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The Saatva Mattress is a very well rounded option for people looking for a premium mattress at an accessible price.


  • High-quality manufacturing at par with the best
  • Advantages of both innerspring and foam
  • Great price - Get Queen size for only $1,024 with our coupon code TED75


  • Heavy to move around

Comprehensive Saatva Mattress Review

The Saatva Mattress is produced by an upcoming leader in luxury coil mattresses using cutting edge technology to provide you with the best sleep of your life.

This is a premium mattress that would cost two to three times as much from other manufacturers, but Saatva prides itself on being affordable for all.

An Eco-Friendly, Luxury Mattress

Saatva mattresses are luxury mattresses built with a primary feature known as “coil on coil” construction.

There are two sets of individually wrapped coils that respond to body contour and tempered steel coils that prevent sagging over the long term.

The foam encased edge on Saatva mattresses provide more sleep surface than a typical memory foam mattress, and the plush Euro pillow top has more cushioning for greater comfort and a better look.

Saatva Mattress’ Firmness

Saatva mattresses are available in three different comfort levels: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm.

  • Plush Soft is for side sleepers that like to feel enveloped in their bed and often have trouble with their arms falling asleep before they do.
  • Luxury Firm is the same comfort level found in the finest hotels in the world, where side, stomach or back sleepers feel equally comforted. This is the perfect comfort level for couples with different sleep needs, or for people that currently find themselves constantly changing positions at night.
  • Firm is for sleepers who sleep on their back or stomach, and like to float on their mattress rather than sink into it.saatva firmness scale

Does it Provide Good Motion Isolation?

One of the best features of a Saatva mattress is that movement is extremely well isolated, practically to the point where the movement occurs.

When you change sleep positions, move around or get on or off the bed, the mattress will not move one bit.

A survey of Saatva mattress reviews makes it clear – customers are very happy with the motion isolation that Saatva mattresses provide.

This is thanks to the individually wrapped coils, which are completely isolated from every other coil and are suspended within the mattress in such a manner as to eliminate vibration.

This is a great feature for partners that have to deal with a light sleeper – even if one of you is tossing and turning, the other will be comfortable and undisturbed (and get to stay asleep).

Do Saatva Mattresses Sleep Hot?

No. A distinct advantage of Saatva’s coil construction mattress is that it allows for great air ventilation.

People who sleep lightly are frequently kept awake by hot mattresses, which is usually the case with memory foam mattresses.

Saatva has designed their mattress to provide excellent heat dissipation, along with an organic cotton backed cover that helps keep the mattress dry and cool.

Saatva Mattress Lifetime

saatva mattress label with american flag Saatva mattresses are constructed in the USA from the highest quality renewable and sustainable products available on the market.

The company estimates that the mattress with have a serviceable lifespan of 12 to 15 years, a figure that completely outpaces the competition by nearly double.

Compared to budget foam and spring mattresses, a Saatva mattress will last nearly three times as long while providing the same level of luxury performance.

Does it Smell When New?

When you take delivery of your Saatva mattress, there will be absolutely no smell.

The mattress does use memory foam, but it is made from a bio soy foam that quickly off-gasses during the manufacturing process.

This is a big step up from many memory foam mattresses which often come from the manufacturer rolled up and in an airtight package.

Memory foam takes days if not weeks to completely off-gas in a ventilated space, which is hard to get in an apartment or during the colder months.

With a Saatva mattress, once the foam is built into the mattress at Saatva’s factory, there is no smell at all.

This is great for people with allergies or for pregnant women, who frequently report heightened sensitivity to smells.

Saatva Mattress Layers

  • section of the saatva mattressThe top layer of the mattress (number 1 in the image) is a euro-style pillow top that are stuffed with the finest wadding material, and is about 2 inches thick. The pillow top is encased in an organic cotton cover that helps with ventilation and heat dissipation.
  • Below the pillow top is a layer of laminated memory foam to provide progressive levels of pressure relief, that targets stress and tension in the lower back (2)
  • The individually wrapped coils (3) are sandwiched between a foam casing for durability, sleep surface and added comfort (4).
  • Below the foam casing are the tempered steel coils that provide increased support and sag prevention (5).

How Big is the Saatva Mattress? Will it Fit in My Room?

There are six different mattress sizes available:

  • Twin – 38” x 75”
  • Twin – XL 38” x 80”
  • Full – 54” x 75”
  • Queen – 60” x 80”
  • King – 76” x 80”
  • Cal King – 72” x 84”

You can select from two different mattress thicknesses, 11.5” and 14.5” which, by the way, cost the same.

A choice of mattress thickness is offered for purely aesthetic reasons. For example, if you have a short headboard, it would look best to have the 11.5” mattress.

One great feature of Saatva mattresses is that the Queen and King mattress are offered also as split mattresses, so getting it through the door is never a problem.

The split feature of the mattress is purely for delivery and will not take away from the performance of the mattress, nor will you ever feel the split.

Does it Need a Foundation?

Saatva recommends that you use a foundation with its mattresses for maximum comfort, anti-sagging and durability.

They offer 4” and 8” foundations that can be purchased with the mattress, but you can use your existing box spring or foundation if it is in good condition, meaning it is sturdy and does not have any sag around or within the support area.

The added bonus is that if you decide to use your own box spring or foundation, Saatva might keep your warranty in place, something most other manufacturers do not allow.

Just make sure to read the warranty information below as there are some limitations.

May 2017 Update: Saatva just launched its own adjustable base called Lineal. You can read our Lineal review here.

Mattress Pads for the Saatva Mattress

The Saatva doesn’t need a mattress pad. The European pillow top should be enough for every individual’s comfort.

Adding an extra mattress pad is discouraged with Saatva mattresses – it can actually degrade the performance level of the mattress firmness selected.

The pillow top is an organic cotton knit top with 1.25” of super soft foam and Dacron, plus 3/4” of quilt fill fiber.

How do I Care for a this Mattress?

saatva is a great luxury mattress It is recommended that you rotate (not flip!) your Saatva mattress after six months of delivery and consequently once a year.

The mattress is handcrafted with high quality components that make it heavier than you might expect, so rotate the mattress with two people to prevent injuries to your back.

If the mattress should become soiled, use a small amount of antibacterial soap and a damp sponge with warm water. Never saturate the mattress with water.

To remove excess moisture use the drying feature of a steam vacuum if possible, or simply let it dry by itself.

Any Comfort Guarantee?

According to Saatva’s website:

From the day you receive your Saatva mattress, you will have 120 days to sleep on it before you decide to keep it or not. (120 day trial begins on date of delivery, not date of purchase).

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our mattress, we will come pick it up and refund all your money excluding the $99 transportation cost. There will be “absolutely” no restocking fees.

How is the Mattress Delivered?

Saatva now offers a free white glove delivery nationwide.

Other companies claim to offer this too, but Saatva goes the extra mile and removes your existing mattress (and foundation) and installs the new mattress in whichever room you want. All for free.

Saatva Mattress Warranty

If the mattress is defective because of workmanship or structural issues within the first 2 years of ownership, it will be replaced at no cost, including delivery.

If a defect is discovered between 3 and 15 years of ownership, it will repaired without cost.

You can also pay 25% of the purchase price to have it completely replaced if the mattress has less than 6 years remaining on the warranty.

According to the manufacturer, the warranty validity is guaranteed if you use a platform bed.

In fact, the warranty is void if the mattress is used on a metal frame with less than 4 legs, or even 6 legs and a center-line support for King and Queen sizes.

It’s important to remember this if you decide to retain your current mattress foundation.

Saatva Mattress Pricing

Saatva prides itself on offering the highest quality luxury mattress at the best price.

Their business model aims at cutting out the middleman to further reduce price to the end user, so the best place to purchase is the manufacturer’s website itself.

Currently, Saatva offers a discount of $75! Just use our code TED75 at checkout to get these special prices:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$749$674
Cal King:$1,499$1,424

The price is the same for both the 11.5” and 14.5” thick mattress versions (each provides the same level of comfort – it’s purely an aesthetic difference).

Saatva Mattress Review – Our Verdict

The Saatva Mattress is a very well rounded option for people looking for a premium mattress at an accessible price.

The positive feedback that we keep receiving made this mattress the winner of its category in our Best Mattress Guide 2019.

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Hi, I’m a 260 pounds man 6’2″ and side sleeper . Really need a new mattress and decided for the saatva, but not sure if I should go for Luxury Firm or Plush Soft because of the weight. I have problems on lower back. Please let me know. Thank you so much!


Over a 5 year period I have now had all 3 of their mattresses. I started with the luxury firm but woke up aching, went to the firm and was in serious pain, what I needed was the plush which I’ve had since last year. The thing is this…I’ve had 3 shoulder surgeries, a hip replaced and a knee replaced all by the time I was 55. You have got to be totally up front with the customer service people about your life, medical situations and sleeping habits. I recommend these beds for more that one reason: price; quality of construction; outstanding customer service (they took back the second bed, no questions asked, long after the warranty period and gave me an absurd discount on the last one); and I have owned TempurPedic, Simmons, Sealy and Sleep Number (which sucked beyond words). All of those other beds went back because NO ONE LISTENS! Tell the customer service people the real you and they WILL help you find what you need. I am 200 lbs. and a side sleeper for the most part, but with 3 rotator cuff surgeries, I must sleep on my back as well. Getting ready to by an adjustable frame!


I have a pinched nerve root at L5-S1 w/sciatica. My health is poor, so I spend A LOT of time in bed, asleep and awake. When I’m awake, I’m on my back, side, or propped up using laptop or reading. My current Sealy was bought January of 2001 and the springs are worn out. This mattress was meant to copy the Serta Beutyrest, which uses individually pocketed coils of thinner gauge. Those are comfy and countour to back, but wear out quick and don’t offer as much support. My back likes a medium-soft mattress so I’m in between a medium and a plush. I was thinking about getting a Sleep Number as Consumer Reports mentioned this month that 80% buyers liked them compared to 60% of buyers of innerspring coil mattresses. Surprised you didn’t like them, but I’ve never been on one. I thought the air pockets being adjustable would allow for a custom firmness and that those air pockets wouldn’t wear out like a spring. I’m liking the Amerisleep AS2 and the Saatva Luxury-Firm. Saatva does charge $99 to return the mattress. Saatva says their foam doesn’t outgas; did/do you smell your Saatva? Did you buy the 11″ or 14″ tall mattress? My assumption is the 14″ is preferred for comfort and construction and the 11″ for aethetics?


I TOTALLY agree about Sleep Number. What a horrible expensive mattress.


I need a new mattress, but not sure what type of firmness I should choose. I’m 135 pounds, 5’1 and back sleeper. And I have lower back pain. I’m using a memory foam mattress now. Any recommendation? Thanks.


I, was wondering if any hotels use the saatva mattress. Also I, live in a basement. There is about 8 or 9 steps down and not much area to turn so the stairs has a wall on each side. When buying a queen do I, need to buy the split. We we’re where we able to get a queen size 10 inch high beauty rest Shakespeare down the stairs into the room about 4 years ago. It was pretty difficult but it worked. I, act uh ally wanted the 14 inch bed but I’m now thinking it was tough getting that 10 inch bed through the door and luckily it was wrapped because it had to touch the ground and bend a bit to get in. I, really wish u could get the 14 inch. I, dont understand how a split works and you say that it can’t be felt? Will it compromise the middle I, can’t see or understand the concept if we even have to get a split. Will they bring 2 during delivery one regular one split incase they can’t fit get it in? I rather not have a split as anything it doesnt sound good. Also I, wish they could bring a 14 just incase it can fit through the door. I, think it was more about the ability to have to make such a sharp turn that made it difficult picture a regular staircase maybe 3. 5 feet wide and a wall on each side about the length of the mattress down .


Hi, Dave here. I bought a Saavta Luxury firm with the base about 4 years ago because of all of the great reviews. Liked it for about a month, then noticed it was starting to sag on the side where I slept. I rotated (not flipped) it. By the way, I weigh 185 lbs. It then started to sag out on the other side. Lived with it for about another three years and called the company. The nice man said so sorry, we will repair it for you, just send it back. Well, what am I supposed to sleep on while it is being”fixed”? He said for $400 we will send you a brand new one. I agreed, I chose the firm model hoping it wouldn’t sag out. Well, It began to sag immediately. I feel as if I am climbing or rolling out of a hole and up a hill if I go to the other side. I just have to wonder if all of these glowing reviews are fake, or how I could have gotten two defective mattresses in a row. I would not recommend Saavta to anyone.


I was not at all impressed with my saatva and am sending it back. Customer service has been great, they sent a topper and extended my trial period which was nice. But the mattress is way too firm and the topper foam was even firm. I ordered a plush soft, it feels like a medium firm, leaning more on the firm side. They told me it takes a while to break in. No, it’s just not as advertised, a mattress doesn’t take months to break in. I visited a mattress store and literally every mattress I tried was much softer than the saatva. I asked how long they were out on the floor thinking after a yr of being tested gave them the soft feel but the one I purchased was out 3 weeks and very soft. The saatva didn’t off gas or sleep hot but it’s definitely not the high quality that they claim it is and they are probably manipulating reviews.


How heavy are u if you dont mind me asking and are you alone? Hard is good in my opinion soft feels great but isn’t good for the spine so I’m going from a beauty rest plush to the luxury firm I, can’t have another mattress go sag on me after 3 years.


I guess this is where everyone that dislikes this mattress decided to post their bad review. This mattress has great reviews on all other sites! Pretty much all review sites have mixed reviews on any item. But on this site, about 99% of the reviews are bad. Umm, makes you wonder how authentic they really are. I would take all these opinions with a grain of salt!

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi James,

maybe we are the only ones posting all kind of reviews? Anyway, we think the Saatva is a great mattress and we also hear a lot of positive feedback. It is true that in most cases, people write a review when they are unhappy…


I’m really worried about the one review I, just read about a mattress sagging in a month. Then ge got the firmest one again . He weigh as much as ne and u have a girl who I, sleep with. I, can’t afford to get a mattress that’s going to sag after 120 days. Just bought a beauty rest Shakespeare luxury plush in may 2015. Over the last year I, noticed the sag on the side the sink when you sit Indian style to watch the news. I, rotated every 6 months. But you know they have no warranty really no I, found this to have great reviews both of us have back issues she likes soft I, live a bit firm, so I read this is going to be good for both of us. I, just dont understand his 2 mattresses can sink after a month and this site does seem to have more negative reviews then others but really I, feel people arent buying the right one. Also I, feel if you want to feel like you need such a soft bed go get the last bed I, purchased or a foam.


I’ve had my King Sattva mattress for a couple of years now. I love the way it help me sleep. I have crushed discs in my lower back and other back problems. But this mattress helps me rest and sleep. My husband has problems with pain as well and finds his back pain is better on this mattress and he says he sleeps better too. We got the Plush Firm King. I would recommend the Sattva mattress to anyone who has pain problems or back or shoulder pain issues.


Are there any reviews regarding the use of Lineal adjustable bases for the Saalva Mattress. How does it affect the mattress after several movements? Any comments at all.


I have had a Saatva luxury firm for 3 weeks now. It is a 100% improvement over my old mattress, a Simmons Beautyrest. I have back issues and have become quite heavy since my mobility has been compromised (about 8 months). I am about 80% satisfied but have some issues. I can find comfortable positions to fall asleep and actually dream again which I wasn’t doing on the old mattress, so that tells me I’m getting a good sleep now. I do feel more rested. The problem is, I don’t toss and turn anymore because I’m comfortable when I fall asleep, but when I wake I have some hip and or shoulder pain and stiffness. I have considered returning the mattress and trying Loom and Leaf, but don’t know if it’s the mattress or me. Any suggestions?


My suggestion to you is that the added weight in your body is causing the pains nothing is going to cure that except stretching yoga, returning to your old weight. You said yourself your dreaming your sleeping. Sleep is your body’s cure. I’ve been in a bad accident I, wake up in pain every day. But I, never start a say without my stretching. Do it in bed if u can. Get one of those shiatsu massagers on Amazon for 60 bucks you will thank me


It does require a break in period, in our case it never worked 100%. We talked to the Rep. on the phone they offered a foam topper to help with break in…Sorry we didn’t pay $2095 for a mattress that at best was 60% comfortable. We received our plush lux mattress after of few more weeks of less than 100% comfort, our 1st night we slept better than we had in many many weeks. We both recognize the break in period needs to be performed before excellent comfort…but our experience has been excellent since day one. Saatva has Excellent customer service. Good luck


I am taking the time to write a review on a few sites to possibly help someone else find the right mattress and also avoid the headache I went through. I slept for years on a comfortable and higher end (at the time) innerspring mattress, which lasted MUCH longer than it should have. When I realized it was no longer comfortable, I started researching and remembered the advertising I used to see in the NY Times about SAATVA, so started poking around trying to see what others were saying. After due diligence (I thought), I ordered the soft California King from SAATVA. When it was delivered, I was impressed by how pretty it looked and it had organic written on it (it is not organic), and I just wanted to love it. That didn’t happen. From the first night, I had problems. It was not soft at all, and in fact, was harder than my ancient old mattress I had gotten rid of for being so compressed and firm after too many years of use. I tried it for a few nights, then called SAATVA and they said it would take some time to break in. After some other calls and time, they offered to send out their foam topper, which they said solves the breaking-in problem for most customers, and which would solve the problem. I waited eagerly, anxiously, hoping it would, and when it came, it was, again, beautiful on the outside, and was absolutely useless to sleep on. After a couple of nights I cut it open to see what was inside it and to my absolute shock and horror, there was a piece of the CHEAPEST foam ever made and it looked like it had either been used before or was sun damaged and discolored. I called and got a supervisor on the line to tell them that I thought this was a risky move, sending out such a poor quality topper, which wasn’t memory foam (they informed me they hadn’t said it was), and if people did what I did and cut it open, they would have trouble believing there was anything of value or quality inside the SAATVA mattress itself. I had the most consuming desire to cut the mattress open with a knife to actually see what was in THERE, but I didn’t. I kept on trying to make the mattress work. I bought a cover from Slumbercloud (EXCELLENT) and tried a memory foam topper I purchased (not dense enough and didn’t help), and on some nights I would find myself lying in bed thinking for a moment “this isn’t so bad” but on most other times, waking up over and over again throughout the night, I would lie there feeling like I was sleeping on a cardboard box with a cheap slab of foam and some nice fabric over it. In the end, I tried and tried, but had to return it, despite not wanting to be without a mattress and forced to go through the search process again, and possibly with the same poor results again. So here’s where the story gets good. After spending SO many more nights and hours doing research I went with a Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress (they sell more mattresses than any other company in the world), without a pillow top. I then ordered a high quality high density 3″ memory foam topper (6-8 pounds is probably ideal for a side sleeper and do your research as memory foam toppers are NOT ALL EQUAL), covered it all with the Slumber Cloud cover which repels water and also has new technology and feels cool, and that first night I climbed up into the new bed, I was so absolutely amazed and shocked about how wonderful it is, I started worrying it wouldn’t last, and knocked wood every time I thought about it, and just kept thinking it was too good to be true, but night after night it just kept getting better. It is so perfect! And I have back, neck, and arm problems, and with the SAATVA it felt like my arms were getting pinched off when I was on my side at night, but with this beautiful arrangement, it feels like I have gone to heaven and get to continue to go there every night to sleep. The times I wake up in the night have dropped DRAMATICALLY. If I had to do a side-by-side comparison of the two mattresses, it would be like sleeping on the ground vs. sleeping on a cloud, almost. I think almost anyone who tried the two beds would feel the same. Serta mattresses can be found at very good prices (much cheaper than SAATVA), and while the topper is expensive ($400-$500), I am still in less money on this complete bed arrangement. I read, and now believe, it is best not to get the pillow top on a mattress but to choose the one for your body and add it, as I did, for a couple of reasons. Pillow-tops wear out faster, and the good quality dense foam covers last a long time. Serta Perfect Sleepers come in innerspring styles that can be flipped or not flipped. I have read those you can flip tend to last longer. I read so many reviews before I bought my SAATVA, and I have no affiliation with Serta or any mattress company, but I do wish I could have gotten this information before I went through months of trying to sleep on the SAATVA which, although their softest model, did not conform to my body or support me in any way. SAATVA has excellent customer service people. They are obviously well-trained, and they do stand behind their warranty and trial period. That said, getting rid of a mattress and going through all of this is unpleasant to say the least (I even had one interim mattress between the SAATVA and the Serta, another miss) so I am genuinely hoping my input here can help another mattress shopper. Serta Perfect Sleeper no pillow-top, firmer, 3″ 6-8lb memory foam topper, and the Slumber Cloud mattress cover over both. Maybe a little more work at the outset, but once it’s in place, it will pay you back in dividends every night. Good luck and great sleep 🙂 🙂


Thank you for the time you spent writing this. This was so helpful to me.


Omg I felt the same way about their plush soft and their topper! Not as advertised at all!


Which Serta Perfect Sleeper did you purchase? Thanks!!


My wife and I researched many mattresses online before deciding to purchase the Saatva mattress in the plush soft. Ordering was very easy and the new mattress was delivered ontime and set up for us, very good service.

Unfortunately the mattress was very hard/firm and we didn’t like it at all even the first night. We expected a SOFT pillow top based on its description online, not at all as described.

I called Saatva the next day and expressed my displeasure with the comfort level of the “Plush Soft” mattress, it was anything but soft. The person on the phone offered to send me a $400 memory foam topper to help us get used to the new mattress, this wasn’t acceptable to us. We ended up getting a full refund minus the transportation fee and the mattress was picked up within a couple of weeks.

Needless to say we were disappointed with the Saatva mattress, it appeared to be highly rated with many good reviews. The mattress looks like a quality product on the outside, I noticed it was manufactured by a local mattress company based on the information on the tag, not built by Saatva. Learned my lesson, went to a big box retailer and found a comfortable mattress at a good price……


Their plush soft is not at all soft. And the topper which I tried is cheap firm foam. I’m returning mine.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Mark,

thanks for sharing. Firmness is always a subjective matter, so it takes a bit of luck too.


Stacey, I’ve had my new Saatva mattress now for 49 days and there is still a strong smell to it. Why did you say that there’s no smell to their mattresses?


I had the same problem with a Saatva I purchased and finally returned the mattress. The smell is very strong, and it lingered for 5 days after the mattress was gone from the house. Thank you for bringing this up on this site. I would not recommend this for anyone who is sensitive to odors, and I don’t understand all the reviews that say it is odor free. It isn’t.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Jeanne,

that’s very odd (never heard before) and you should immediately return the mattress for a new one. There must be some sort of defect.

Steven Alexander

Been through $7k in mattresses in 9 yrs. Started with Tempurpedic Cloud (soft, stinky, sagged all over, expensive), then a Sealy Kelburn from Mattress Firm. After 2 yrs, terrible back, Mattress Firm no longer sells them. Gave me Sealys number, after a day of taking the bed apart, they have to see frame, box springs, mattress. Like 10 photos and they want all photos together not to exceed 2 mb. Each photo from my cell phone is almost 3 mb. Spent hours, they said normal wear, warranty denied. Back to research this time researching customer service. I ordered the Saatva in the hopes if a refund or replacement if it’s bad. I haven’t seen a company with better rated customer service


How do you like the mattress?


I wish I did more research on Saatva nothing but glowing remarks on the internet. After I received it, the mattress was hard and never really broken into. I called customer service that were great said they were sending me a free mattress topper. Well that never help. Finally a another year in. I told them I want a refund my back is killing me. So they said they were going to replace it with another one. I said no I want a refund.

Finally I told them I would take the Plush Soft. It’s still hard, on top that I had to take the lost on warranty. Anyway to screw the customer. I would not recommend this company to anyone.


I am seeking feedback from anyone with scoliosis..after much research online for new mattress ( i am petite, 98 lbs, with scoliosis, side sleeper) I had decided on loom and leaf- however upon talking with rep about my situation, she advised Saatva (same company) Soft Plush would be much better choice, with coils and foam vs only foam with L&L- i got Soft Plush in early Dec- much firmer than i anticipated, was glad i didn’t get “med firm”- after a month, i just couldn’t get comfortable each night, so i called them- rep said just need to break it in more, and they sent me the free memory foam topper as well- helps quite a bit, but still not totally comfortable each night, and not at all sure i made the right choice, as others have said, why did i pay so much and ended up needing a topper, and months to break it in????…they added 90 days onto the 120 days for trial, so i still have a few months to decide…not sure if i should try the foam L & L, or try another brand completely?? Any suggestions from anyone with scoliosis appreciated, thanks!


Just purchased the same Saatva, only a week ago. Soft plush and I had the exact reaction you had; so far they said to break it in and they are sending me a topper. I am wondering as you are as to whether to try the Loom and Leaf bed?? Do you know anyone who has that one, and is it better than the Saatva?? Who knows?


Same happened with me, their topper is a cheap firm foam. Just send it back. I went to a brick and mortar and got a Beautyrest for less than what I paid for the saatva. Everything in that store was more comfortable than the saatva. Send it back before your trial expires.


Send it back. Get a Serta Perfect Sleeper without pillow top, innerspring, firm, and then get a 3″ foam topper with density of 6-8 pounds, and look for the best quality. I then covered mine with a Slumber Cloud cover which has cooling technology. If you are anything like me, you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE the feeling. I sent my SAATVA back and got the Serta and memory foam, and I am here because I felt so helpless trying to find the right bed, and now have found it and hope to help someone else. Serta perfect sleepers can be found at very competitive prices. The memory foam topper will be $400-$500 (and make sure it is great quality and high density), and you will still be in less money than the SAATVA but with a bed I doubt you will ever want to leave. Hope this helps.


We bought 2 XL twins 4 years ago next month, April 2014 (I am looking at the receipt). I weigh 106 lbs and use the Luxury Firm. Husband weighs 240 lbs and uses the Firm. They are pushed together. I would not recommend this. Both have indents in them, so bad they are uncomfortable, even the firm! The Luxury firm is too hot in the summer, but the firm is cool because you do not sink into it. These were comfortable for one year and it has been a downhill slide since. I would never buy a mattress from them again. If they cannot support someone who weighs 106 lbs and get an indent after 1 year, what good are they? We will do our research at a mattress store next time instead of buying online.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Michael,

if the indents are that bad, you should make a warranty claim.


We’ve had our Saatva ONE day and it’s the hardest mattress we’ve ever, ever experienced. They’re saying we need to give it up to 4 weeks to “break in” but I don’t think we’ll be able to give it that long. Praying it softens quickly, otherwise it’s going to have to back. I’m just sick over this, especially after waiting so long for it.

PS – it also came with grease stains on the back that we took photos of and the delivery company didn’t even report it back to the company.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Renee,

you should send it back for both reasons.


After reading all these reviews, I am extremely confused. I am afraid of putting a lot of money into mattress and not being happy with it. I am purchasing a new mattress because I have been having back pain with my current mattress. It sounds like the luxury firm may be to hard for me.

I don’t know what I should be buying!


I’m with Ginger, talk to a rep, give them your body stats, preference for sleeping position and an overall physical health picture then let them help you decide. I haven’t needed to use the warranty but it sounds easy enough if you are not satisfied. I get all the hesitation and frustration people post about buying on line, warranty’s etc, I felt the same way, but am glad I purchased from this company.


I am not impressed with the delivery side of things with Saatva.

Apparently a 3rd party delivery company sends emails to arrange delivery.

After the fact I checked my spam box and found emails from them. The message directs you to call a phone number. The following day another email arrived thanking me for confirming delivery for XX/XX. I did not respond to confirm delivery as I did not see the email. Three days prior to XX/XX I get a call from the driver. He left a message stating that he was at my home for delivery. So not only did I not confirm delivery as I never saw the email, the driver arrived three days before the phantom confirmation day. This was while I was out of town.

Later that week I was in touch with Saatva and they stated that my delivery would be later that afternoon – again while I was out of town. I informed them of the multiple errors. They directed me to call the third party delivery company.

Upon calling the third party delivery company, I was given a semi run around. I felt the agent was trying to do his best. But this is the company that just sends emails and confirms deliveries without confirming with the customer. They directed me to contact another delivery company that is handling the actual delivery. Contacting this local delivery company, I only get voice mail and no return call.

Perhaps I am the only one with this issue as it does not seem to be a problem with others. I guess if you are saving compared to the Main Street retailers, this is to be expected.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Bob,

thanks for the feedback. We haven’t heard of delivery issues before, so it’s probably been a one-off issue with the delivery company (heard with other brands before). Please let us know how it ended!


I received my Saatva firm queen size mattress early July. Prior to my purchase, I spent weeks researching on line sites, local retailers, large box stores and invested much time on consumer reports, Better Business Bureau and other helpful product review sites.

My last two mattress were Sterns & Foster and Simmons Beauty Rest (respectively) each lasted 4-5 years before becoming “hammocked” and unbearably soft.

This was my first online purchase, I did not need the staff assistance (since I had done so much research), the ordering process was easy and the product arrived sooner than stated which was nice. Delivery and set up were professional and efficient.

This is my 6 month review: Remains very firm, (if you do not like very firm, order the luxury firm), excellent motion isolation, (we are both 6 foot tall, 170# and 190#), the adjustable base operation is quiet and a good fit for us, we don’t use it that much but it is nice to have the zero gravity option. Overall, this mattress is of high quality, the price was $2000 cheaper than a purchase I nearly made at Mattress Firm and the warranty one of the best on the market….hopefully I won’t need it. I would highly recommend this company and mattress. I plan on doing another review at one year.


Hmm, I’m on my third mattress from Saatva and have had sever back pain with the first two. It appears that Saatva is manipulating reviews, as you have to dig deep to find the truth. Needless to say I’m not optimistic about the third one they are sending. The quality is very poor!


Then why do you keep replacing it?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Matt,

just out of curiosity, why do you insist with Saatva if you are disappointed? There are many other valid brands around.


I was told my mattress was past the 120 trial period, and a refund wasn’t possible. Believe me, I’d take the refund!!!


Matt, I’m just reading reviews, hoping to pull some helpful info so I can make a judgement call before I make a purchase. If you’re going to write such a negative review, and make a serious accusation – saying that Saatva is skewing reviews, maybe you should consider providing some details. Saying you have had severe back pain from your first two mattresses and needing to dig deep to find the truth… Well, what’s the truth? What did you find in your review search that revealed this negative information? Tell us why the quality is poor. Otherwise I’m inclined to believe you kept the mattress longer than the 120 day allotment then wanted your money back. You also acted as if you weren’t aware you were over your 120 days. Sorry bud, but that’s on you. It’s not Saatva’s fault if you didn’t keep track of that. I’m not saying you’re review is inaccurate. It’s just hard to believe because you gave nearly zero reason why you gave such a negative review.


Purchased a high dollar memory foam King Size mattress and wife and I both hated it from day one. Did a lot of research and decided to purchase Saatva Luxury Firm. Delivered, set up, and old mattress removed as scheduled. Although we had a 120 day sleep trial on this mattress, after the very first night, we knew this mattress was a keeper. Absolutely love it. Been about 30 days now and don’t want to get out of bed.


Would you say that the memory foam is more firm than the Saatva, the softest one? I purchased the Saatva soft one, only have it a week. They are sending me a topper, and it seems pretty good, although a little hard. Hoping to hear more.


We are on our second Saatva Luxury Firm mattress (King). Called for a replacement due to excessive sagging and the huge hump in the middle within the 2 years for the first one. The second is showing the same signs and i will be calling again. I weigh 235 and my wife 150. Prior to the sagging the mattress was very comfortable and gradually hammocked. I guess I will be getting a new mattress every 2 years until I find another brand that holds up. Suggestions are appreciated.


Me too!

I think the problem is with King size mattresses. Our first Saatva was the Luxury Firm. Eventually, it hammocked so much that I felt like I had to roll up and out of the hole to slide over to my husband’s side.

For a charge of about $400, they replaced it with an extra-firm. At first, it seemed better, altho I could feel a strip of higher, firmer mattress down the line between my half of the bed and the other half right from the start. The hammocking effect seems to be increasing.

This is getting to be a very expensive way to save money on a mattress. I’m not happy.


Vicki- I am curious if your extra firm also went back to Saatva. We also returned the king luxury firm due to the hammocking and now have the extra firm. I am having hip pain for the first time in my life. I’m about 130 lbs. and husband is 220. I am pretty sure we will have this one picked up too. It seems way to spongy for an extra firm.


Does the Saatva mattress contain flame retardency chemicals? Since it is made here in the US I assume the company is required by law to include them in the mattress. Also, if so, where is the location of the flame retardant in the mattress?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Terrie,

no, Saatva uses a plant based fiber mesh as retardant and no chemicals.


My queen mattress arrived 8/14/17. Since I have been sleeping on my new mattress my lower back pain has flared up more than it has in years. I contacted the Saatva company yesterday, 9/7/17 and advised them regarding my concerns. According to the customer service rep I need to give the mattress more time to “break in” and that I have 120 days to make a decision to return. I don’t think I can sleep on this for 120 days. Is it possible that the mattress I purchased is flawed?

John Mulvihill

Nearly 40 per cent of Americans suffer from sleep discomfort related to lower back pain. The wrong mattress can make back pain worse, but usually it is not the cause of the pain. Adult back pain, aside from injury, usually has one (or both) of two causes: obesity, which puts enormous strain on the back; and weakness of the core musculature, which nature intended to provide a “girdle” that keeps the spine from sagging and inflaming its connective tissues.

We know that obesity and excess weight afflict two-thirds of American adults. Belly fat in particular exerts huge pressure on the lower back, tending to distort its natural supportive curve.

Now consider how many Americans faithfully dedicate themselves to a daily routine of stretch and strength exercises to firm up their core muscles and optimise the flexibility of the connective tissues in that region. One percent of the population, perhaps? And chances are, people who set aside those fifteen minutes of exercises daily also watch what they eat and are less likely to be overweight.

You won’t find many slim, fit Americans from any age or income group writing letters of dissatisfaction to their mattress companies. Chances are the ones who complain had back problems long before they bought the mattress they foolishly expected to provide some kind of magic cure, and that the next one they try will do no better.

And this is a large part of the reason the purchase of a mattress is such fraught decision for so many. People are engaged in what psychologists call magical thinking: By investing thousands, they will have earned the right to expect relief from one of the most painful consequences of decades of sedentary living and bad diet.

People need to take responsibility for the aspects of their health they can control, and back pain is almost always a preventable condition. But Americans began the 20th century as a self-sufficient, agrarian culture whose lifestyle included hard physical labor, from home-making before electric appliances to hard work in the fields. As the consumer culture took hold, labor-saving appliances transformed home-making, and heavy machinery took most of the toil out of farming. That generation’s children left the farm and took up sedentary office jobs, while continuing to eat the large portions of rich food they grew up on. Calorie-laden fast food only made the situation worse. As a result, by the end decades of the 20th century, obesity was the norm and the natural exercise that is a byproduct of hard physical work all but disappeared. That led to an epidemic of back problems, among many other ailments. For the first time, Americans were not living as long as their parents, and were falling ill with diseases like type 2 diabetes, which was almost unheard of a few decades before.

Like the good consumers they are, today’s Americans think they can buy their way out of their back pain through the purchase of an expensive product, the luxury mattress. And goodness knows, the manufacturers have applied every conceivable technology to meet their customers’ meeds. But they are not miracle workers.

No mattress, massage, surgery, chiropractic technique, or “natural supplement” can undo the damage of an unhealthy lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope. The good news is that a sensible (and enjoyable) diet and moderate exercise that can be done at home without special equipment over only 15 minutes a day can within a few months restore the body’s strength and proportions and completely cure that sore back — along with related ailments like hip bursitis. (People are having surgery for hip bursitis, a condition that in most cases can be completely cured by a few weeks of stretching. This is an example of how people try to “medicalize” their way out of the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. Too many caregivers who know better encourage this approach for obvious reasons.)

Nearly all of us have a choice about how we live if we set our minds to it. The point of my comment here, after reading about so many back complaints, is that before you blame your aches and pains on the company that sold you your most recent mattress, you should take a long, hard look in the mirror. And be brutally honest with yourself. Your sore back could be doing you a favor, sending up a little red flag when your heart is unable to give you the bad news until it’s too late.

And the bad news isn’t all bad. Our bodies have a tremendous capacity to adapt, and for most of us the harm of unhealthy living can be undone.

As many of us transitioned from the abundant energy of youth to the pressures and physical constraints of making our way in the adult world, we gradually replaced our teenage strength and suppleness with the sharply reduced energy attributed (wrongly) to middle age. The result is an increasing reluctance to do almost anything physical, like walk hundred feet from our parked car to the shopping mall’s entrance. Instead, we circle for 20 minutes until a closer-by parking spot opens up. This inactivity results in the atrophy of our muscle and connective tissue. The effect on our state of mind is unavoidably negative. Over time our thinking gets cloudy, our temper short, and our mood progressively more sour. Age is not the culprit.

In the first couple of weeks of a lifestyle change — which can be undertaken by any basically healthy person whether in their 20s or their 70s — a near-spiritual awakening often takes place. As the individual rediscovers the taste of fresh, nutritious food, and experiences the rewards of a lighter, stronger, more limber body, the decades fall away and what they thought was gone forever, the vitality associated with youth, makes its dramatic return. The person then realizes that vitality could have been theirs throughout their adult life, and vows to never give it up again.

As transformational as that sounds, because it is, the process of regaining a lithe and resilient body is well documented and achievable without spending large amounts of time or money. Becoming a new you by way of moderate diet and exercise is far more likely to cure your lower back problem than the most expensive mattress on the planet. And that’s just the beginning. When you, literally, feel like your old self again, anything is possible.

So go ahead. Reward yourself with that new mattress, but this time for the right reason: attaining the supreme luxury of a restful night’s sleep, and the invigoration you experience when you get up in the morning, feeling great and ready to take on the world. No chiropractors today, thank you!


Which mattress type did you order? firm, comfort firm or plush? I have back pain and am worried about the same situation.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Lynette,

sorry to hear about that. Saatva is a very serious company and I’m sure they’ll listen to you. No need to ruin your back trying to break it in!


I purchased a new mattresses over Labor Day weekend, and being the extreme researcher that I am, I spent many hours in advance exploring all of my options. I considered Saatva (and their other brands), along with other highly rated online options. I also considered buying from Sam’s Club (who carries several Serta options), as well as local mattress stores.

When I first started my research, I wasn’t sure what I wanted, as mattresses options have changed dramatically in the last 15 years. I found most of the online reviewers recommending memory foam style mattresses, but user reviews of them were all over the place.

Saatva had such good reviews that it was a very enticing option, but I noticed that the majority of the reviews I found were posted on Saatva’s own website (which they can obviously control). I also read that it has been reported, they offer cash in exchange for reviewers to take down or change negative reviews.

Ultimately, I decided that seeing, touching, feeling, trying, before buying was the way to go.

I know, shopping for a mattress can be a less than pleasant experience, but we found a local mattress store that was awesome. We were able to try every option (memory foam, latex, innerspring, pocket coil, hybrid, pillow tops, firm, plush, adjustable, etc…), and found several options (starting at about $1000) that both my wife and I liked.

We settled on a king size Simmons Beautyrest Platinum Luxury Firm, with box springs, delivery and haul-away of old mattresses for a few dollars less than what the same would cost from Saatva, and I was able to try it, and compare with others before purchasing. Also, Beautyrest (and most others) offers a similar in home trial.

The savings that Saatva claims is based on retail prices of the most premium products. While mattress companies retail prices are very high, NO ONE ACTUALLY PAYS RETAIL.

My advice is, anytime you’re spending this much money on such a large item (not easily returned), make sure you know exactly what your getting.

John Mulvihill

“I also read that it has been reported, they offer cash in exchange for reviewers to take down or change negative reviews.” Your convoluted wording bespeaks an irresponsible allegation: that this manufacturer is guilty of bribery. Unless you have first-hand knowledge, or documentation from a respected, citable source, making such an inflammatory charge says more about your veracity than about the manufacturer’s.


Beware of the Simmons Beautyrest. Worst mattress ever and paid over $3000 for the King. Now in year 3 and waking up with neck and shoulder pain since the mattress sags and sinks in the middle. The sinking and sagging is awful and Sleepy’s ( Mattress Firm) has been no help since this all started after a year. Purchasing the Saatva.


My Simmons worked for about 2 years. Developed such a sag in the middle it was like a hammock.


I ordered a Luxury Firm and it killed me. I even ended up on the couch one night. After a two weeks it got slightly more bearable, breaking in, like they told me when I called them, (why should you have to break in a mattress?). I called again and they offered to send me a mattress topper, free of charge. Since putting that on, even though it has added 2″ to the mattress height, making it too fat for all my fitted sheets, I have slept like a baby. I went from hating my mattress to loving it! I wonder if I should have ordered the Soft, but I’m happy with what I have now. The customer service was prompt and friendly. I would recommend Saatva, just know its a much firmer mattress than expected.


I had the exact same experience and once the topper was delivered the mattress was just pure heaven. I have a bad back and after sleeping on a Saatva for over a year, I have to say, I wake up without any back pain. I have never had sales people be so accommodating and so easy to deal with as those saatva reps.


Hi Stacey,

I kind of wish I had found your website before ordering my Saavta bed just last week. Although I have not yet received it, I have to admit I am almost afraid of what my experience is going to be. There is part of me thinking that maybe I should cancel my order before I even get my bed! I have had the same bed for 34 years! Yes, that’s right…34 years! It was only last year I decided it was no longer comfortable. I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true! I am a researcher by nature, and have spent hours researching beds. After much trepidation, I decided to finally order the Saavta (after reading mostly outstanding reviews of course). Now I have to say, I am honestly considering cancelling my order before the bed even arrives! Am I crazy lol



I had my last mattress for almost the same amount of time! Over 30 years. It was amazing. I sent my SAATVA back. I tried and tried to like it, but never could. I ended up with a, firm, no pillow-top, a high-quality memory foam mattress pad, 3″ and high density (between 6 and 8 pounds, I believe, but this part will be a personal preference, but don’t go with the cheap versions), and I bought a Slumber Cloud cover which has cool technology to go over them. I am finally sleeping on a cloud. It is the best feeling ever. Good luck.


Hi, I had the same thoughts…Should I cancel my order?! A few bad reviews can definitely shake confidence.

Can you share an update as to how you have found it? We received our king LF today and looking forward to sleeping tonight. Hope you have had a good experience with yours.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Holly,

by now the mattress must have arrived. How is it? I hope it didn’t disappoint!


I, too, purchased a Saatva Luxury Firm after weeks of research. The reviews, at Saatva, at Google, etc. are glowing. 1000s of reviewers each month claim this to be the best mattress, ever. So I bought it and … it is the.most.uncomfortable mattress I have ever purchased. The first night, I could not get comfortable or sleep. After the second night, my body was achy and sore. After the third night, I had significant lower back pain which interfered with my next day’s activities.

In comparison with the positive reviews, there are very few negative reviews, but when you read them, they all have similar complaints. One reviewer called the mattress “lumpy”. Another said it felt like “your grandmother’s old mattress”. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Have you ever slept on an old sofa bed? The kind that pulls out, unfolds, has the thin mattress, and the bar in the middle? The mattress is old and lumpy, and you feel those lumps and that bar in the middle of your back all night? That’s EXACTLY what the Saatva feels like. The mattress is so hard is makes the “tufted” sections feel like lumps, and the “lumbar support” section feels like that old sofa bed bar in the middle of your back. It was SO awful. I truly do not understand the 1000s of glowing reviews for the Saatva. Maybe people feel nostalgic for the feeling of sleeping on Grandma’s old sofa bed? I’m beginning to wonder if the number of monthly reviews actually matches the number of monthly sales, or if Saatva has employees to write many of the glowing reviews.

I called Saatva to return the mattress. Having read reviews about other experiences, I was prepared.

The first thing they did was to tell me to give it time, “We recommend our customers sleep on it for several months and give it time to loosen up.” I couldn’t walk after trying to sleep on this mattress, it was not possible to “give it time”. Besides, I shouldn’t have to “wait” for my mattress to “feel right”.

The second thing they did was offer me a topper. I honestly don’t think anyone should have to “make do” with a topper in order to make a brand new mattress “work”. That’s ridiculous.

The third thing they did was offer me a partial refund to keep the mattress and put it in a guest room. The customer service representative said, “No pressure, but it’s going to cost us a couple of hundred dollars to pick it up, so we’ll give you “x” dollars to keep it.” (I honestly cannot remember how much they offered). I thought this was interesting, because I really couldn’t see how giving me a partial refund is any different than paying the shipping company, but I guess that allows the Saatva statistics to look better since, if I took the money, the mattress would still be in my home.

After I declined all their offers (I needed my money for a new mattress) Saatva did issue an immediate refund. I paid by PayPal and my money was back in my PayPal account by the time I hung up the phone.

Just an FYI, after my Saatva experience, I went to the mattress store and lay on all the beds. I purchased a Simmons Beautyrest Silver Luxury Firm. It cost $963.00 with tax and is very, very comfortable. I wish I’d gone to the mattress store in the first place.


I can verify, I had the EXACT same experience with Saatva!


How do readers know if you sell Simmons Beauty Rest mattresses and this is your way of swaying consumers to skip the Saatva mattress? This is what I don’t like about websites and reviews. It’s so confusing to make sense of extremely good reviews and terrible reviews like your own. I don’t think I will buy a mattress through a website at this time 🙁


You have a valid point. How can we believe any review we read? It’s hard to know what is true or false. I posted with my real first and last name and I’m a teacher in Texas. I don’t work for and am not affiliated with any mattress company. I posted my real, personal story and I posted what I purchased because … that’s what I purchased. Not trying to “sell” what I purchased to anyone else, just sharing what work for me in the hopes of helping someone else through the nightmare of trying to find the “right” mattress.


I know. It was so confusing for me, too. I sent my SAATVA back, and ended up with a Serta Perfect Sleeper, firm, no pillow-top, and a high-quality 3″ 6-8 lb density memory foam topper (must be high quality and right density, and this will be somewhat personal, but stay away from those doughy versions) covered by the Slumber Cloud cover which sleeps cool. It was a LONG HARD HAUL, but now I cannot believe how great my bed is, and that’s why I’m here. I don’t work for any mattress company, have no affiliation, but did so much research before only to fail so miserably, so am trying to give an honest answer to others who are going through the same process.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Cary,

thanks for the feedback.


My boyfriend and I decided to buy a new mattress since our old one was killing us. We considered Temperpedic, Casper, original mattress factory serenity but the L&L beat all of them!

I love the color, how firm is, and the fact they were organic and my boyfriend love the memory foam. We both love the price!! We saved 400 bucks compared to the one we almost buy from Original mattress factory ‘Serenity’.

The motion transfer is almost inexistence, the mattress doesn’t shake our move while rolling around. The mattress is very breathable and not hot like other memory foam mattresses.

I totally love the service, very attentive and informative.

We being sleeping in our awesome L&L firm mattress for a month now. We wake up very well rest, no back pain and happy.

We totally recommend it. It’s a very good investment.

nicole zangrilli

What is an L and L? Be more specific please. Thanks and have a great day, albeit hot one.


Stacey Morgan – STAFF

It’s the Loom & Leaf mattress.


I recently purchased a Saatva mattress and was told by the company that I can place the mattress on a platform bed with slats less then 4 inches apart. Would this void the warranty? This was the information provided by the company to me.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Tracie,

that’s what they claim, so no worries about the warranty. And by the way, usually established mattress companies are not that sneaky…


Thank you for the quick reply Stacey. If I notice problems outside the trial period…is Saatva pretty responsive to customer needs and tries to provide options for mattress replacement?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

From what we hear they are quite responsive. Unfortunately, with virtually all brands there are a few cases where something went wrong, but with Saatva the vast majority of the feedback is very positive.


We are debating between the Luxury Firm and Firm. Told by Saatva that Beautyrest Black Series Desiree Luxury Firm might be closest to feel of it and Katarina Luxury Firm ( only w Pillow Top no other version) closest to Saatva Firm. But actually the Desiree felt firmer and was designated firmer than the Katarina…because of pillow top perhaps? One of us is @145#, 5’7″ and side/stomach sleeper ( thus need for firmer support so lower back isn’t caving in); the other 190#s, 6’1′- side and back sleeper. Suggestion??

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Corey,

I’d go with the Luxury Firm.


Hi there,

What mattress protector do you suggest with the Saatva luxury-firm king we just purchased? We live in Florida and sleep hot.

Thank you!

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Fran,

from what we hear the SleepTite IceTech by Malouf is quite good.


I recently purchased a new tempur-pedic foundation. For my king size mattress hoping that would help revivie it. Didn’t work. I will be purchasing the Saavta Luxury Firm King. Any issues putting it on the new tempur-pedic foundation?


Get the saatva plush. It has no pressure on your butt . Luxury firm, it is kinda hard on your butt!

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Bill,

although we don’t have direct experience with the Tempur-Pedic foundation, I think it’s safe to assume it will be fine. It’s designed to support memory foam mattresses, so it must be rigid enough to let the Saatva mattress do its job. Let us know!


I know the Aviya mattress (innerspring too, that’s what I ended up buying, and I love it!), can be used with an adjustable base. I think the difference is, Saatva uses two layers of springs instead of one full height set of springs. Maybe two layers of springs makes it tougher to be bent and adjusted?


Can u use a SERTA basic adjustable. Not the bells and whistles that the Saavta adjustable comes with. Only need head and feet. . The mattress basically sits on top.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Robin,

the new Saatva series works with adjustable bases, so I think it should be fine.


Dear Stacy, I have purchased the Saatva Queen soft bed. Have it one week. They are sending me a topper, but I really want to know if the L & L would be better for my sensitive hip? What do you think? Don’t think getting used to it is the answer either. So far, my hip hurts a bit. Waiting for a reply.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Terri,

if you aren’t 100% convinced just return the mattress with no strings attached. The L&L might be better, but if you get that in exchange of the Saatva, make sure you’ll still have to option of a full refund.


Hi Stacey Im confused about Your last statement that your SAAVTA mattress CANT be used with an adjustable base. I was on the phone today with Saavta because i too am very confused about the whole online and retail mattress business. I was told by the agent i spoke to Yanni that Saavta will be coming out with there own adjustable bed base in april and that if i did purchase it i could only use the 11.5″ mattress and not the 14.5″ so whats the real deal??

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Bill,

you are right. Until recently, that was the case but they made some changes and now the 11.5″ model is compatible with an adjustable base.


Can the Saatva matress be used with an adjustable bed base or would it create problems

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Jim,

only the 11.5″ version can be used with an adjustable base.


I have read both good and bad reviews! I don’t know what to think. I like what I read about Saavta Mattress and like the fact that I do not have to go to the typical mattress store and go thru all the motions that a sales person will put on me. My current mattress is a Symmons “Black” which I have had since 2007. It is time for me to think about a new mattress but am sooooo very confused after reading all the good and Bad reviews. It states that the King mattress is “split”??? how do the two mattress fit together. I am also concerned that the mattress is made in many locations. Does Saavta have a quality control department to control and police these different locations?



Were you happy with the Simmons Black? You stated you had it since 2007. I cannot find a mattress, a topper that doesn’t SINK o STINK! I cannot believe the chemicals on these beds! You are laying your face on products and hat are toxic!

They just don’t make beds like they used to. I had a great bed for 12 years…. it got wet from a small leak in the ceiling. If I knew then what I know now about mattresses made after 2002, I would have done something to keep that bed.

Mattress industry is a big joke.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi “Over it,”

more and more people are fed up with chemicals in mattresses (and everything else) and luckily there are an increasing number of companies offering certified products made with premium natural materials and in respect of the environment. Saatva is one of those.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with 2002, but many mattresses made before then had serious issues with chemicals, more than today. A notable example is Tempur, which is defending against a class action suit exactly for that reason.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Kenneth,

from what we see around, the number of negative reviews is tiny compared to the positive ones. We feel that the few bad experiences shared here, although surely frustrating, aren’t very common. Saatva has strong quality control procedures, but it might happen that something slips between the cracks. That’s why they offer a 120 nights trial period, so that you can have the last word. What we always recommend (for any brand) is to return the mattress during the free trial even if you have the slightest doubt.

King split is simply the split version of the standard King size, which they offer as well. If you don’t need to move the mattress around often, just get the regular King.


Keep Looking

Our Saatva was a bust. In less than 2 years deep cavities where we sleep.

The cavities are not just in the top part but seem to be in the spring system .

There is a huge hump down the middle if I want to get close to my honey I have to

climb out of a hole and then up a hill. They say they would replace it but we are not interested

in arriving at this same place in another year. They do not have their on factory. they contract with many

different ones. There seems to be no true quality control. So just because the outside says Saatva there

is no way to know if the guts are what you paid for.


This is what happened to my husband and me as well. We are just over one year marker and will be exchanging the mattress. I just hope the next one does not do the same thing!


Oh boy oh boy – here goes! I am a researcher at heart, on EVERYTHING. So, in the past couple months I embarked on a mattress research. I had slept on a couple mattresses at hotels and loved them and was considering buying them, but there was no return policy. I went into all the local stores and tested the mattresses. I liked all the ones that were incredibly expensive (we were looking for a innerspring/hybrid). I liked the Beautyrest Black Labels, which can go upwards of $10k! CRAZY! I read a tons of blogs, watched lots of review videos and decided that I wasn’t going to support a brick and mortar store, especially those that are on commission only. My experience in the mattress stores were worse than a used car lot (and I just bought a car a few weeks ago too). And different main brands have different names for each of their mattresses that are sold in each store. This makes cross-shopping and price comparison a complete pain in the butt. It got to the point, where when I was shopping in the stores that I couldn’t compare the model or name – I had to get a spec sheet and compare the coil count! So I decided on online retailers only. Then had to decide whether to go with a bed in a bag style or stay with an innerspring. After again, much research – I narrowed it down to 2 companies that sell innerspring mattresses online only. Keep in mind that both companies have full money back return policies, if it doesn’t work out 🙂 I was trying to decide between the Aviya Mattress and Saatva Mattress. I ordered the softest/plush Aviya mattress. Once I received it, it was just too firm for us. I literally slept in the other room for a few nights. They then sent out some free foam toppers to help, which it did, but not enough. They ask for you to try it for 30 days before deciding on it. I was fairly happy with it, but wished it was softer. In the meantime, my brother mentioned that he and his wife were looking to buy a Beautyrest Black Label hybrid but he was shocked at the price. I downloaded all my research information to him. He ordered the Saatva plush mattress a couple days later. I went over to his house to try his mattress out and he came to mine to try out my Aviya. Needless to say, I liked his better! So I returned the Aviya for a full refund and bought the Saatva! I have had the Saatva for 6 nights and I seriously can’t wait to go jump in bed, as I type! It’s soft, plush, tall and feels like I am jumping in a fluffy bed at a hotel 🙂 AND both of these options are at a fraction of the cost (as in cal king mattress only under $1400). We kept our box spring and reused them, as they were in great condition :)There is nothing to lose with a full money back 75-100 day trial period. I know it’s a little weird buying a mattress that you haven’t tried out, but honestly – can you really know you are making the right decision by laying on a mattress for 5 minutes in a store with the salesperson breathing over you and knowing those mattresses have been on the sales floor for months! I am very happy with our decision and hope to get many years out of it (previous mattress was a Simmons Beautyrest that was 15 yrs old!)

Deborah Triplett

So Jen, you love the Saatva plush? I’m getting ready to order the plush and don’t want it too firm. Thanks


What were the brand names of the hotel mattresses you like?


Hi Jen,

We just bought the Soft Plush Saavta mattress. It is very nice but still seems more firm than we would like. It doesn’t have that sinking down into softness feel like top soft hotel beds. Do you think they sent us the wrong mattress? Do you feel that the mattress envelops you at all?? Just curious because you and I did the same research and had the same results…except for how soft you felt it was. Your thoughts?




I am assuming the 14.5 high mattress will be proportionally heavier than the 11.5 ? You state that the Saatva mattress is heavy so, as I would prefer the higher one, the weight wouldn’t work for me. (A septuagenarian)especially as it needs to be rotated regularly.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Dorothy,

the 11.5 Queen weighs 110 lbs, while the 14.5 weighs 120 lbs. It’s not a light mattress for anybody to rotate, so it would be wise to get some help even for the thinner model.


Can I use the mattress on a platform bed without using the foundation?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Yes you can, as long as the platform is a flat surface.


I bought their best mattress after reading all these fantastic reviews and this is my experience. I have had the mattress and foundation for a bout 18 months. The order process is fast efficient and pleasant, so that gets an A for sure. Delivery is pretty quick and the staff was professional and took the old mattress to our guest room and it all went great.

The mattress, the claimed best mattress there is, is another story. They say it is inexpensive cause of the direct sale method and their $899 would be $2000 in stores. By that calculation, my $1699 king mattress with foundation and delivery would be close to $4000. Trust me, if I paid anything close to $4000 for this mattress, it will be returned in a week after a reasonable test . First , most all local mattress store delivery for free , just have to ask . Second, the mattress game is like airline tickets or jewelry, they are for ever on sale so $4000 is really $2500-3000 at best unless you have idiot written on your forehead! Now for the luxury feel, NOT there at is a ok mattress for $1600 at full retail and not a dime more or less, you can get this anytime any day anywhere at your local store and support the little guy working day and night in a store. So is it a better value cause they save you all that money by using direct internet sale method so they don’t pay store owner or salesmen? NOT at all! So in the end what do you get for buying blind without a test , in my experience, not a thing!!!! I can go to any local store, lay on a dozen mattresses and get a better fit to my preference for the same money. So let me warn you folks out there, there is no free lunch other than the illusion of one! only thing that is true is that selling mattress this way just makes the owner of saatva more money which is not the same as passing more value to you. When I use this for a few more year or find a relative that needs a new mattress, this will be gone in a heart beat and I will be at the local mattress store laying on this real $3000 mattress that will be on sale at every excuse of a Holliday for half off! I will be a lot more comfortable then!

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Yan,

thanks for sharing your point of view with us. I’m sorry you aren’t happy with your purchase and that you have changed your mind towards the entire online mattress industry.

However, many statistics speak quite strongly in favor of the new brands compared to the traditional ones, which are still charging elevated prices for mattresses designed 20 years ago.

In your position, I would consider other online mattresses and take really seriously their comfort guarantee: if I’m not perfectly happy at the end of the period (usually 3 months), just send it back. Like you would do with the $4000 mattress you mentioned.


Thinking of buying a Saatva mattress for a very small room. Trying to decide whether to buy a platform for it or use a Saatva foundation. Finding the right size platform has been giving me a problem – I would like the bed to be around 24″ high maximum. If I buy a foundation from Saatva I might put it directly on the floor but the problem is then how to cover the foundation.

Any recommendations on Platform manufactorers with low height dimensions or covers for the foundation? I would rather stay away from a skirt.


You could cover it with a fitted sheet that matches your decor, if it’s not too deep for that.

Priscilla Wessling

Do hotels use your matresses?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Priscilla,

Not that we know of, but you might ask them directly. Just to clarify, the Saatva mattress is not our mattress. We just write reviews and recommendations of the best mattresses on the market.


We just bought different bed (Alexander Hybrid) and are not happy with it because it’s really uncomfortable if you’re sitting up in bed, watching TV etc. Has anyone tried sitting up in the Saatva? How does it do? Thanks!


I am now on my 3rd Saatva mattress. I’ve had one of each comfort level. By way of explanation, at only 48 I had a knee replaced and since then a hip and 3 rotator cuff repairs (yes, falling apart). Started out with the luxury firm and after about a year I couldn’t take it any more and they recommended that I get the firm and gave it to me at a discount. Their customer service was outstanding. After about 100 nights I was in terrible pain and sleeping in the recliner. Again called customer service and the woman I spoke with was appalled that one of her reps would recommend a firm for someone with so many surgeries and repairs. They let me keep the other bed for spare room and said the only bed I should be considering is the soft which again they gave me for 24% of cost, about $300. I figured at that price it’s worth a try. I’ve had it for about 14 months now and do love it, though there are times my hip or lower back is already hurting from golfing or whatnot and I cannot sleep laying flat so I prop up on 2 pillows. I sit in this bed to read every Sat & Sun morning until about 10:00 and it is very comfortable. My next purchase is going to be the king split / adjustable soft as this one is a little tight for me and my 6’4″, 260 lbs. boyfriend. I also think the adjustable will be better for my back, hips & knees. I have had no bad experiences with this Company or it’s product. They have stood behind the warranty better than any company I have ever dealt with regardless of the product. Yes, the bed is a bit stiff at first touch, but broke in beautifully when the instructions were followed (rotate every week for the first 6). It is a very heavy mattress, but I think that also speaks well of it’s construction. For those whose edge broke down from putting on shoes in the exact same place everyday, try a chair! 🙂


You state : “The warranty is void if the mattress is used on a platform bed frame ” in your Saatva mattress review, but from the Saatva Classic Innerspring Warrantee it states “Your warranty remains valid if the mattress has been used on a platform bed.”

What’s up??

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Good catch Terry. Thanks for pointing it out. We rectified it.


I have to agree with Bob Johnson. We purchased a Saatva matress and also developed indents. Not only that, but the side that my husband sleeps on, developed a dip in the side, where he sits to put on his socks. This never went away, only got worse. And this is just from approximately 10 to 15 min. in the morning. I complained, they switched mattresses. Same thing happened. They refunded me $400. thats it. We have been looking for a new mattress. Think seriously before buying. I thought this would be a great purchase, but not so.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Sorry to hear that S. What mattress did you buy instead?


This mattress was recently on TV with some doctor recommending it. He was saying that he works with an institute and they are considering replacing all their mattresses with these. Pretty strong endorsement.


I am curious as to what doctor and what institute? Many of these institutes are dubious and set up for the purpose of endorsing products.

I also question some of the staff’s replies on this site. They’ve contained incorrect information and make claims that aren’t supported by evidence or fact. Rather, it’s opinion that isn’t backed up by research.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Josh,

we do our best to provide factual information to help our readers. We are not doctors and we limit ourselves to report what we hear from both actual customers and the manufacturers.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Thanks for sharing Ben.


I bought a Saatva mattress last year and it has turned into a poor investment. The mattress was great for about 4-6 months, then it began to develop gullies where my wife and I each sleep. In very short time, the mattress has degraded from great to horrible and we are already searching for another mattress to replace it (my wife and I are average size – i’m 185lbs and she is roughly 130). We followed all the good reviews online about this company but were sorely disappointed, and now, out $2000.

My next purchase will be from one of the big name brick-and-mortar stores where i can test it out and I know it will last longer than 4 months! Heck, my little girls $300 twin is far more comfortable than our Saatva and it is 15 years old!

Buyer beware.


I truly appreciate your review. Exactly what I wanted to find was someone who owned for at least a year. I have been down the road where they start off great and then a year later your back is killing you. Thanks again!


Same exact thing that happened to Bob Johnson happened to us.

First Saatva mattress developed these indents where we slept, within the 75 day trial period. My hip sank so much into the mattress that I could feel coils digging into my hip. Called and the representative claimed it was likely defective and they replaced it free of charge. Same exact thing has happened with the 2nd mattress, only not as quickly, because we rotated the mattress every 30 days thinking that might help even the wear better. It did, but only enough to just get past their 120 day return window (where you only have to pay shipping to return it). We are now literally less than 1 week past the 120 day window and after rotating the mattress again and still finding no improvement in comfort level, I called in yesterday and the rep now claims it is an issue of “firmness preference” and nothing wrong w/ the mattress and that it is simply now “broken in”. She explained that anything less than 1.5 inches of visible sag is normal by industry standards and she said cannot issue a refund but can sell me a firmer mattress (we got their mid level luxury firm) for 25% of the original cost. I am highly skeptical of their “firmness preference explanation” as we have had ‘plush’ mattresses before that have lasted 15 yrs without issue, and I’ve slept on many euro pillow tops when traveling and have never been as uncomfortable/achy in the morning as I am with this mattress.

I am not an expert but I suspect that the reason there is little/no visible sag on the surface has to do w/ the way the pillow top/top layer of padding is sewn on over the coil/support section. So from the warranty perspective of < 1.5 inches of visible sagging, Saatva is covered. The actual sagging is "hidden" in the coil/support layer and something you can definitely feel when you lay in it. And I don't think it is 'normal' for a mattress that is less than 5 months old!

I guess I will be shopping for a new mattress soon. Very disappointed in this mattress! Don't believe all the positive reviews!

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Tom,

sorry to hear that. Brands offer their free trial period exactly for this kind of situations, so the customer can really feel sure it’s the right decision. Since you are still so close to the deadline, I’d try to ask them for an exception. They are usually very reasonable.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Bob,

did you call Saatva? Their warranty is pretty good and support is reliable. I assume they’ll give you a replacement, as what happened with your mattress is highly unusual, at least according to what we see.


can i just put the box spring on the floor without using a foundation or will that affect the comfort?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Garland,

Sure you can. The mattress includes everything needed for the comfort, so the foundation is just an extra element. The most important thing to remember is to place it on an even surface without gaps and without moisture. Otherwise, comfort will deteriorate and the warranty might be void.


Good review. Thank you for providing all the answers I was looking for.


Isn’t a memory foam mattress always better than a spring one? Springs are subject to wear and tear, so eventually they will fail… sooner or later.

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Peter,

it depends a lot on the quality of the springs. Saatva uses recycled steel, which nowadays is very durable. It will most probably outlast the very large majority of the memory foams on the market today, which tend to sag and lose their original shape and support after 3-4 years. That’s not the case with premium memory foam mattresses, of course.


How many pounds does it support per person?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Karl, we asked them and they replied t’s 300 lbs per side. We have also noticed many positive reviews by customers who considered themselves heavy, so it’s a good confirmation. Just give it a try, you have 75 nights to decide?


If I use a box spring, will it be too bouncy? I mean, two sets of springs maybe is too much?

Stacey Morgan – STAFF

Hi Katie, no, it won’t be too bouncy unless you use a very old box spring offering little support. If your box spring is still working properly, i.e. you can sit on it without going down a lot, it will work fine with the Saatva mattress.