Keetsa Mattress

Keetsa MattressA good night’s sleep is crucial for a successful and positive day. Lack of sleep or poor sleeping in general, can at best lead to feeling drowsy during the day.

Being drowsy and nodding off the whole day is not even the worst thing that can happen due to lack of sleep. However, it can have serious consequences. It’s easy to avoid these consequences with a Keetsa mattress.

Keetsa mattresses are responsibly sourced, eco-friendly mattresses that guarantee a wonderful night’s sleep. If you’re on the market for a new mattress, read on to find out what Keetsa has to offer

Combat Bad Sleeping Habits

When working to get a better night’s sleep, you’ll need to really look into what you’re sleeping on. The quality of your mattress, paired with the quality of your pillow, is the most usual suspect when it comes to bad sleeping habits. Old mattresses are usually to blame, but even buying a new mattress doesn’t mean that things are going to get better.

Keetsa mattresses are perfect for transforming your night’s sleep. Their precise iCoil ® and memory foam technology creates comfort that you’ve never even dreamt of. With a Keetsa mattress, you’ll sleep through the night, every night of the week.

Comfort You Won’t Believe

Comfort You Won’t BelieveThe guys at Keetsa have really done their homework. Sleeping on any of their mattresses feels like you’re truly sleeping on a cloud. Keetsa offers 6 models state-of-the-art models created to satisfy every type of sleeper. If you like your mattress firm – they’ve got you covered. Do you like coils in your mattress? No problem, Keetsa has that as well.

Choose from various Keetsa models such as:

  • The Keetsa Plus ® – iCoil ®
  • The Keetsa Pillow Plus ® – iCoil ®
  • The Keetsa Cloud ® – Memory Foam
  • Tea Leaf Supreme ® – Memory Foam
  • Tea Leaf Classic ® – Hybrid
  • Tea Leaf Dream ® – Hybrid

Not only do they have coils, but their coils are made from high-quality, durable materials that provide breathability. This way, there is no unwanted heat collecting in the core of the mattress and it’s easier for moisture, such as sweat, to evaporate.

All of their mattresses are made from natural materials, such as cotton and hemp. The cotton used for production isn’t even bleached or colored in order to reduce exposure to chemicals.

Sleep with Comfort & Security

While many mattress manufacturers use fiberglass to comply with flame retardant regulations, Keetsa again uses cotton. There is no reason to fear, as the cotton used by Keetsa is treated with a flame-retardant agent and is certifiably safe.

Now you can have a great night’s sleep and a piece of mind, at an affordable price.