The Best Mattresses for Heavy People

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the perfect mattress, but easily one of the most important things to take into consideration is your weight. 

Your body weight can have a real impact on the feel of a mattress when you lie down, and if you end up with the wrong mattress firmness, your sleep is going to seriously suffer.

Back pain, trouble getting to sleep, and poor-quality sleep are all common symptoms of poorly-chosen mattresses, and you really do need to take into account the shape and size of your body when shopping.

Read on to discover the best mattresses for heavy people out there today!

Heavier People Need Firmer Mattresses

Image: Chiropractor and patient looking at a model of a spine Although this may not hold true for everyone, in general, heavier individuals tend to need firmer mattresses.

This is because your body tends to sink deeper into the mattress, sometimes drooping all the way to the support core of your mattress.

This is generally a pretty unpleasant experience, resulting in a feeling of sagging or being totally unsupported.

Because of this, you’re typically going to want to invest in a mattress with somewhat denser comfort layers and firmer support cores, since only these will provide you with the kind of support your body needs.

Ideally, your spine is meant to rest in a natural S-shaped curve.

If your mattress is too soft for you, though, your spine physically cannot maintain this shape without you exerting effort.

And since your body needs to be totally relaxed for you to fall asleep, this can lead to some very real problems!

How to Pick the Right Firmness for Heavy People

Now, hold on a second before you run off and pick up the firmest mattress you can buy.

Although heavier people do tend to need firmer mattresses, keep in mind that everyone is unique, and there is no one-size-fits all solution.

Your height, sleeping position, and general preferences all influence the kind of mattress firmness that’s going to work best for you.

Because of this, it’s often a good idea to go out to an actual brick-and-mortar showroom to test out a couple different mattress firmness levels and figure out what tends to work best.

You don’t have to actually buy anything there – in fact, purchasing mattresses online is almost always cheaper – but this will give you a good benchmark to go off of when shopping around.

Many mattresses will come with a firmness rating somewhere on a scale from 1 to 10, which you should be able to compare across different mattress brands to find out the absolute best pick.

The Best Firm Mattresses for Heavy People

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

I present to you, the absolute best mattresses for heavy people on the market today!

  • Saatva – one of our most highly-recommended hybrid mattresses
  • Helixcustomizable mattresses for every kind of sleeper
  • Loom & Leaf – ultra-firm memory foam
  • Zenhaven –  super eco-friendly natural latex

The Saatva Mattress

The Saatva mattress is one of our most recommended spring mattresses on the market today.

Image: woman sleepingWith a “Saatva firm” option guaranteed to satisfy even the most softness-averse of sleepers, this product really is a thing of beauty. 

In addition to its solid history of rave reviews, the Saatva also sports a highly receptive “coil on coil” construction, in which two layers of innerspring coils are basically stacked on top of each other.

This allows for both heightened durability (the company estimates an incredible serviceable lifespan of around 12 to 15 years) and enhanced comfort.

The Saatva also offers powerful motion isolation, and its coil structure allows for a high degree of breathability. 

A lot of these specs are made possible by its top-tier memory foam comfort layers, which, in contrast with a lot of memory products on the market today, are sustainably produced on soy farms and will offer you no issues with off-gassing.

All in all, this is a seriously high-quality mattress for any body size. 

The Helix Mattress

The Helix mattress is another serious contender.

That’s because their business model is entirely based around customizability – the first thing you see when you click on their website is a button with a link to their “sleep quiz,” which asks you to fill out a bit of personal information that an algorithm then uses to calculate the perfect mattress for you.

Because everything hinges on your answers to that quiz, there is no “one” Helix mattress we can talk about, here.

They make a ton of different products to consider, depending on your needs.

And if you’re sleeping with a partner with different preferences than you, not to worry – you can opt for a dual-comfort mattress, which provides both of you with the kind of comfort and support you need!

Cap it all off with a highly affordable price, and it’s not hard to see why so many people are turning to this mattress!

The Loom & Leaf Mattress

From the makers of Saatva, the Loom & Leaf mattress presents another tempting foray into the world of ultrafirm mattresses.

There are actually two firmness levels available for this product: “Relaxed Firm” and “Firm”.

They’re both made with super high-quality memory foam, featuring a layer of cooling spinal gel, a layer of extra eco-friendly memory foam, and a double-layer of breathable support.

The Loom & Leaf is basically Saatva’s answer to memory foam mattresses, and it does not disappoint.

Its four progressive layers result in luxurious comfort and support, and all in all, this mattress is certain not to disappoint!

Image: cupped hands hold earth from which a seedling sprouts

The Zenhaven Mattress

Finally, we have the Zenhaven mattress.

This is also by the makers of the Saatva, but it’s actually pretty different from the other products covered in this article.

You see, the Zenhaven is built around the principle of total naturalness – no added chemicals or synthetics required.

It does this by relying entirely on the latex of tropical rubber trees.

This latex is harvested and then baked into a “five-zone” comfort layer that provides you with support precisely where you need it.

There are two firmness levels to the Zenhaven – “luxury plush” and “gentle firm” – and they’re both actually built into the same mattress.

So if you start out with the gentle firm and for some reason decide that’s too hard for you, a softer mattress is just a flip away!

How Much Do They Cost?

All of the mattresses brought up in this article come with surprisingly realistic prices that are a lot lower than what you’d expect to find in a typical showroom.

Helix is the least expensive of all of them, clocking in at a mere $870 for an entire queen.

And these other products aren’t going to leave you smashing any piggy banks, either!

The Saatva mattress is marked at $1,099, the Loom & Leaf is $1,499, and the Zenhaven costs $1,899.

How do such luxury products wind up so easy on the pocketbook?

Well, all the companies we’ve talked about come from a new school of mattress makers based entirely online.

Without the extra costs that come from selling products in brick-and-mortar showrooms, online vendors are free to sell their mattresses at something closer to their original production costs.

The company doesn’t have to spend as much money to get the product to you, which means you get to save a big chunk of that difference.

Warranties and Comfort Guarantees

Because their mattresses aren’t available to be tested out in physical mattress stores, these new-school companies have adapted to the risks of online shopping by beefing up their trial periods and warranty policies to an almost unprecedented level.

The Saatva, Loom & Leaf, and Zenhaven all come with a 120-day trial period during which you can return your mattress for a complete refund, minus only the $99 shipping fee.

And the Helix mattress, for its part, makes things even easier for you – it comes with a 100-day trial period during which you can return your mattress completely free of charge, no penalties or fees required.

As for warranties, Saatva gives you 20 years, Loom & Leaf gives you 15 prorated, Zenhaven offers 20, and Helix comes in with 10.

The Final Verdict on the Best Mattress for Heavy People

There isn’t a single product we’ve talked about in this article that wouldn’t give you a seriously satisfying rest if you were to sleep on it for a couple nights.

In some ways that’s great, because it means you pretty much can’t lose – but at the same time, it also makes it super difficult to settle on a single product.

Hopefully, this chart will provide some help…

SaatvaHelixLoom & LeafZenhaven
MaterialsPlant-based memory foam, coil-on-coil constructionMemory foam, pocketed microcoilsSpinal gel, eco-friendly memory foamOrganic wool batting, Talalay latex
FirmnessPlush soft, luxury firm, firmVaries (take “sleep quiz” on website)Relaxed firm, firmLuxury plush, gentle firm
Warranty15 years10 years15 years (prorated)20 years
Trial Period120 days100 days120 days 120 days
NotesEstablished reputation100% customer customizedTop-quality memory foamFive-zone comfort layers
Our Rating4.

Go over all this information carefully, and don’t be afraid to do a little more research if you’re not 100% sold on a product you’re considering.

Few things are as vital to your health and wellbeing as a quality mattress, so this isn’t the kind of decision you can just jump into.

Never forget how important sleeping really is!

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