Full Reverie 8Q Power Foundation Review

One complaint many consumers voice is that they cannot find the right pillow or mattress and no matter what they do, a good night’s rest cannot be had. The solution is many times quite simple, it isn’t the mattress, the pillow or their sleep position . . . it is the simple fact their bed foundation is inadequate!

The solution: The Reverie 8Q Power Foundation, a custom adjustable bed frame that allows the head, feet and knees to be positioned in virtually any angle for maximum comfort.

What Kind of Adjustable Bed is the Reverie 8Q?

The Reverie 8Q is an electrically powered adjustable bed frame. The head, feet and knees can be positioned independently so the user can find the proper sleep position.

People who enjoy reading, watching television, surfing the internet or other activities in bed will also love the 8Q to find that perfectly comfortable and relaxing position.

How Firm is the Reverie 8Q?

REverie 8Q Power Foundation being usedAs a bed foundation, the Reverie 8Q is very firm and this reflects the level of construction necessary to move a mattress and the body weight of the users to various positions.

Since the 8Q is a solid foundation, this will mean the mattress will perform as designed because a very firm foundation that has excellent support actually means the mattress will work as designed.

Soft and supportive mattresses will be even more supportive with a firm foundation because the internal springs of the mattress have the proper support to operate.

Many bed foundations are simply constructed inadequately and do not provide a surface for the springs to rest on, which means the mattress loses its designed level of comfort.

The Reverie 8Q’s firmness will mean users can finally get the comfort and performance they expect from their mattress.

Does the Reverie 8Q Provide Good Motion Isolation?

The 8Q provides a level of motion isolation that is far superior to a traditional box spring or steel frame or wooden frame foundation. It features individual steel cross slats closely positioned next to each other for optimal mattress support.

The steel cross slats are bolted to the outside of the frame and coated black for a sophisticated look. The motor mechanisms are securely fastened to the frame and use quiet roller bearings, which allows for the foundation to move without disturbing a sleeping partner.

8Q Reverie adjustable bedIt is important to remember that the foundation is just one part of motion isolation with the other being a mattress that has a good motion isolation design.

When a mattress is properly supported, it can use all of it’s springs or other features to provide motion isolation.

This means mattress selection is critical because the foundation will make the mattress perform as designed.

So with the Reverie 8Q, it is important to choose a high quality mattress with excellent motion isolation to get the maximum benefit from the foundation. Have a look at our Best Mattress Guide to find the perfect match for your needs.

Does this Adjustable Bed Come in Split and Single Foundations? Why is this Important?

The 8Q is available in both split and single foundations for a variety of mattress sizes. A split adjustable foundation is important for users sleeping with partners as an individual’s personal sleep position preference typically differs from their partners.

A person who likes to sleep with their head angled up or with their legs elevated might have a partner with different desired sleep position, which would make the foundation a burden for both. The 8Q split foundation allows for each person to select their own sleep position without disturbing the other.

The foundation can be moved silently and without disturbing a partner, a tremendous benefit for people who like to change positions throughout the night.

How do I Control the Reverie 8Q? Are there Pre-Set Positions?

reverie 8q remote controlThe Reverie 8Q has two options for control: a Reverie remote control or via an application on a smart phone. The remote control is back-lit and ergonomic, with one remote control for each side of the bed if the foundation is split.

Reverie has an app for smart phones that performs all the functions of the remote control and connects to the foundation through Bluetooth.

The head, knees and feet are all independently and infinitely adjustable so the proper position can be found for any individual.

The remote can be programmed with two custom memory settings, while the smart phone app has 4 memory slots.

There are several pre-set positions for the 8Q that can be accessed through the remote or the smart phone: zero-gravity, anti-snore and flat.

How Long Can I Expect the Reverie 8Q to Last?

The 8Q is the premium bed foundation offered by Reverie and is expected to provide a lifetime of use. The foundation is constructed from steel and covered with a durable, yet appealing fabric.

The motors are high-quality units that should likewise continue to operate as designed for the lifespan of the foundation.

Can I Fit a Decorative Frame Around the 8Q or Use a Headboard?

The 8Q is designed to fit inside of decorative bed frames and works with wall-mounted or frame-mounted headboards. The only requirement is that the foundation legs contact the floor so the foundation is level and secure.

Headboards can be mounted directly to the 8Q if desired.

Does the 8Q Come Pre-Assembled?

No. Assembly of the 8Q is required and it is recommended that two people who can lift in excess of 50 pounds are on hand to assist with the delivery and assembly process. The assembly itself is not particularly difficult.

What Other Features Does the Reverie 8Q Come With?

Reverie 8Q power foundation foldingThe 8Q comes with a frequency massage feature that gently targets any area of your body.

There are under-foundation mounted night-lights that can be switched on via remote or smartphone to avoid disturbing a partner.

The foundation legs can be adjusted to 3”, 5” and 8” lengths to fit personal preference and decorative bed frames.

The mattress is held securely in place with corner retainer bars. An alarm can be programmed to gradually raise your body up with a massage if desired, all completely programmable.

What Sizes Are Offered for the Reverie 8Q?

This platform comes in the standard US mattress sizes:

Twin XL – 38” x 80”
Full – 53” x 74”
Queen – 60” x 80”
King – 76” x 80”
Split King – each side measures 38” x 80”
Cal King – 72” x 84”
Split Cal King – each side measures 36” x 84”

How Much Does the 8Q Cost?

Prices vary according to the mattress size. As indication, the Queen size costs Out of stock! discounted.

What Kind of Warranty Does the Reverie 8Q Come With?

The 8Q comes with several different warranties. The first year is covered by a manufacturer’s full warranty, covering the parts and labor for any component that fails.

A limited 2nd and 3rd year warranty covers parts, but the consumer must pay for part of the labor and shipping.

After the 3rd year, components that fail besides defective steel parts are paid for by the consumer, along with shipping and labor.

However, the manufacturer does offer an extended 10 year warranty that covers all components for 10 years at manufacturer’s cost for the part, shipping and labor.

The extended 10 year warranty is purchased separately from the manufacturer at the time the foundation is purchased. It is highly recommended to purchase it for additional peace of mind.

As warranty terms can change from time to time, remember to have a look at the official website here before purchasing.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Reverie 8Q?

In conclusion, we believe the Reverie 8Q Power Foundation is a great platform that can sensibly improve the sleeping conditions of anybody, as long that a proper mattress is combined with it.

Here is a summary of our assessment:


  • Infinitely adjustable head, knee and foot positions for optimum comfort
  • Split foundations provide motion isolation and desired sleep position for each partner
  • High quality construction for quiet operation and longevity
  • Can be inserted in decorative frame or used with any headboard yet looks appealing all by itself
  • User friendly remote or smart phone app to control every aspect of the foundation for each person


  • Costs more than an average foundation
  • Mattress must be purchased separately
  • Warranty is limited
  • Assembly required

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Ted Wilson

Updated at October 1, 2019