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The Zotto Premium mattress is specially designed to offer great sleep through optimal temperature regulation, responsive feel and contouring hug.

With a focus on its cooling technology and utilizing 4 layers in its creation, Zotto Premium has truly lived up to the claims that it makes to offer a comfortable sleeping surface.

The Materials are laid out in such a way that offer the optimal layer of comfort, support and pain relief for all sleepers.

The several other unique features in its construction including, CoolFlow foam and ThermaPhase cooling technology are specially designed to provide ideal temperature and cooling regulation.

The mattress overall does an excellent job in keeping you cool, while also offering a restful night's sleep


  • Good Price - get Queen for just $875
  • Full Money Back Guarantee
  • 100 Night Risk Free Trial
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A
  • Utilizes Cooling Technology


  • Consumers complain of smell initially
  • Some sinkage may be experienced

Full Zotto Mattress Review

The Zotto Premium mattress powers leading edge foam technology that goes much beyond what other memory foam mattresses promise.

Made of some of the highest quality materials, including CoolFlow memory foam, gel suffused foam, high density support foam and Energex foam, Zotto Premium offers the ideal layers of comfort, pain relief and support for all sleepers.

By combining years of mattress making experience and high quality materials, Zotto Premium has created a mattress that delivers a perfect sleep experience.

What Type of Mattress is the Zotto Premium?

The mattress is an ultra premium foam mattress which is handcrafted in the USA. It is comprised of 4 separate layers which combine to make it a total 10 inches thick.

the zotto mattress from an angleThe mattress offers a hugging feeling, which is the result of the unique contouring ability of its memory foam layers.

It is specially designed with a significant amount of hug and sinkage that helps to provide a balanced level of support where you require it the most.

Each layer has varying levels of weight capacity and density that offers dynamic support.

The top 3 layers are known as Z3 that utilize certain pressure ratings which help to provide the ideal pressure point relief for joint and back pain.

The materials used uniformly distribute weight throughout the mattress, thereby offering deep compression support that mitigates pain and strain.

In addition to this, it features soft beautiful 4 way stretch cover which is made from a Poly Rayon blend and breathable materials that promotes comfort and helps in moisture wicking.

How Firm is it?

The Zotto Premium mattress is neither too firm nor to soft. It combines its layers well to offer excellent support with softer feel.

The mattress is specially designed to give you a hug feel, while maintaining a balanced support all across your body.

If you sleep on side, the mattress’s firmness and support is an excellent option. And with that said, people who sleep on their stomach may find it to be a bit too soft as they require a mattress with firmness level of at least 6 or higher.

The edge support of the mattress is extremely soft, and if you spend too much time sleeping near the edge, this is certainly something you will want to consider.

The main highlight is its cooling features, wherein the top layer works to extract heat and moisture away from your body.

The advantages of the top layer together with the breathable cover, and 4 layer design work helps to maintain an ideal temperature on its sleeping surface.

How many Layers does it have?

The Zotto Premium mattress totals 10 inches in height, and is well created with 4 layers of foam. From top to bottom, the layers are classified at follows:

thr mattress layers

  • Comfort Layer: This layer was built after years of development, and is specifically designed to provide a cool sleeping temperature. It consists of 2 inches of gel suffused foam, and is created with phase-change material. The layer has a distinct hug and is extremely soft, thereby improving the contour texture around the body.
  • Support Layer: It is designed with 2 inches of CoolFlow memory foam which is an open cell hybrid material. This provides additional cooling and aids in temperature regulation. In addition to this, it adds support to the top layer, and offers pressure point relief for a more comfortable sleep.
  • Transition Layer: It is created from 2 inches of Energex foam, which acts as a transitional support layer building a steady level of support and push-back for all sleep positions and sizes. In addition to this, it offers an edge support and prevents sinkage. This in turn, helps to minimize movements, which implies you won’t feel your sleeping partner getting in or out of bed, or rolling over in the middle of night.
  • Base Layer: It is a 4 inches layer which is ultra dense, and is created from high density support foam that acts as a strong foundation, thereby supporting the top three layers. In addition to this, it augments mattress life and offers proper support.

Does it Sleep Hot?

The Zotto Premium Mattress does not sleep hot. The comfort layer of the mattress is the culmination of several years of development.

In addition to this, its comfort layers combine the different phase-change materials that regulate temperature on both ends of the ideal sleep zone.

Once the optimal sleeping temperature is reached, the phase change materials undergo some molecular transition that work well to maintain its temperature at an ideal level.

This in turn causes the mattress to keep you cool during summer and warm during winter.

Does it have any Smell?

This is a common problem with foam mattresses as the various chemicals that are used during its creation tend to have a strong smell that can pour out of it when it is new.

However, with the Zotto premium, users did not complain of any smell when they received it initially, but once it is set up, you may experience some odor, and in case there is any smell, it will dissipate promptly.

What about Durability?

The Zotto Premium Mattress is built to last as the foam used is of the highest quality.

You can certainly expect its foam layers to hold up, and also provide a persistently wonderful sleep experience beyond 10 years.

In addition to this, the foam used will bounce back, keep you comfortable and cool, and make sure you experience the best possible sleep.

How is Motion Transfer and Sinkage?

In terms of motion transfer and sinkage, a person who weighs heavy sinks a lot more as compared to others.

However, while lying down, the mattress will support quite well, and you can enjoy the hug feeling of being cradled in its foam.

How to Care for it?

It is recommended to remove the cover of the mattress and clean the affected areas with a mild detergent. Instead of rubbing it in, you can dab the area, and let the cover completely dry before putting it back on the mattress.

You can also machine wash it using its delicate setting.

Because the mattress has 4 sequenced layers, each with imperative and distinct purposes, it is suggested not to flip it over.

However, you can rotate it 180 degrees once in a year, especially if you sleep alone on one side of the mattress.


The Zotto Premium Mattress offers its customers a 10 year limited warranty.

This implies that for 10 years from the date of purchase of your Zotto Premium Mattress, if you experience any defect in workmanship or materials when the mattress is used regularly for its intended purpose on a bed base that is fundamentally capable of supporting the weight of the users as well the mattress, the company will replace or repair your mattress at absolutely no cost.

The defects may include any declension causing your mattress to have a visible gouge that is not linked with a sag when no weight is applied to the top of your mattress, or any manufacturing defect to your mattress cover, zipper assembly of the cover, or any physical glitch that causes the material to deteriorate, crack or split in any way.

Size and Shipping

When you order the mattress, you get free shipping along with risk-free trial.

Zotto's delivery boxThe company trusts their mattress so much that they ask you to actually sleep on it for about 30 nights, in order to give your body some time to comfortably adjust to the mattress.

In case after 30 nights, you are not satisfied up to a 100 nights, you can mail their customer service department so that they can make the necessary arrangements for the mattress to be picked up.

You need to mail the company your donation receipt, and they shall process your complete fun.

100 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee

Zotto Premium stands securely behind their mattress with their 100- days, and 100% money back guarantee.

You will get 100 nights to try out the Zotto Premium mattress, and if you are not satisfied in getting the best sleep ever, the company will make all the arrangements for the mattress return, and also refund your amount.

And also there is absolutely no pickup fees.

What type of Cover does it have?

The Zotto Premium Mattress cover is simple yet modern. It is created with polyester rayon material and employs a two tone design.

It feels more somewhat like a thick sheet that has thinner areas to promote airflow. The cover also allows you to feel the impact of the foam directly against your body.

In addition to this, the cover is cool, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Its construction is well made, and there are absolutely no significant flaws or lose threads on the exterior or interior of the cover.

It is machine washable and easily removable.

How much does the Zotto Premium Cost?

Zotto is running a promotion: by applying the discount code WINTER100 you’ll get $100 off on any size!

This is the pricing chart as of the time of this writing:

SizeRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Twin XL:$700$600
Cal King:$1,095$995

Zotto Premium Mattress Review- Our Verdict

Sound sleep is difficult to find, and as the dictum says- if you desire something done right, you need it to it yourself.

The Zotto in a nice room on the beachAnd that is exactly what Zotto decided to create– instead of merely targeting pure comfort or just improving upon conventional technology, Zotto focused on the factors that lead to poor quality sleep.

The company experimented with configurations, materials, ideas that addressed these factors, and created Zotto Premium Mattress.

The mattress is specifically designed to meet the requirements of all sleepers by offering comfortable, supportive and cool sleeping surface.

Since it is made up of highest quality materials and thoughtfully designed, Zotto Premium can certainly appeal to the majority of sleepers.

In addition to this, it stays cool, provides great support, and truly mitigates pain.

The 10 year warranty, 100 night risk free trial, and easy return and refund process completes the roster of specialized options and features afforded consumers at time of purchase and thereafter.

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