The Best Columbus Day Mattress Sales of 2018

Are you ready for this year’s biggest Columbus Day mattress sales?

Although this federal holiday is often overlooked, a lot of businesses are dropping prices like crazy this year.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the best Columbus Day mattress sales of 2018.

This Columbus Day, you too can discover a “New World” – of savings, that is!

When to Start Shopping

Columbus Day always falls on the second Monday of October, which this year is October 8th.

Although not all workplaces have off this day, some do (especially in places with high ItalianAmerican populations, like New York).

Image: American flag backlit with a mid-afternoon sun

Businesses are always ready for a chance to cash in on all that extra free time you’ll have, so a ton of companies are more than happy to offer some special discounts on their products.

The days and weeks leading up to Columbus Day are likely to bring some of the best deals this side of Christmas and New Years’, so this is one chance you do not want to miss out on!

So do your research, take your time, and be sure you know what you’re getting into.

The 8th will be here before you know it, and you definitely don’t want to feel pressured into what looks like a good deal!

Why We’re Here to Help

This site is dedicated to passing on the absolute best deals in the world to you, the consumer.

We believe that every shopper should be able to make smart, educated decisions about their mattress so that nothing can ever stand between you and the sleep you need.

That’s why in this guide, we’ve pulled together the greatest bargains on the internet so you can save, save, save!

Happy shopping – we hope this helps!

Columbus Day Coupons and Deals

In the chart below, you’ll find the absolute best Columbus Day mattress sales on the internet.

These deals are available for use today, and we’ll be updating this list continuously as we get closer to the holiday – so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just check back tomorrow!

To take advantage of these fantastic deals, all you have to do is click one of the links under “coupon code” and enter the code at checkout:

Mattress NameCoupon CodeDiscountNet Price (Queen size)Valid Until
TED  $235  $1,260 Ongoing
2920SLEEP50  $50  $945 Ongoing
AgilityHQ100  $100  $999 Ongoing
AmeenaTED200  $200  $600 Ongoing
Amerisleep AS2TS250  $250  $1,049 Ongoing
Amerisleep AS3TS250  $250  $1,149 Ongoing
Amore Beds HybridTED150  $150 + 2 free pillows $725 Ongoing
BearFD10  10%  $756 Ongoing
Bear HybridFD10  10%  $1,215 Ongoing
Brooklyn Bedding AuroraSPRING20  20%  $1,360 Jun 21
Brooklyn Bedding BloomSPRING20  20%  $1,800 Ongoing
Brooklyn Bedding Bloom HybridSPRING20  20%  $1,440 Ongoing
Brooklyn Bedding FreyaPRESUMMER20  20%  $1,600 Ongoing
Brooklyn Bedding PlankPRESUMMER20  20%  $800 Ongoing
Brooklyn Bedding RubixPRESUMMER20  20%  $1,000 Ongoing
Brooklyn Bedding Signatureno code  20%  $760 Ongoing
Brooklyn Bedding SpartanSPRING20  20%  $1,600 Ongoing
Brooklyn Bedding TitanPRESUMMER20  20%  $800 Ongoing
Brooklyn Bedding ZonedPRESUMMER20  20%  $1,000 Ongoing
CasperTED  $100  $895 Ongoing
Casper WaveTED  $200  $2,050 Ongoing
ChirofoamTED100  $100  $890 Ongoing
Coccon ClassicTED75  $75  $724 Ongoing
Coccon FoundationTED125  $125  Varies Ongoing
Cocoon ChillTED75  $75  $874 Ongoing
DreamCloudTED200  $200  $1,199 Ongoing
EcosaTED200  $200  $530 Ongoing
Eight Sleep Jupiter+TED50  $50 + 2 free pillows $999 Ongoing
Eight Sleep Mars+TED50  $50 + 2 free pillows $1,299 Ongoing
Eight Sleep Saturn+TED50  $50 + 2 free pillows $799 Ongoing
Eight Sleep Smart BedTED100  $100  $995 Ongoing
EmmaTED32  32%  $612 Ongoing
GhostBed LuxeGBLFALLQUEEN  $225  $1,250 Ongoing
Helix SleepTED125  $125  $870 Ongoing
Helix Sleep DualTED150  $150  $1,040 Ongoing
HyphenSAVE200  $200  $750 Ongoing
IDLE Sleep Adjustable BasePILLOWS  $275 + 2 free pillows $1,025 Ongoing
IDLE Sleep All FoamBESTPRICE  $325  $1,174 Ongoing
IDLE Sleep HybridPILLOWS  $275 + 2 free pillows $1,274 Ongoing
IDLE Sleep LatexPILLOWS  $275 + 2 free pillows $1,874 Ongoing
KutsonKUTSON150  $150  $845 Ongoing
Layla SleepTED  $100  $899 Ongoing
LeesaTED  $160  $835 Ongoing
Leesa HybridTED  10%  $1,526 Ongoing
LullTED150  $150  $800 Ongoing
LuxiTED150  $150  $1,149 Ongoing
MoleculeSLEEP200   $200  $949 Ongoing
MuseSLEEP  $100  $850 Ongoing
My Green MattressMGSAVE  $125  Varies Ongoing
NectarTED125  $125 + 2 free pillows $725 Ongoing
Nectar UKTED100  £100 + 2 free pillows $499 Ongoing
Nest Bedding Alexander Signature HybridTED150  $150  $1,049 Ongoing
Nest Bedding Alexander Signature SeriesTED100  $100  $1,099 Ongoing
Nest Bedding Love & SleepNEST100  $100  $599 Ongoing
Nolah OriginalTEDSTACEY  $125  $824 Ongoing
Nolah SignatureTEDSTACEY  $125  $1,374 Ongoing
NovosbedSAVE100  $100  $999 Ongoing
NuvannaTED125  $125  $765 Ongoing
PangeaBedSAVE100  $100  $895 Ongoing
PlushBeds Botanical BlissTED  1100  $1,599 Ongoing
PuffyBESTPUFFY  $250  $900 Ongoing
Puffy LuxBESTPUFFY75  $275  $1,520 Ongoing
ReST BedTedStacey  $300  $3,699 Ongoing
SleepCozzz15  15%  $676 Ongoing
SleepOvationMATTRESSGUIDES  $300  $1,424 Ongoing
SpindleTEDVIP  $200  $1,300 Ongoing
SpineAlign Deep SleepMG150  $150  $1,449 Ongoing
Sweet Zzz Affluent RestTED100  $100  $999 Ongoing
Tomorrow Sleep HybridTED100  $100  $890 Ongoing
Tomorrow Sleep Memory FoamTED100  $100  $695 Ongoing
VoilaBLOWOUT50   50%  $599 Ongoing
WRIGHTTS200  $200  $1,595 Ongoing
YaasaYAASAMATTRESS  $125  $1,174 Ongoing
ZottoWINTER100  $100  $875 Ongoing


How to Find the Right Mattress

There are a lot of juicy deals in that chart above, but remember that there’s a lot more that goes into finding the right mattress than the number on the price tag.

Price is obviously an important factor in buying any product, and you definitely don’t want to totally discount it, but keep in mind that you’ll be spending about a third of your life on this mattress for almost a whole decade.

Finding the right buy can help with everything from back pain to sleepless nights, and there a lot of factors to take into consideration.

Here are a couple questions you’ll likely want to keep in mind as you consider your next purchase…

Have a look at some of the links above, or head over to our expert mattress guides if you have any other questions.

Finding the right mattress is a big deal in more ways than one, so it pays to get this part right!

Is it Better to Buy In-Person or Online?

Although every situation is unique, there are a couple hard-and-fast guidelines you can go by when shopping for a mattress. 

Image: Happy woman doing online shopping at home

In our experience, for instance, we’ve found that physical mattress showrooms are almost always more expensive than the deals you’ll find online.

It’s just a product of the system – stores and salespeople always have to take some kind of commission when they’re selling you a product, so it’s often simply impossible for them to give you a better offer than what you’ll find online.

To be fair, this may not be the case 100% of the time.

Some stores may have policies that let them match or beat some deals you find online, but economics is always against them.

On average, sales need to make a higher profit off their mattresses than online companies just to keep their heads above the water.

Now, you might be one of those people who really gets a thrill out of in-person shopping – and if that’s you, power to you!

For a lot of us, though, it’s a faster, cheaper, and less stressful process to just figure this stuff out on our computer or phone.

For more info on the difference between shopping online and in person, check out our full article on the topic here.

Discounts May Be Misleading

No matter where you end up doing your shopping, though, there’s one thing you always need to be wary of: scams.

Some mattress companies take part in a common dishonest marketing trick known as “price anchoring.

This involves shooting products up to ridiculous prices just before a holiday hits, and then marking them back down to make it look like you’re getting a far better deal than you actually are.

Remember to have a look at the actual specs and reviews for your mattress before whipping out your wallet.

Don’t just let yourself be blown away by the amount of money it looks like you’re saving!

Beware “Rock Bottom” Prices

Around holidays like Columbus Day, a lot of stores like to advertise “promotional” products at truly unbelievable prices.

Unfortunately, “unbelievable” often isn’t a hyperbole there – these sales really are too good to be true.

You’ll be seeing mattresses marked somewhere between $200 and $500, and you’ll probably starting thinking to yourself that these look like a genuinely good bargain.

A lot of beginner mattress shoppers don’t realize everything that goes into making a real quality product, and the chance to get a mattress for just a couple hundred bucks can be pretty dang tempting.

Don’t be fooled, though!

Stores often have extremely limited supplies of these products, and even if you can actually manage to get your hands on one, you might be kicking yourself a couple months or years down the road.

“Outrageously” cheap mattresses often don’t have the kind of durability you should be looking for in a mattress, so unless you’re just looking for a bed for a guest room or for someone you really don’t like, shop elsewhere!

Have a Game Plan Ready

One good way to keep ahead of mattress companies and their seductive deals is to work out your own buying strategy in advance.

Image: hand on chalkboard drawing soccer game plan

You should know exactly what kind of mattress you need before you even start looking at the kinds of deals available.

Pick a budget and stick to it.

Know what mattress tech actually matters and what doesn’t.

You don’t want to be figuring this stuff out on Columbus Day itself!

Read the Fine Print

A lot of these apparently once-in-a-lifetime deals are also often resting on some pretty massive piles of fine print.

For instance, if a mattress company is advertising a certain percent off their product, have a look at that little asterisk that probably comes right after the advertised number.

Is that percent off actual money you’ll be saving, or is part of it just a gift card or store credit?

There’s not necessarily anything wrong with getting these kinds of discounts, of course – but they’re probably not what you were expecting.

Also keep in mind that some businesses might have changes in their return policies and warranties during big sale times like Columbus Day – so watch your back!

Have a Look “Under the Hood”

There’s a lot of specialized tech that goes into mattress manufacturing these days, and it always pays to know what you’re getting into when making such a hefty investment.

Check out things like coil count, consider the materials used in the comfort layers, and always have your eye out for stuff like like foam density and (of course) customer reviews.

If you’re shopping in a brick-and-mortar store and your salesman can’t or won’t answer your questions about what’s really going on inside that mattress, shop elsewhere.

It pays to bone up on some mattress facts before you get too deep into the shopping process, too.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by all the crazy vocabulary, or those representatives can and will take advantage of you.


With the help of this guide, you should be well on your way to getting the best Columbus Day mattress deal.

This is one of the best times of the year to be out on the mattress market, and if you know what you’re doing, it’s a great opportunity to save quite a bit of money while getting the best possible products.

Know what you’re doing.

Shop smart.

Save big.

And happy shopping!