Your preferred sleeping position is one of the single most important things to think about when it comes to choosing a mattress.

Getting the wrong kind of mattress will leave you with lousy mornings and aching backs for a long, long time – and if there’s one thing you need to get right for your health, it’s your sleep.

To help you through your decision process, we’ve put together this complete guide to the best mattresses for stomach sleepers out there today.

If you sleep in different positions though (you are called a “mixed sleeper”), have a look at our guide for every kind of sleeper.

Quit settling for discomfort, and read on to discover the mattress you need!

Why Your Sleep Position Matters

If you typically find yourself resting flat on your belly when getting to sleep, you’re going to have different needs than other kinds of sleepers.

Only about 7% of all sleepers adopt this kind of positioning, and the wrong kind of mattress can lead to some genuinely worrying symptoms.

woman sleeping on her belly

If your mattress is too soft for you, your stomach is going to sink way too far into the topmost layers, putting undue amount of pressure on your lumbar (lower back).

This can lead to all kind of issues.

You might have trouble getting to sleep, you might find yourself waking up multiple times during the night from the discomfort of your bed, or you might get up in the morning with a killer back pain that takes forever to go away!

Stomach sleepers tend to be a bit more finnicky when it comes to the kind of mattress they can get good sleep on.

Your spine is meant to rest in a natural S-shaped curve, but only to an extent.

Push your belly in too far, and your lower back is going to get incredibly sore from all the extra stress.

What Kind of Mattress Do You Need?

Most mattresses tend to be a bit too soft for stomach sleepers.

You really need your weight to be evenly distributed across the entire front of your body, or you’re just going to end up with either your stomach sagging in too much or your chest taking way too much of the pressure.

Either way, you’re going to be looking at some pretty low-quality sleep.

In general, stomach sleepers tend to prefer mattresses on the somewhat firmer side of things.

Keep in mind, though, there are a lot of factors to consider when thinking about your ideal mattress firmness level – so don’t go for something ridiculously firm if you have a history of liking softer mattresses!

The Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Image: three golden retriever puppies. The two on the left are asleep, while the one on the right has its mouth open in a gigantic yawn

Alright, now enough of all this talking – let’s get to the mattresses!

I present to you… the absolute best mattresses of 2022!

The Saatva Mattress

First up, we have the Saatva mattress.

The Saatva comes with the highest ratings of any mattress out there today – and when you look at the way the thing is built, it’s really not hard to see why.

For stomach sleepers in particular, the “Saatva firm” option is probably going to be your best bet.

This product comes with a somewhat tougher layer of memory foam on top, under which lies an ultra receptive “coil on coil” innerspring build.

This provides your body with support where you need it most, allowing for heightened comfort and durability.

Not only that, but between its memory foam and the way its coils are laid out, the Saatva also sports powerful motion isolation, as well as a greater degree of breathability than many of its competitors.

Additionally, it’s top-notch memory foam comfort layers are produced on sustainably sourced soy farms, which allows for reduced issues with off-gassing.

So once this thing arrives at your house, you’ll be able to use it right away!

All in all, this is a seriously high-quality mattress guaranteed to satisfy the vast majority of stomach sleepers.

The Helix Mattress

Another serious contender is the Helix mattress.

The Helix is actually a little different from the other mattresses on this list in that its entire business model is based around customizability.

When you go on the Helix website, the first thing you see is a think to their so-called “sleep quiz,” quick asks you to enter a bunch of relevant information about how you sleep, including weight, firmness preferences, and (of course) your sleeping position.

At the end of the quiz, all this info is then compiled to come up with the ideal mattress for you.

What this means, though, is that there isn’t any one Helix mattress we can actually talk about.

This company produces a huge variety of products, so with any luck, you’ll be able to find the one that fits best with your needs.

Regardless of which one you end up with, though, you can be sure you’re getting a truly stellar mattress.

Helix comes with superior reviews across the board, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve made a great choice!

The Purple Mattress

Another great mattress to try is the Original Purple Bed.

This is one of the most popular mattress of this season, and the way it’s built has been turning the way we think about mattresses upside-down.

Underneath its uppermost layer of fabric, the Purple is built with a “Smart Comfort Grid” made up of a mesh of hyper-elastic polymers.

Each part of this grid stretches and compresses in response to the shape of your body, allowing for a similar degree of comfort and support people usually associate with memory foam.

Unlike memory foam, however, the Purple is extraordinarily breathable – more so than pretty much any other mattress out there.

The way it’s built minimizes pressure points and all other kinds of discomfort in a completely unique way, adding a touch of science fiction to your bedroom.

There’s really just no other product to compare this thing to.

The Purple brings forward some truly exciting technology, offering comfort and satisfaction at every level.

The Loom & Leaf Mattress

Image: two girls in their pjs lying on the bed, talking

Finally, from the same producers as the Saatva, the Loom & Leaf mattress presents another respectable inroad into the world of stomach sleeper mattresses.

Two firmness levels are available for this product: “Firm” and “Relaxed Firm.”

These are both built with a a bunch of extremely high-quality memory foam, which comes with a layer of cooling spinal gel, a layer of environmentally responsible memory foam, and a double base layer of breathable support.

That’s a total of four progressive layers of luxurious memory foam comfort and support, result in one comfy product.

All in all, this mattress is the stomach sleeper’s dream.

How Much Do They Cost?

In addition to their high-quality construction, all of these products are actually extremely affordable as far as mattresses go.

Helix is the least expensive of the bunch, at a mere $999 for a queen-sized product.

These other mattresses are close on its heels, however: the Saatva mattress comes in at $1,299, Purple totals to $1,149, and Loom & Leaf rounds us off at $1,599.

Such remarkably economic prices are made possible thanks to an innovative sales strategy that’s been taking the mattress industry by storm.

Rather than relying on physical mattress showrooms, where companies have to pay extra for overhead and consumers have to deal with irritating salespeople, the modern mattress economy is all about the online marketplace.

Without having to go through any middleman, mattress manufacturers can put out products that are less expensive for everyone – including you!

Warranties and Trial Periods

Every product mentioned in this article comes with top-notch trial period and warranty policy designed to make life easier for you.

The Saatva and Loom & Leaf mattresses both come with 180-day trial periods, during which you can return your mattress for complete refund, with only a $99 shipping fee.

Saatva comes with a 20-year limited warranty, while Loom & Leaf gives you 15 years.

The Helix and Purple mattresses, meanwhile, offers a 100-day trial period with absolutely zero penalties or return fees, as well as a 10 year warranty.

The Final Verdict

Every mattress we’ve talked about in this article comes backed up by a huge amount of positive feedback from customers like you.

These are some of the best mattresses in the world – so no matter what you end up with, you’re going to be getting an extremely satisfying sleep.

Here’s a quick chart if you’re looking to do some comparisons.

Saatva Helix Loom & Leaf Purple
Materials Plant-based memory foam, coil-on-coil construction Memory foam, pocketed microcoils Spinal gel, eco-friendly memory foam Smart Comfort Grid
Firmness Plush soft, luxury firm, firm Varies (take “sleep quiz” on website) Relaxed firm, firm Medium firm
Warranty 15 years 10 years 15 years (prorated) 10 years
Trial Period 180 days 100 days 180 days  100 days
Notes Established reputation 100% customer customized Top-quality memory foam Completely unique construction
Our Rating 4.7 4.6 4.7 4.4
Price $1,299 $999 $1,599 $1,149

Hope that’s helpful!

Remember to take your time going over all this, and don’t be afraid to dive deep when it comes to your research.

Good information is your best friend when it comes to the mattress world.

Happy shopping, and pleasant dreams!

Ted Wilson

Ted Wilson

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Updated at January 18, 2022