. Also, it is purposely crafted to be extra firm so that the larger folks do not sink into the bed.
  • Zoned Mattress: This hybrid bed is specially designed for side sleepers who usually struggle to find a sleep solution that can relieve strain from their shoulders and hips.
  • Spartan Mattress: This is a premium hybrid bed that sets itself apart from the rest of the options with a powerful and unique Nanobionic cover which helps to convert the heat of the body into energy, thus restoring the body.

For further details and in-depth information, you can refer to the individual review pages of the above mentioned mattresses.

Common Features of all Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses

To avoid annoying you with the same information in every review of this brand, we list here the commonalities.

Read them once, know they apply to all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses!

Do They Require A Specific Foundation?

No, the beds do not require a particular foundation!

However, the mattresses have been crafted to be used on solid and firm foundations.

Any kind of support system, such as box spring foundation, slats, and platforms that offer minimal to absolutely no flex are compatible with these beds.

It is also suggested not to use improper foundations such as, slatted woods, etc as this may void the warranty.

Size & Shipping

The beds come with free shipping.

The company compresses the mattress in a box and it arrives directly at your door.

Once it is delivered, all that you need to do is move it to your desired location and proceed to unroll the bed onto the floor or your  foundation.

Also, it is suggested to let the bed breath and expand for a couple of days before actually using it.

Is There Any Off-Gassing Or Smell?

No, there is no off-gassing!

CertiPUR-US logoThe company uses the safest and highest quality materials in the bedding industry.

Also, the beds are crafted in the US, thereby ensuring that the highest quality materials are used in their construction.

In addition to this, the foams used in the beds are Certi-PUR US certified, which implies that they are free from noxious chemicals and toxins, and thus meet the highest industry health standards.

However, there may be a natural scent initially while unpacking the bed.

But this smell dissipates within sometime when properly ventilated.

120 Night Sleep Trial Period

The company offers a 120-night sleep trial.

The bed is shipped via FedEx to all the 48 US states, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

It takes approximately a couple of days to process the order and about 3 to 5 days to arrive at your doorstep.

In other words, Brooklyn Bedding gives you four months to test their beds in the comfort of your own house and decide for yourself if you like it or not.

However, if after a month, you decide the mattress is not suitable for you, simply inform the company and they will take care of it.

They will get your bed picked up from your home at absolutely no additional cost.

Once it is removed, the company will issue a full refund and this entire return process will take about a couple of weeks.

Brooklyn Bedding Warranty

The company stands by its beds by offering a 10 year warranty.

The aurora mattress in a nice roomIt is valid to the original buyer of the bed only and if the original buyer sells it, the next purchaser takes it “as is” along with “all defects”.

This starts off from the day you buy the mattress and it is non-transferable.

The warranty covers defects or flaws in the materials and/or craftsmanship of the product.

In case of such a flaw, the company either repairs or replaces the bed in a reasonable amount of time.

The warranty covers flaws in the cell structure of the foams, any sagging in the mattress despite being supported by a solid foundation, flaws resulting in cracking or splitting of the material despite proper handling, and any body indentations that are 1 inch or greater.

However, the warranty does not cover stains in the fabric, sheet fit, normal change in the softness of the bed, body indentations less than 1 inch, bed height, and damage to the bed due to improper foundation.

Also, the warranty shall not apply if the bed has been physically burned, abused, damaged, torn, or cut.

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