Purple Mattress

purple-mattressIs your mattress causing restless sleep? Do you wake up every day feeling more tired than the night before? Don’t worry, there’s a perfect solution for your troubles!

Purple has implemented game-changing innovation to provide people with an absolutely magical sleep experience. As they say themselves, the Purple mattress is “soft where you want it, firm where you need it”. It’s a perfect solution for any sleeper.

The Magic of Purple Mattresses

Purple mattresses use macromolecular science to produce ultimate comfort. They’re designed with the help of game-changing technologies to provide the best possible comfort, no matter how you sleep. These mattresses dynamically adapt to your sleeping position to keep you and your spine perfectly happy. The patented Smart Comfort Grid cradles all your pressure points so that you feel like the mattress is actually hugging you.

In addition to that, Purple mattresses are made of temperature-neutral materials, and they have an open-grid design, which keeps you nice and cool while you sleep. They’re made of a special certified flame barrier fabric with non-toxic fibers, and they have no off-gassing, so you can sleep well, knowing that you’re absolutely safe from dangerous chemicals.

A Variety of Mattresses

You can choose from the Original Purple mattress and the New Purple mattress. The Original one has a dual-layer polyurethane foam base that provides great comfort and responsive support. It’s just what you need for a balanced pressure-relief.

The New Purple mattress provides all that but comes with a completely reinvented comfort experience. The foam-base layer is replaced with responsive support coils for outstanding comfort and zero motion-transfer. The reinvented Smart Comfort Grid is customizable, so you can personalize your mattress and start getting the best possible sleep you’ve always wanted.

Pick your perfect Purple mattress and see for yourself how this mattress can transform your sleep. You can try it for 100 nights and return it completely hassle-free if you don’t happen to like it. You’ll get a full refund.

Purple mattresses are a great option no matter your sleeping preferences.