There are few joys in this life quite so nice as a late afternoon nap in a hammock.

There’s just something so comforting about the hammock life – the gentle swaying, the easy comfort – and if you can find a nice place to set one up, it’s hard to see a good argument against buying one of these things.

But which hammock should you buying?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Here’s your complete guide to the perfect hammock harmony you’ve spent your whole life looking for.

hammock strung between two palm trees against a purple-pink sunsetHealth Perks of the Hammock Nap

Now, we all know hammocks are comfy as can be, but did you know they actually come with a number of health benefits?

Weird but true, hammocks are basically the perfect furniture for a gentle, relaxing sleep.

Hammocks Get You Better Sleep

A 2011 study published in the journal Current Biology found that the very act of sleeping on a rocking surface allows for significantly better sleep than just conking out on your bed.

This might not come as much of a surprise if you have any experience with children, since we all know how much a quick “rock-a-bye baby” can help in settling babies down for sleep.

The researchers found that a back-and-forth rocking motion allowed adult participants to fall asleep faster and to get deeper sleep once they drifted off, since (the researchers suggest) rocking promotes the kind of synchrony your brain loves and needs.

Hammocks Are Good for Your Back

Another major benefit to a good old hammock snooze is just how comfortable they are to sleep in.

Back pain is a serious problem when it comes to mattresses, and while there are a number of good options out there in terms of actual beds, a hammock is really a completely different beast altogether.

If your hammock is strung properly, when you lie down to relax your body is perfectly positioned for your chiropractic health.

You’ll never find anybody complaining about their back pain after climbing out of a hammock.

That’s because they allow your body weight to body weight to be almost perfectly distributed, eliminating any possibility of pressure points in some of your more sensitive areas.

Hammocks are good for your neck, too, since they naturally place your head at a healthy angle for either sleep or relaxation – so no more cricks in the neck for you!

Can You Sleep in a Hammock Every Night?

a young lady sunbathing on a hammock

Although most probably aren’t going to be quite this enthusiastic about the hammock life, comfortable as it may be, there are some out there who swear by the advantages of sleeping in a hammock every night.

There aren’t too many good reasons not to, provided you either have a way to set up your hammock in your bedroom where your bed would normally bed, or live in an area where you’d be comfortable sleeping outside every night.

The only real disadvantage that comes with trying for long-term hammock sleep comes when you’re sleeping with a partner.

It’s definitely possible if you have a big enough hammock, but you’re going to be getting extremely up close and personal with them throughout the night.

You’re both going to fall towards each other in the center, so if either of you needs to get up at some point before morning, it’s not really possible to do that without waking the other person up.

You may also face some spatial challenges when it comes to other kinds of activities you might typically enjoy on a bed – but there are some somewhat creative solutions out there if you’re willing to try.

What Kind of Hammock Material Do You Want?

If you’re sold on the idea of a quality hammock by now, there’s still one question you’re going to have to answer before settling on a specific product.

What kind of a material do you want your hammock to be made out of?

Traditionally, hammocks are made from nothing more than knotted rope, which allows for completely free airflow.

This is nice if you’re living in a warm climate and also don’t mind the little indents the rope’s going to leave on your skin when you get up.

If this isn’t true for you, though, you might want to consider something like a Brazilian hammock.

These things are made from cotton instead of rope, so they’ll keep you substantially warmer.

You can also try more modern solutions such as fabric hammocks – which often come with their own stands – and camping hammocks, which are made of such lightweight materials you can easily carry them long distances.

The Top 5 Hammocks

Alright, now without further ado, here they are…

The absolute best hammocks of 2022!

Eno DoubleNest Pawleys Island Vivere Rallt Super Deal
Material 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta DuraCord (knotted rope) Colorful, striped fabric Parachute nylon Quilted polyester
Notes Highly portable, perfect for camping Rugged, luxury outdoor hammock Comes with heavy-duty steel stand Ideal economy camping hammock Perfect for backyard relaxtion
Rating 4.7 4.4 4.7 4.7 4.7
Price Out of stock! Out of stock! Out of stock! Out of stock! Out of stock!

The Eno DoubleNest Hammock for Two

First up on the docket, we have the Eno DoubleNest Hammock for Two.

This is a true camping hammock, built for travel wherever your wanderlust might take you.

It’s made with 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta – a lightweight and quick-drying material built to support up to 400 pounds. 

This kind of nylon is also incredibly compactable, squishing into an itty-bitty 5”x5” square weighing only 1.2 pounds.

At the same time, it’s also super rugged – so anywhere you might hope to go with this hammock, the material can handle it.

The one slight drawback to this material, however, is that it’s not all that insulating.

Because of this, you might want to consider using some kind of mat to sleep on, even underneath your sleeping bag.

a hammock strung out on a dockThe Pawleys Island DuraCord Rope Hammock

Next up, we have the Pawleys Island DuraCord Rope Hammock.

This is the only product on this list that adheres to the traditional hammock construction technique of plain knotted rope.

However, unlike some hammocks of this type, which rely on mere cotton rope that easily rots and wears out after repeated use, the Pawleys Island is made of 3-ply DuraCord, which is designed to stand strong after years of weathering.

The ruggedness of this material also allows the Pawleys Island to hold up to 450 pounds of weight – so most people will find it adequate to hold both them and their favorite relaxation buddy.

There’s nothing too complicated when it comes to hanging this thing up, either – it just comes with a loop on either end and two zinc-plated tree hooks you can place wherever your fancy takes you.

The one drawback to the Pawleys Island is probably its price.

This is a truly top-quality product, so there’s only so much budget-friendliness you can really expect to find.

The Vivere Double Hammock

Another nice backyard option is the Vivere Double Hammock.

This one is nice in that it comes with its own heavy-duty steel stand, which can be rapidly assembled in a matter of minute without the use of any tools.

As for the hammock material itself, it’s 100% cotton and designed to hold two adults (up to 450 pounds).

This product is also a bit more colorful than the other hammocks on this list, coming in a variety of festive striped colorings for a cheerful, welcoming feel.

Just set this thing up wherever you want around the yard, and make your hammock the talk of the neighborhood!

A hiker sits in a Rallt camping hammockThe Rallt Camping Hammock

If you’re looking for a hammock on a bit of a tighter budget, meanwhile, you might want to consider a peek at the Rallt Camping Hammock.

Priced below $30 on Amazon, the Rallt is built with strong yet lightweight parachute nylon perfect for any outdoor adventure.

It compresses to an easily portable six-inch cube that includes the hammock itself, its carabiner clips, and its included nautical rope.

Note that this is mostly designed as a one-person hammock – although with a 400 pound weight capacity, you could probably fit two people into it if you really tried!

It’s also important to realize that even when we say “camping hammock,” there’s nobody out there judging you if you want to hang this between two trees out back and call it a day.

It’s actually a pretty good-looking item, coming in a number of single-colored options that work well with its black edging.

The Super Deal Fabric Hammock

Finally, we have the Super Deal Fabric Hammock.

This is another bargain item built for use where you think you could use a good hammock.

It’s made of a plain quilted polyester that’ll keep you pretty comfortable – so no more of that fiddling around with rope or parachute nylon.

This product would be pretty much perfect for a quiet outdoors setting, where its double size hardwood spreader bar and subdued yet friendly color scheme would add just the soothing touch you’re looking for.

It also comes in with a built-in pillow, so you can relax in premium comfort.

Conclusion About the Best Hammocks on the Market

So there you have it – the absolute best hammocks out there today!

Hopefully, you know have a pretty good idea of the product you’re looking to buy.

Leave a comment in the box below if you still have any questions!

Happy shopping, y’all.

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Updated at January 18, 2022