We get it – you’re not made of money. 

Everything costs, and when it comes time to invest in any big-ticket item, a lot of us aren’t exactly jumping for joy to go out and spend our hard-earned dollars.

Smart shoppers always have an eye out for the best deals: what’s the least amount of money you can spend while still getting a decent quality product?

For this article, we’ve put together a complete guide to the four best-quality mattresses you can get for the money.

If just know what you’re doing, you might be surprised how far your dollar will go!

How Much Should a Mattress Cost?

You might not always realize it, but a mattress really is a major investment.

Think of it this way – the average American spends around 48 minutes each day driving from one place to another, and many of us are willing to drop thousands of dollars on a new car.

Image: piggy bank next to a calculator and three stacks of coins

Your sleep, on the other hand, should take up around 8 hours of your day.

That’s 10 times the amount of time you likely spend in your car!

So, although you still want to be on the lookout for a good deal, it’s important to remember just how much of an investment you’re making you’re shopping for a mattress.

Even if you’re looking at a pretty tight budget, you still probably don’t want to be looking at anything under $500 unless you absolutely have to.

There are a couple mattresses out there for you if that’s your price range, but these aren’t going to bring you anywhere near the kind of comfort you’d be getting on a slightly higher-priced find.

If you’re looking for a seriously quality sleep for a reasonable amount of money, you’re probably going to want to look somewhere in the $500 to $1000 range.

Anywhere lower than that, and you start missing out on quality (as well as durability!).

Anywhere higher than that, and you start getting up into some pretty ridiculous prices!

The Best Times to Buy a Mattress

In addition to the specific product you settle on, you’re probably going to also want to take into account just when, exactly, you’re making this purchase.

Mattress companies across America tend to put out some pretty juicy sales around the major holidays.

Because of this, the best times of year to buy a mattress tend to be around Labor Day and Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Many mattress companies also put out sales around the end of the year and the Fourth of July.

So if you can wait until one of these major sale seasons before springing for a new mattress, that’s generally a great way to shave some money off your mattress’s price tag.

These sales often lower prices by a couple hundred dollars, which is a pretty big deal when the mattress you’re looking at was under a thousand to begin with!

Of course, that said, you shouldn’t just keep putting off getting a new mattress if your sleep quality has really been suffering.

Your sleep should take precedence over even the best of sales!

Use Online Coupons for Mattresses

Image: Woman holds a pair of scissors and some coupons

Another thing you should take into consideration is that a lot of online mattress companies actually offer coupons through select sites.

Here on Mattress-Guides.net, for instance, you’ll frequently find some pretty hefty discounts on top-quality mattresses.

These will let you buy your mattress for even cheaper than you’d find it if you went directly on the manufacturer’s website.

You’ll find coupons in the links to all the mattresses listed in this article, as well as on any other mattress reviews you happen to look up while you’re here!

And don’t forget to check out our dedicated coupon page, always updated with the most current deals.

The Absolute Best Value Mattresses

And now without further ado, here they are…

The absolute best value mattresses of 2018!

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle is probably the most famous of all the mattresses we’ll be talking about here.

Thanks in part to a recent merger with Serta, Tuft & Needle is one of the most prolific mattress companies in the world – and when you take a look at their product, it’s clear they’ve earned that position.

First of all, Tuft & Needle is probably the most affordable mattress you can buy without starting to sacrifice quality.

It’s built with a combination of high-grade polyurethane foam (“polyfoam”), and memory foam, allowing for an intense combination of comfort and support.

Tuft & Needle is a highly trusted name in the mattress world, and the vast majority of people who’ve tried out this product have come away more than satisfied.

The one slight disadvantage to this product is that it can sometimes take a little while to finish getting broken in, so it might not be 100% love at first sleep.


Another solid option to consider is the Nectar mattress.

Nectar is another mattress company renowned for its economy pricing and top-notch quality.

Topped with a Tencel cooling cover over a layer of gel-infused memory foam, the Nectar keeps its cool during the hot summer months while still retaining an impressive degree of weight distribution and luxury feel.

Finishing off with a grounding layer of adaptive memory foam and a breathable base layer, it’s clear to see why so many people are turning to Nectar for their sleep needs.

Another, slightly lesser-known advantage of Nectar memory foam is that it tends to be a bit springier than other products out there, which many may find enjoyable.

NolahImage: Nolah mattress box

Although the Nolah mattress is often classified as “memory foam” in our reviews and guides, that’s not strictly speaking true.

It’s actually made of a material known as AirFoam, which is made without the heat-trapping viscoelastic materials you’ll find in traditional memory foams.

This makes for a cooler, better-ventilated sleep.

Nolah’s AirFoam also minimizes pressure points and maximizes durability, bringing together just about everything you could hope for in a mattress in one sweet package!

Nolah is also a pretty eco-friendly mattress.

It’s built with Avena foam, which is plant-based instead of the synthetics used in most mattresses, and the company has actually pledged to donate 7% of their profits to protecting endangered North American wildlife.


Although Saatva is the priciest option on this highly budget-minded list, we decided to include it for one very good reason.

While it may just barely squeak in under $1,000, Saatva is actually one of out most-recommended mattresses!

At a whopping 4.7 out of 5 star rating according to our calculations, Saatva offers a sleep experience few companies could hope to replicate.

What’s the reason for this history of rave reviews, you ask?

Well, Saatva has a secret to its construction.

Unlike most forward-thinking, online mattress companies – which have opted for 100% memory foam mattresses that can be compressed and shipped off in boxes – Saatva retains a bit of that old-school innerspring charm.

Underneath its surface of eco-friendly comfort layer, the Saatva sports so-called “coil-on-coil” in its core of reactive springs.

This allows for a slightly different feel than any of the other mattresses we’ve covered thus far, setting Saatva near the top of the charts in terms of both quality and popularity.

Mattress Trial Periods and Warranties

Every mattress we’ve talked about in this articles comes with a with robust return/warranty policy designed to streamline your buying process as much as humanly possible.

So even if you buy a mattress and end up hating it, you return most of these for absolutely free!

The Tuft & Needle mattress, for its part, comes with a 100-night trial period and 10-year limited warranty.

The Nectar mattress is even better – you get a solid year to try it out and decide whether or not you like it, and its warranty will last for the rest of your life.

 The Nolah mattress, meanwhile, comes with a 120-night trial period and a 15-year warranty.

Finally, the Saatva mattress is the only one in this guide that isn’t 100% risk-free – you will have to pay a $99 shipping fee if you want to send it back, and you won’t be able to return your Lineal adjustable base if you end up buying one of those.

It also comes with a 15-year warranty.

The Final Verdict on the Best Mattress Worth Your Money

If you end up with any of the mattresses mentioned in this article, you’re going to be taking home one of the best investments of your life.

To help with your decision process, here’s a quick roundup of all the info:

Saatva Nectar Tuft & Needle Nolah
Materials Organically-sourced memory foam, coil-on-coil construction Tencel quilting with gel-infused foam Polyfoam and memory foam AirFoam
Firmness Plush soft, luxury firm, firm Medium Medium firm Medium
Warranty 15 years Lifetime 10 years 15 years
Trial 120 days 365 days 100 days 120 days
Notes Our most-recommended mattress Extremely comfortable sleep Well-established brand Eco-friendly
Our Rating 4.7 4.7 4.4 4.6
Price $1,299 $899 $515 $899

Take you’re time going over this stuff, and don’t be afraid to dig deep in your research to come up with the mattress you really need.

There are few items in your life quite so valuable as a truly well-made mattress.

Always remember how important your sleep is, and how fantastic you always feel after a decent night.

Happy shopping!

Ted Wilson

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Updated at November 11, 2020