The Top 5 Coolest “Smart Mattresses” Available Today

If you’re like most Americans, chances are good you’re not getting enough sleep.

We get it – we all lead busy lives, and sometimes there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get done everything you need to.

It can be hard to make sleep a priority when there are so many other things you could be doing with your time, but of course, we all know just how much we need those extra couple ZZZ’s.

Although there’s no getting around holding yourself accountable for the amount of sleep you get, cutting-edge sleep technology can offer enhanced insights into your unique sleeper profile.

How much sleep are you getting each night?

How much time are you spending in each sleep stage?

The advent of so-called “smart mattresses” promises the next step in the demystification of sleep, helping you to maximize your sleep potential.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this complete guide to the top 5 coolest smart mattresses out there today!

Image: businessman holds a laptop connecting him to the internet of thingsWhat Is a Smart Mattress?

Smart mattresses are a truly modern innovation, only entering the market over the past couple years.

They really are the bleeding edge of sleep technology, fully integrating your mattress into the “Internet of Things.”

One of the greatest promises of these this tech is its ability to track just about everything you might want to know about your sleep.

Smart mattresses are designed to measure crucial statistics such as:

  • How long it takes you to fall asleep
  • How long you sleep each night
  • How long it takes you to get out of bed after you’ve woken up
  • How many times you wake up throughout the night

They monitor these things by tracking stats like your heartrate, body temperature, and breath rate.

Some smart mattresses can also keep track of the amount of light in your bedroom and the temperature of your mattress.

There’s definitely some pretty cool trivia to be had here, and I’m sure a lot of people would be awfully curious to see how their sleep stats stack up!

Is This Just Another Fad?

Now of course, for the cynics out there, it’s pretty easy to see smart mattresses as yet another “smart” obsessed fad.

This class of products simply has not existed for long enough for us to be sure, after all, and it’s tough to say how much smart mattresses really stand to benefit the modern consumer – and of course, whether they’re worth the cost!

Along with this concern, there comes the issue of how few options there are out there for you early adopters.

Only a few companies have really started making moves in this marketplace, and certain products may have somewhat spotty results.

That said, though, the cutting-edge nature of these smart mattresses means that they present a truly unique opportunity.

As more and more products become integrated into the “internet of things,” our lives inevitably become more streamlined. 

Some apps, for instance, may tell your coffeemaker to start brewing or your kettle to start boiling as soon as you wake up in the morning, saving you a couple minutes.

That’s just one example among many of how better smart technology can cut corners on the humdrum of your life.

But of course, the extent to which you really want that is always up to you.

Image: sleeping couple cuddles in bedHow to Pick a Quality Mattress

Now, when you’re looking at something so future-focused as a smart mattress, it can be easy to judge it based on the quality of its sleep-monitoring options alone.

However, while that might well be a crucial factor in your final decision, there are a lot more elements that play into a top-value mattress than just its “smart” capabilities.

For instance, you’re really going to want to pay attention to your mattress’s firmness level.

A good degree of firmness can mean the difference between the sleep of your dreams and tomorrow’s aching back, which is why in the industry, this is considered the number one most important factor in deciding on a mattress.

Things like price, durability, size, cooling technologies, motion isolation, and warranty are also key considerations.

There’s not enough room to go through all the details in this article, but feel free to check out any of those links to read our complete articles on all those factors!

The Top 5 Best Smart Mattresses

Alright, now without further ado, here they are…

The top five coolest smart mattresses on the market today!

The Eight Sleeps

You’ve probably noticed that three of the five mattresses we’ll be talking about here are from the exact same manufacturer: Eight Sleep.

Like I said earlier, smart mattresses are a completely new invention, and there simply aren’t that many companies out there investing in this stuff right now.

Of the products available, all three of the Eight Sleep products really blow their competitors out of the water.

They have a far better price than either the ReST Bed or the Sleep Number mattress, while offering highly similar technological options.

All of the Eight Sleep products come with proprietary sensors embedded into the mattress itself to measure everything you could want.

One big advantage to this company’s products is that they track the temperature of your bed and can adjust according to your preferences.

If you like your side of the bed warmer than your partner, for instance, this mattress can just warm up your side of the mattress!

Eight Sleep products also come with a “Smart Alarm” that detects when you’re in light sleep before setting off the alarm, so you’ll be spared too many rude awakenings.

Image: the eight sleep jupiter+The Eight Sleep Jupiter+

First up from the Eight Sleeps, we have the Jupiter+.

This is a fairly reasonably priced mattress that comes with 2” of reactive polyfoam on top, 2” of contouring memory foam below that, 2” inches of supportive transition foam one layer below, and a 4” base of high density support foam.

This is a pretty basic design, though if you’re new to the world of foam mattresses, you might be surprised to find there aren’t any springs.

This leads to a reduced bounciness to your mattress, although it comes with the perk of heightened motion isolation.

The Eight Sleep Saturn+

Next, we have the Eight Sleep Saturn+.

This is highly similar to the Jupiter+, although it’s a slightly simpler design, and also slightly less expensive.

Rather than having four distinctive layers of foam, the Saturn+ comes with just three: 2” of responsive polyfoam, 2” of transition foam, and 6” of support foam.

This makes it a little bit firmer than the Jupiter+, although it’s still definitely plush enough to satisfy most sleepers.

The Eight Sleep Mars+

Wrapping up the Eight Sleep entourage, we have the Mars+.

While this is the priciest of the Eight Sleeps, it’s still substantially less expensive than either the ReST or the Sleep Number.

It distinguishes itself from its two foam counterparts with the inclusion of a layer of pocket coils underneath its topmost slabs of foam.

So it still starts off with 2” reactive foam over 2” comfort transition foam, but under that, you get those nice, bouncy springs you’re probably used to in your mattresses.

According to the website, this allows for “a contouring hug, a resilient rebound, and enhanced breathability.”

Image: a rest bedThe ReST Bed

Next up on the docket, we have the ReST Bed.

This product is pretty unusual in the luxury mattress world in that it’s actually an airbed – meaning the firmness levels of its different sections are customizable, and powered via a pump.

When coupled with its automatic pressure tracking technology, this means that the mattress can deliver the exact firmness level you need to every part of your body.

It’s divided into five separated zones based on different body sections, so you don’t have to worry about nasty pressure points.

The big disadvantage of the ReSt Bed, however, is that it’s far more expensive than any of its counterparts.

It’s especially marketed towards athletes, which it claims stand to benefit most from its enhanced technology.

The Sleep Number P5

Finally, we have the Sleep Number P5.

Although Sleep Number is the name you’re most likely to recognize on this list, unfortunately, its products tend to have a bit of trouble living up to all the hype.

The Sleep Number 5 is highly similar to the ReSt Bed (the Sleep Number came first, as well).

It’s got five different zones, and it adjusts the firmness of each of these depending on the way you sleep.

It’s also a bit less pricy.

That said, it ranks pretty low in terms of both warranty and lifespan, and only 77% of customers reported adequate satisfaction.


So there you have it – the best smart mattresses on the market today.

We hope you found what you’re looking for!

Happy shopping, techy sleepers, and pleasant dreams